[vtk-developers] [vtkusers] Blue artefact on complex scene with VTK 8.1 + QVTKWidget + OSX and Intel chipset

Simon Esneault simon.esneault at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 04:17:09 EST 2018

Hello community

After the migration to VTK 8.1 (from VTK 7.1), we are seing strange blue
artefact in one of our scene as it can be seen in the following snapshots.
And I'm having real hard time debugging that ...


The context is as follow :
- Qt 5.3.2 on OSX  and Intel chipset (Iris or HD > 4000)
- VTK 8.1
- 3 layered vtkRenderer in one vtkRenderWindow in a QVTKWidget
- GPUVolumeRendering on the first layer, some vtkActor/Polydata on the
second layer, and some vtkActor2D/vtkTextActor on the third layer.

This bug only appears after the view has been "reparented" (the user can
choose different "layout") and is triggered when we add a new vtkPolyData
to be rendered. If the user move the scene, all goes back to normal. It
look like we're seing some garbage blue buffer, but I have no clue where to
look at...

Anyone have experienced something like this ?

Thanks a lot

PS: I know QVTKWidget is deprecated and we should move to QVTKOpenGLWidget,
but our app is quite big and moving to Qt >= Qt 5.4 has some other
implication so that is not solution for now ...

Simon Esneault
Rennes, France
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