[vtk-developers] Add pugixml to VTK

Jonathan Borduas jonathan.borduas at caboma.com
Fri Jun 15 13:57:04 EDT 2018

Last time I checked, ParaView was using an older version of PugiXML (1.4) while there are now at version 1.9. 

I think the benchmarks are considering the version 1.9. If you just port the current ParaView implementation of PugiXML to VTK, you might be disappointed.  



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>> I am working on a CityGML reader for VTK. For this I need a fast XML parser. pugixml is already used by ParaView and seems to be much faster than available choices already present in VTK: libxml2 and expat. pugixml has also a very clean API.
>> https://pugixml.org/benchmark.html
>> Are there any comments or concerns about moving pugixml from ParaView to VTK?

I thought Ben Boeckel was working on a removing as many things from ThirdParty as possible (and making them parts of a superbuild). So perhaps the CityGML reader should live in a VTK module that requires an external pugi? I know pugi is small, but...

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