[vtk-developers] [EXTERNAL] Support for logging

Allie Vacanti allison.vacanti at kitware.com
Thu Aug 9 09:53:55 EDT 2018

On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 9:45 AM, Bill Lorensen <bill.lorensen at gmail.com>

> The debug macro is only active for debug builds.

Yes. I'm referring to the readability of the output when it's enabled. A
few have mentioned that it's not terribly useful in its current state, and
making the output more compact would be an improvement IMO.

As it is, trying to watch the terminal while a program is executing is near
impossible as it moves too quickly, and digging through the markup to find
the relevant messages is tedious. Fitting 3x more messages in the same
number of lines would improve both usecases for me.

On Thu, Aug 9, 2018, 6:36 AM Allie Vacanti <allison.vacanti at kitware.com>
> wrote:
>> While we're possibly retooling logging...
>> I'd love to see the behavior of these macros change to reduce the
>> verbosity. If we want vtkDebugMacro to log every set and get, ok, but it'd
>> be nice to have the messages shortened. Right now, every debug/warning
>> prints 3 lines, eg
>> """
>> Warning: In /path/to/source/file, line XXX
>> vtkClassName (0xOBJ_ADDRESS): Actual log message.
>> <empty line>
>> """
>> I do find the extra information to be extremely valuable, but with the
>> amount of data logged by debug macros, it becomes a chore to dig through
>> the output. What if the log messages were compacted to something more
>> dense, like:
>> """
>> [Warning] Actual log message. (vtkClassName at 0xOBJ_ADDRESS,
>> /path/to/source/file:XXX)
>> """
>> Is this something that anyone else would find useful?
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