[vtk-developers] GSoC project: Shared Memory Parallelism in VTK

Vincent Chen applekey at gmail.com
Sun May 10 10:52:02 EDT 2015

Hey Guys!

    My name is Vincent Chen and my Google Summer of Code project is
on Shared Memory Parallelism in VTK.  I am currently an employee at Oracle
and will continue onto a masters and hopefully Phd at the University of
Oregon.  I would like to consider my major computer graphics.  In the past,
I researched 3D scanning techniques as well as designed 3D scanned and
printed prosthetic sockets for Africa.
    During this Google Summer of Code Project, I would like to upgrade
current VTK filters to operate more efficiently with many core processors.
This will involve re working current threading implementations as well as
re designing data structures.  The end product will be filters that have
much better scaling for consumer grade Cpu's up to Intel Xeon Phis.  You
can find a copy of my proposal here at

     I look forward to working with you all this summer!  If you have any
further questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to email me.

Best Regards,
Vincent Chen
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