newbie ?: How do I store & read scalar value in a vtk format file ?

Pieper, Chris cpieper at
Thu Aug 26 11:30:21 EDT 1999

I have a vtk format file containing PolyData (points & lines) which is
working fine.  I'd like to add a single scalar attribute.  My guess at the
format to use is;

SCALARS my_scalars_name float

This may or may not be correct (1st question)...

The 2nd question is how do I read it? I read the PolyData using
PolyDataReader, but how can I get the scalar value?

I've tried;

vtkScalars *scalars = vtkScalars::New();

vtkDataReader *datareader = vtkDataReader::New();

obviously, this is wrong...   I'm a newbie to vtk and OOP, so don't laugh
too hard please...

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

Chris Pieper
cpieper at
v: 920-721-4037
f: 920-721-8471

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