Some assitance please...

Mon Aug 16 14:11:29 EDT 1999

I'm trying to learn VTK and I'm having some trouble setting up my own
event handling.  I don't want to use the usual event handling given by the
'start' function in the 'vtkRenderWindowInteractor' module.  It would be
very helpful if I could find the implementation for this function but when
I try to find it...I'm told it is implimented by an X windows function
named 'XtAppMainLoop' and it is nowhere to be found.  Any assistance as to
where this function is or to how I can set up my own event handling would
be very helpful.

PS. I'm developing on Redhat linux 6.0 and I'm using the c++ interface for
VTK.  Not TCL or Python.  


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