[vtk-developers] Rendering Image and Picking Points

David Thompson david.thompson at kitware.com
Tue Jun 14 10:36:35 EDT 2016

Hi Luis,

> ...I am struggling to rendering an Image and set up the camera focal point to placed that image within the center of the camera.
> 1- I want this because the point is when I am rotating the object and picking point in its surface I got the X, Y and Z world coordinates that doesn't match the real coordinates of the camera;
> 2- When I am trying to use those coordinates once I had picked to calculate the center of mass between them , the results are not accurately rights. And everything that I have to derivate/build also are not, as well as when I make a Plane and the its origin goes away into the camera out of my cylinder(image). ...

It looks like you are positioning the camera using image parameters... but you are not mapping the image directly. Instead, you are mapping geometry from a VRML file and texturing it with the image. The pick coordinates will be points on the VRML geometry, not image-space coordinates. There is an additional transform from texture coordinates to image coordinates that is being ignored.


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