Deriving from a vtk image class

Roland Schwarz at
Tue Aug 10 08:52:17 EDT 1999


>In VTK3.0,  you can set any sources output to NULL,
>(i.e. reader->SetOutput(NULL)), and continue to use the orphaned
>output as a source of data in a pipeline.  This will work for graphics
>or imaging.

what do you mean by that? I can't find a 'SetOutput' member function
on a reader class.
Also if the number of points in a reader source is zero, the pipeline
constantly complains about this fact, effectively stopping processing.

I came over this problem when I tried to used an uninitialized reader
(filename not yet set). I expected it to behave clean in that it should
draw nothing when fed into the pipeline. This is not the fact however.

Do you have a suggestion how to handle this?


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