[vtk-developers] New way of doing wrapper hints

David Thompson david.thompson at kitware.com
Mon Jun 6 12:31:31 EDT 2016

>> ... For example, what about this method:
>> VTK_SIZEHINT(sz) double* findOrAddEntries(
>>     int key, int sz, VTK_SIZEHINT(sz) double* vals);
>> that both accepts and returns a variable-length array (of length sz, one of the other parameters)?
> Does this sort of pattern occur in VTK a lot?

Some but not a lot. It might happen more if it was easier to wrap.

One place it does occur is InsertNextCell(int npts, vtkIdType* conn). It would provide a hint to the wrapper that would (1) let us avoid constructing a vtkIdList to call a different variant and (2) let us check that the length of the array passed to the Python (or other) interpreter matches the length value passed as the first parameter.


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