surface from a stack of contours?

Sven Prevrhal Sven.Prevrhal at
Thu Aug 26 16:50:25 EDT 1999

>From a StructuredPoints volume, I have created a stack of contours with
equal z distances. (one contour per slice of the volume). The contour
points are sorted clockwise.  Now, I'd like to "triangulate" these
contours to a surface.

One way would be to create a second volume with same dimensions,  set
the contour points in this volume to 1 and then use marching cubes.
Rather memory and computationally expensive.

I guess I could also write my own triangulator, but isn't there an
easier way?

Thanks in advance
Sven Prevrhal, Ph.D.
Osteoporosis and Arthritis Research Group
University of California, San Francisco

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