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Thu Aug 12 16:54:05 EDT 1999

<x-flowed>Readers of this list may be interested in the following conference, to be 
held October 2 at Brookhave National Laboratory. The following description 
was taken from the OS/OS conference web site at

Welcome to the official Open Source/Open Science conference web site, 
brought to you by Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The conference will 
take place on October 2nd, 1999 at BNL which is located on Long Island, NY.
This site contains all the information you need regarding this conference. 
Use the directory on the left to navigate through this site which will get 
you to important pages such as registration, abstract submission, speaker 
information as well as on how to reach Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Open Source/Open Science is a unique conference in which, for the first 
time, scientists, who rely heavily on the Internet and many open source 
projects to advance their research, are brought together with some of the 
leading figures in the Open Source community. In this environment, the 
conference plans to achieve the following goals.
·       Give scientists a chance to learn about new Open Source projects 
which could potentially benefit their research.
·       Show the Open Source community the science applications to which 
Open Source software has been applied in an effort to stimulate more Open 
Source development.
·       Stimulate Open Source scientific projects amongst scientists, which 
specificly address the data analysis needs of researchers.
Brookhaven National Laboratory, and its scientists, would like to invite 
any and all people who are interested in science, software, the Internet or 
who want to get a glimpse of the evolutionary methods of science and 
technology, to attend.

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