[vtk-developers] DPI changes and invalidation of vtkOpenGLContextDevice2D string texture cache

Elvis Stansvik elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com
Sat Aug 25 08:04:01 EDT 2018

Hi Marcus and all,

Marcus, I found this (very) old post of yours where you linked to a
Gerrit change in which (I believe) you fixed a problem with the string
texture cache of vtkOpenGLContextDevice2D not being invalidated when
the font size, color et.c. changes:


The reason I'm asking is that I'm suspecting that, since the DPI is
taken into account when these textures are created, the cache should
be invalidated also when the DPI of the render window changes?

I'm in a situation now where I'm trying to make our application react
well to DPI changes, but a simple SetDPI on the render window, the
axis label text sizes do not change. So I'm faced with perhaps having
to recreate the entire chart when the DPI changes.

Does it sound plausible that it could be the texture cache mentioned
in that old thread?

Many thanks in advance,

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