Scalar Color Mapping

Sehgal, Anil anil.sehgal at
Mon Aug 16 17:06:05 EDT 1999


I am using vtkDataSetMapper(which gets input from unstructured grid), to do
color mapping on a vtkActor. I am using all defaults and point data as
scalar values to do a color mapping.

Now the problem I am facing is that I want to color the actor with just 2
colors (which I can do), but the problem is that whatever I do there seem to
be some overlapping between the two colors (there is no sharp boundary
between the colors).

What I ultimately want to do is to define a contour and all the points in
contour are to be painted one color and all the points out of the contour
the other color.

If I do Actor->GetProperty()->SetInterpolationToFlat(), then I get 2 sharp
colors, but then there is no interpolation between the points i.e a cell is
either painted in one color or the other.

Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

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