about vtkRenderWindowInteractor

Bo Yang boyang at image.med.osaka-u.ac.jp
Sat Aug 14 04:26:02 EDT 1999

Hi,every one:

I am using VTK under WINDOWS'98 with Visulal C++. I show my
rendering window in a picture box and use vtkRenderWindowInteractor
to interact my data. Now I want to perform the Pick operation when
the mouse is moving in the picture box. I want to use the WM_MOUSEMOVE
events but it seems that I can not get WM_MOUSEMOVE message. I think 
maybe the vtkRenderWindowInteractor handles all the messages in the
window of the picture box. 

But another problem is that although I can use mouse to interact my
actor in the picture box, but I can not use another function of
vtkRenderWindowInteractor such as "p","r", etc. So I  can not
invoke the Pick event via  vtkRenderWindowInteractor too.

How can I invoke the Pick event?

It will be very appreciated that anyone can help me with that
problem.  Thanks in advance.

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