[vtk-developers] Dashboard

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Tue Jan 3 14:40:51 EST 2017

On Tue, 3 Jan 2017 14:28:38 -0500, Marcus D. Hanwell said:

>I naively checked that I could compile things, and assumed I was good.
>As it said OS_X_VERSION rather than SDK_VERSION I figured it was
>referring to the OS version... We can upgrade XCode too and see if
>that helps.

It should.

>We will have to restore the old SDKs as Apple wipes them
>out every time - taking a look at it now.

Yeah, it's annoying that they no longer include older SDKs.  But 99% of the time, you don't need anything but the current one.  Why do you need older ones?  Are you sure you do?


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