Refresh under MFC or wxMSW

Brian Alexander Todd bat5 at
Wed Aug 25 22:48:01 EDT 1999

Dear vtkers with MFC or wxWindows expertise/interest,

I am working on a a vtkRenderWindow for wxWindows on Win95.
Using vtkOpenGLWin32RenderWindow I can easily 
get the window drawn in my wxFrame by SetWindowId(HWND ...).
This works beautifully.  The only problem I am having is
that after the window becomes obscured by another window
or goes off the edge of the screen it goes to background 
and doesn't redraw.

I am unfamiliar windows programming and need a bit of 
help.  What action am I to take to get the window redrawn.
Is there somekind of OnExpose method or something I haven't
overridden?  The wxWindows classes are extremely similar to
MFC so anyone with experience there could probably help me.

On the otherhand perhaps I haven't handed off the pixel info
from the Win32OpenGL to my window properly?

Thanks so much,
Brian Todd

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