[vtk-developers] Python Wrapping fails in master build.

Andrew Maclean andrew.amaclean at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 01:26:16 EDT 2018

This seems to be restricted to Windows and has been happening for a while.

When building VTK (Release or Debug) the builds often stop with errors like
[158/2588] Linking CXX shared library bin\vtkCommonCorePython37D-9.0.dll
   Creating library lib\vtkCommonCorePython37D-9.0.lib and object
[159/2587] Python Wrapping - generating
FAILED: Wrapping/Python/vtkInitialValueProblemSolverPython.cxx
cmd.exe /C "cd /D
 Where "Wrapping/Python/vtkInitialValueProblemSolverPython.cxx" can be any
other file name in the Wrapping/Python/ folder.
I'm using VS2017 and Ninja and have tried running Ninja with a single
thread to no avail.

I see this issue on two windows machines and the only solution is to delete
the offending file manually, run the build again, and if a a fail happens
again, delete that file and rebuild.

Any ideas?


Andrew J. P. Maclean

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