[vtk-developers] Tcl wrapping and output array arguments

Jorge Perez josp.jorge at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 08:48:38 EDT 2015

Thanks for the guide, the documentation from those files is useful. We are
going to study that code and try to propose a change. We would like to
implement support to vtkVariant in order to wrap methods expecting
arguments of that type.

2015-03-23 22:13 GMT+01:00 David Gobbi <david.gobbi at gmail.com>:

> On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 2:46 PM, Jorge Perez <josp.jorge at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello, we are developing some applications based on VTK + Tcl. For our
>> requirements, we think this a very productive multi-platform solution and
>> we would like to provide support to solve the issue here raised with the
>> aim to continue the development of the Tcl Wrapping capabilities in VTK. In
>> order to help in this issue we appreciate any guide to understand the
>> arguments that vtkWrapTcl is processing.
> Rough guide to understanding vtkWrapTcl.c:
> 1) Look for the main() function, which is at around line 1100.  It uses a
> few
> important data structures: OptionInfo, FileInfo, ClassInfo.
> 2) Read vtkParseMain.h, vtkParseData.h, vtkParseType.h, vtkParseHierarchy.h
> to understand the data structures that are involved in VTK wrapping
> 3) Most of vtkWrapTcl.c is a bunch of fprintf() statements that produce
> C++ code
> for the wrappers.  I don't have much advice here except to trace through
> the
> code, starting at the first "fprintf(fp, ..." at line 1132 in main().
> This is the place
> where vtkWrapTcl starts writing the wrapper code.
>  - David
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