Refresh under MFC or wxMSW

M.Schrijver at M.Schrijver at
Thu Aug 26 04:20:53 EDT 1999

Hello Paul,

although most of it was already known to me, thanks for the clear
explanation of what is going on. I wonder however how it is possible
that the problems as described by Brian are cause by forgetting to
overriding the OnPaint() method. Because, as far as I know, /every/ time
the window is displayed, it is painted by that member function. So, in
that case the window wouldn't even be painted the first time it appears
on the screen. According to Brian, there is no problem showing the
window, only when it gets obscured.
What is your view on this?

Thanks, Marc

ir. Marc Schrijver
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (S&S NT)
University of Twente

> Brian Alexander Todd wrote:
> > I am working on a a vtkRenderWindow for wxWindows on Win95.
> > Using vtkOpenGLWin32RenderWindow I can easily
> > get the window drawn in my wxFrame by SetWindowId(HWND ...).
> > This works beautifully.  The only problem I am having is
> > that after the window becomes obscured by another window
> > or goes off the edge of the screen it goes to background
> > and doesn't redraw.
> > 

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