[vtk-developers] Need, help regarding the conversion of squadViewer.tcl to Python.

Andrew Maclean andrew.amaclean at gmail.com
Wed May 20 02:32:03 EDT 2015

So far I have a rough working version, see attached, that seems to do
everything that the Tcl version does.

However I have a problem in that the following message is generated on
exit: "A TkRenderWidget is being destroyed before it associated
vtkRenderWindow is destroyed.This is very bad and usually due to the order
in which objects are being destroyed.Always destroy the vtkRenderWindow
before destroying the user interface components."

If you look at OnClosing(), I have deleted any attached renderers , then
the render window and finally destroyed the root.

Does anyone know what more I need to do in order to remove this error
message? As far as I can see the vtkRenderWindow is destroyed.

Thanks for any help.


Andrew J. P. Maclean

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