[vtk-developers] Multi-touch support on Windows, MacOS, and VR

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Mon Sep 24 15:38:47 EDT 2018

On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 3:22 PM, Andras Lasso <lasso at queensu.ca> wrote:

> *Could we create new states, such as VTKIS_PINCH_TRACKPAD / PINCH_TOUCH /
> PINCH_3D to clearly distinguish these?*
>    1. Several multi-touch gestures may be active at the same time and
>    some of them share some event properties (e.g., event position) cached in
>    vtkRenderWindowInteractor. Last event position is corrupted if multiple
>    gestures store their properties in the same variables.
> *Should we add more variables to store all event properties that may be
> changed at the same time? *For example, add new variables for tap
> position and pinch position (similarly to how translation, rotation, scale
> are all stored separately).
> *Is there a reason why we send only the event ID and retrieve all event
> properties from vtkRenderWindowInteractor? Would it be possible to pass
> event properties along with event as callData?*
I'm not a huge fan of storing these values in the interactor (although I
may be the one at fault for doing it :-). In the Virtual Reality events I
started putting much more of the information into the call data for the
events. See vtkEventData.h , vtkOpenVRRenderWindowInteractor.cxx and the
handling of Button3D event in vtkInteractorStyle.cxx for how the data gets
passed down.  Related to that I started collapsing more event types into a
single event. Button3D includes a wide range of button types as defined in
vtkEventData.h My thoughts are that vtkEventData could be extended to
handle most existing event types as well such as keyboard and mouse.

> Andras
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