[vtk-developers] Wrapping the new arrays

David Gobbi david.gobbi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 18:06:08 EDT 2016

Hi David,

Was it intended to have the new VTK data arrays wrapped in Python?  They're
all wrappable except for the vtkGenericDataArray (it's a special case).

In order to wrap vtkSOADataArrayTemplate and the templated array types,
Python would just have to be fooled into thinking that their superclass is
vtkDataArray, similar to what is already done for the old array classes.
That way, Python wouldn't have to deal with the problematic
vtkGenericDataArray template.

The Python wrappers can be told to instantiate the templates over the usual
set of data types.  This part is easy, it has already done for
vtkArrayIteratorTemplate, vtkDenseArray, and vtkSparseArray.

So I'm just wondering if wrapping these classes was part of the plan.  I
get an itch whenever C++ stuff is added to VTK that can't be used from
Python :)

 - David
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