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Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Fri Jun 15 05:32:10 EDT 2018

FYI I pushed in some code today that may be of interest to folks on this

- vtkVoronoi2D - parallel Voronoi tessellation in 2D
- vtkStaticCleanPolyData - faster, threaded clean poly data (we've seen
anywhere from 50-150x on a 4 core laptop)
- vtkStaticPointLocator2D - 2D version of the fast, parallel
- vtkSpheres - an implicit function represents union of spheres (great for
visualizing the Voronoi Flower error metric and related stuff like Delaunay
- Some fun tests e.g. TestVoronoi2D2.py, which includes functions
stretching numerical stability (lissajous, quarterDisk, Kuzmin) provided by
David and Joachim Pouderoux).

While the code that has been pushed is very useful in its current state
there is more work to be done. Specifically the Voronoi algorithm is a
novel parallel algorithm that seems to be surprisingly robust and very
fast. (I've been working with Dave Thompson and he is working on a 3D
version in vtk-m; we are preparing some publications.) We also want to
extend the Voronoi class to produce Delaunay triangulations, maybe support
constrained boundaries etc. Also because these are parallel algorithms
there are some quirks to be worked out (for example the order of execution,
which in some parallel systems is not always predictable, can affect

The point is if you have a request or see something amiss please let me


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