[vtk-developers] ANN: Buildbot status page now accessible to everyone!

Utkarsh Ayachit utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com
Tue May 5 10:21:02 EDT 2015


As many of you know, we have been using Buildbot [1] to drive the
merge request testing for VTK and ParaView. Buildbot provides a status
page where one can monitor the testing progress as well as the
results. Until now, this status page was only accessible within
Kitware's network, not anymore! It's now publicly accessible at [2].

We've also written a quick blog post summarizing how to interpret the
Buildbot status page here [2].

Any suggestions to improve it further are welcome.


[1] http://buildbot.net/
[2] https://builtbot.kitware.com
[3] http://www.kitware.com/blog/home/post/875

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