[vtk-developers] ANNOUNCE: vtk 6.2.0 is ready!

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Thu Mar 5 11:09:04 EST 2015

The VTK development team is happy to announce that VTK 6.2.0 is ready.
Special thanks go out to everyone who tested and provided input and fixes
during the release candidate cycle. You can find the source, data, and
vtkpython binary packages here:


You can read the release notes at:


And you can see the list of changes in the attachment or by:

git shortlog --no-merges --format="%h %s" v6.1.0..v6.2.0

We hope you find this release of VTK useful and bug free.

David E DeMarle
Kitware, Inc.
R&D Engineer
21 Corporate Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065-8662
Phone: 518-881-4909
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Aashish Chaudhary (261):
      0e0fcf4 Fixed headlight not working right when using the ext renderer
      d230223 Fixed missing display, window, and context id not being set
      a75302c Fixed splitviewport stereo rendering
      684b075 Added new volume rendering code
      f28ada9 Fixed texture state being dirty
      5f8896c Use correct local bounds
      30078b3 Fixed rotation bug
      8aa2703 Fixed style
      61a439f Fixed geometry beign missing after volume render
      935f90a Fixed indent
      6da7caf Silenced cast warnings
      63bc6e5 Fixed style and naming conventions
      f1ab262 Added copyright
      f06c64d Embedded volume shaders into C++ units
      2b9940e Fixed broken volume rendering because of uninitialized variable
      dbbe3e6 Fixed code document style a bit
      d929be5 Added method to validate volume rendering
      d7e882e Enable sample distance control
      e150d08 Enabled additive and composite blend mode
      115d356 Use depth buffer to terminate ray
      d42a771 Fixed incorrect mix geometry and volume rendering
      5b43621 Added string replacement code
      2ad1d38 First pass on compositing shader for the rendering
      f405ada Formalizing the grammar for the shader replacement
      06eac96 Updated volume code to use new compositing mode
      3bd9852 Updating shader to be fully programmable
      b2a58bc Fixed loose ends
      0825af0 Using appropriate variable names
      7e81213 Rebuild shader if necessary
      7b743c9 Rename Helper to ShaderComposer as thats best suited
      d1972c3 Added tests for the new volume mapper
      dcd4d56 Consolidating shading and color accumulation
      3a9bd5d Got maximum intensity working
      8dfdba9 Pass mapper to composer calls as its needed to query volume params
      adf766c Simplified the code a bit
      6f5d0c9 Fixed minor calculation bug
      1266ed1 Got rid of hard-coded maximum number of samples
      d8a14f8 Removed references to vtkgl
      ee3674d Separated lookup for clarity
      371c900 Compute and store actual max value
      25b42ab Fixed bad gl state at the start of volume rendering
      32f0a22 Implemented cropping feature
      015a5ea Using a better amplitude for the noise texture
      cdf1bc5 Use boolean to skip or consider a pixel for rendering
      1673f76 Build cropping shader dynamically
      2597bd3 Condensed preprocessor tags
      57939c2 Perform close bounds check
      b46c7cb Updated tests
      af6164a Got clipping working
      c7d687a Passing size and data for clip planes in a single uniform array
      d928a47 Implemented clipping via substitution
      6ab3311 Fixed clipping for multiple clip planes
      6d74191 Fixed normals not getting passed correctly
      9898eef Fixed crash on resizing
      591be8c Updated clip test planes to reasonable values
      6761103 Following consistent way of checking for uninitiliazed values
      663a115 Removed hard-coded sample distance
      88bc4f5 Adding minimum intensity blend capability
      4817b6e Fixed wrong initial value of the min value
      5cb00aa Fixed biased not being passed to the shader
      7210c83 Some more minor fixes
      b66de99 Fixed rendering of short and some other types
      d50fe29 Added support for double (and other 8 bytes) datatypes
      6d7faf1 Adding alpha blending
      bce3935 Fixed issues with additive blending
      da263ce Renaming so that we can replace the old one with the new one
      9134625 Porting new volume mapper to proper vtk
      d49491f Got new mapper working
      7532e7d Renamed the new volume module
      edb4b72 Fixed cropping
      9b2033d Some more fixes
      4b8e7ec Removed experimental code on cropping flags
      59c68e1 Updated lighting parameters
      28ae0ea Adding gradient opacity
      d5d4ad8 Implementing gradient opacity
      e9e0b43 Added gradient opacity table to the mapper
      6146a77 Added some more pieces for the gradient opacity
      1ae30d9 Enabled auto-adjust sample distance
      047dab8 Fixed style
      ad7ce0e Added new gradient opacity test
      e7e1f51 Added debug code
      ad25032 Adding gradient opacity calculation
      2ba296e Fixing / cleaing variables that are not required
      cf4648a Fixed access from the texture
      abd043f Fixing the scaling of the gradients
      4346bff Fixing long data types volumes
      3dd6f6b Using GLSL version 120
      7688fb2 Making gradient opacity optional
      c0e834e Removed check for gl error for now
      d28bffe Fixed shader issues on MAC
      bc09dde Fix white edge showing up
      836b161 Fixed wrong invert matrix being passed
      7addcd0 Revert "Removed experimental code on cropping flags"
      56d1890 Fixed cropping test
      1dd3a61 Fixing gradient vector computation
      0c05997 Added support for 4 components
      ed6d089 Adding support for mask type
      a7e2f7b Fixing shading
      93a2879 Adding support for label mask type
      eda4eeb Fixing issues
      88a9522 Restructured the code a bit more to make it flexible
      312b8be Fixed some more issues
      adb970e Fixed lighting issues
      089a441 Clean up some code
      346a98a Improvig code readability
      0a4c068 VTK style fixes
      6d45706 Adding support for parallel projection
      3152f1b Got parallel projection working
      2deb615 Disabled the gradient opacity test for now
      e517274 Fixed cpp issues
      1ddcb2e Silenced compiler warnings
      a5ae367 Implemented release graphics method
      55895e9 For now set reduction ratio to 1.0
      a05eb08 Fixed texture units
      5496810 Fixed wrong bounds used to pass bound values to shader
      f147880 Few style fixes
      949b862 Updated vtk point picker
      1480032 Added support for rendering when clipping by near plane
      4c9403a Fixed volume geomety not updated
      9dbe622 Using smallest possible delta to offset precision issues
      d2d49e0 Fixed release graphics resources
      85b6fbf Re-added gradient opacity
      3b60ff0 Wrapped long lines
      bad034c Organzied the code bit better
      ff4d608 Disabled the gradient opacity test for now
      59a2a48 Fixed failing tests
      edf97a3 Added missing API to set uniform
      83935cf Updating to use vtk shader API
      8c0ce91 Removed calls to old API
      a8b5e02 Fixed volume not showing up
      a50a814 Removed unused files
      412d909 Fixed licensing
      2f9ab04 Removed unused file from cmake
      5dbb076 Updated to use vtkTextureObject
      1a12533 Use vtkTextureObject if set
      ea17e38 Updated ray cast image display helper to use GL2
      8001b00 Removed unused code
      8c6595b Fixed casting to wrong type; copy-paste error
      bb87f6f Updated headers
      a298620 Fixed test failing by restoring defaults
      eec0137 Updated logic for testing for translucency
      ebec322 Updated logic to check for external texture object
      ee0b13a Updated display helper
      9d8c17f Improved code by removing redundant code
      2b180ca Fixed style issues
      8a4c62d Added more volume tests that are passing now
      16b7022 Removed unused header files
      3c16bcb Set referencee to render window for external texture object
      23a6be3 Fixed typo
      df24324 Mark as translucent if 1,2 or 4 components
      cca0af8 With Ken, fixed resources not release issue
      420e22a Added notes, comments
      0c38ee5 Updated volume rendering to use shader cache
      c5e5788 Added error checks for volume render calls
      f1826be Using render window shader cache
      454e0db Fixed volume tests failing because of shader cache
      652d736 ShaderCache should release its graphics resources
      e3eb473 Removed unnecessary call and added notes
      4ef3390 Let shader cache invoke release graphics resources on shader
      5948b78 Attempt to fix failing test by removing calls to interactor
      746fbdd Added second baseline to fix failing test on some systems
      a1f2ddd Adding support for light kit
      323130d Passing required parameters to the shaders
      ca3bb98 Handling more lighting cases
      c8468b6 Fixing headlight
      3bf32ff Fixed gradient opacity computation
      3c42ad2 Implementing positional light
      7baf76e Adding test for testing light kit and fixed shader issues
      5afbd4e Enabling reduction factor for large volumes
      48e8739 Updated so that we can compute the time to draw correctly
      451e28d Updating tests for consistent dashboard results
      82cb30c Silenced compiler warnings
      126f5bf Updated baseline and test for light kit
      18ee696 Removed dead code
      6c5d054 Fixing lighting computation for lightkit
      68efb79 Added convenient method to check for gradient opacity
      d50999b Updated code to use check on availability of gradient opacity
      258afec Removed dead code
      fded3eb Check for two sided lighting
      a8c5e8b Attempt to fix failing tests
      4c15cbd Added a note on the workaround as well
      c47bd6e Commented out debug code
      e4addeb Renamed for consistency
      94f5a75 Fixed positional light calculation
      cc41e9b Fixing positional light bugs
      adc0b49 Clean up code
      7a40c5e Compute appropriate matrix for normal transformation
      85240e2 Fixed variable not found
      761a289 Fixing variable names
      39d54d5 Fixed style issues
      58bf3e0 Fixed various lighting and formatting issues
      3b473dd Silenced compiler warnings
      d296e25 Fixed smart volume mapper crashes because of gradient opacity
      7c3dc82 Fixed smart volume mapper level test
      2de16ee Added GDAL based raster reader
      781d1b5 Fixed various minor issues
      2cd1a32 Added baseline and data for the testing
      7f9c70a Addressed minor code clean up issues
      61e7f03 Fixed various cleanup issues
      08e8c63 Fixed bad sampling issues when dealing with large sample distances
      414e869 Fixed incorrect name used for the test file
      84644d2 Update texture with the data
      66c813d Fixed data not showing up
      2dfab11 Use last texture units for 3D textures
      3ed3f22 Added ability to set depth mode formats
      301a81c Added ability to use texture modes
      ed2e827 Set texture parameters before creating the texture
      5452f58 Adding support for 3D textures
      d979a74 Fixed check for depth texture mode
      0eb6439 Apply scale and bias in the shader
      919018c Added ability to set texture attributes directly
      83f30b5 Make sure to release graphics resources
      5765faf Updating volume masks
      7037d5a Handle large data type textures
      f9b00c4 Fixing various issues
      6952fd3 Updated and improved texture object implementation
      0b0ef00 Allow reuse of texture units
      1ccf1f8 Removed debug messages
      f9b07be Fixing MIP issues
      708b18d Fixing some more issues
      2536b8a Fixed memory leaks and release of textures
      f88fd40 Removed dead code
      1c77710 Removed code for depth texture mode as they are deprecated
      f731704 Style fixes
      cb670a9 Fixed loose ends
      0605765 Removed extra flag to force re-computation of texture format
      1c0929b Updated code so that applications will still work in OpenGL2
      ca6c800 Fixed when mappers try to reuse the same texture
      8cc19bb Re-added volume benchmark test
      60c27a5 Typedef the volume test
      625d9b8 Updated volume test
      7bb827a Tweaked opacity function to force more computation
      66db2b2 Clean up cmake a bit
      20e0604 Adding GPU independent component feature
      7719149 Updated test to highlight mappings
      29ee16d Adding support for multiple components in GPU RayCast
      afe1ffd Remove limiting check for independent components
      417aafb Adding support for multi RGB tables
      bd7c9cd Fixed erroneous logic
      e1d9351 Updating shader code to support independent components
      74941a4 Adding support for independent components for opacity and color function
      bcba5b6 Some more updates to support independent components
      ffb3685 Fixed composite blend mode
      cefa131 Added independent support for min and max projections
      222c367 Pass component weights to the shader
      0288952 Fixed testing
      9793e11 Renaming classes for consistency
      06d9f79 Added support for independent components for gradient opacity
      eae5750 Improved the test a bit
      212252c Reinitialize transfer functions if the property changes
      96e31ff Independent component is not supported in OpenGL GPU mapper
      109e45e Fixed MIP independent shader
      bd80e07 Fixed independent component computing for min intensity projection
      c773710 Fixing volume tests not passing on intel machine
      2fa5b37 Removed unused code and check
      c588664 Do not assume initial min and max values
      0e02a94 Attempt to fix failing independent component tests
      ea65926 GLSL 120 does not support sampler arrays
      555f804 Added missing header
      24361f8 Fixed errors found using valgrind leak check
      ed36361 Silenced compiler warnings

Andrew Bauer (28):
      2e8ba2b Need to check for static targets before adding abi visibility flags.
      cd5c9af Composite data writers weren't passing down the HeaderType info.
      91b3b3e Passing missing parallel writer options to piece writers.
      48f2dc0 Fixing overflow issue that appeared with GCC compilers.
      bde1886 Fix the way point and cell data arrays are marked for reading.
      c6cea54 Adding in arctan2 through numpy.
      8e6b1a3 Adding the ability to not delete the passed in arrays.
      18b94cf Fixed memory leak in test and added in comments for clarification.
      b3399fd Adding in a filter to append structured grids together.
      f47c96b Adding the ability to merge structured grids for composite data sets.
      9cd28a6 Fixed issue with ghost cells not being deleted properly.
      4615e59 Removing temporary file that accidentally got added.
      cfaedbb Fixed issue of possibly modifying other polydatas.
      f9ecca4 Removing Tcl tests the duplicate existing Python testing.
      1e441c1 Fixed incorrect cell data output.
      d21be2b Making some cell locators more efficient.
      00146d3 Giving a warning if trying to create a subcontroller with 0 procs.
      d72325b Temporary fixes for finding ADIOS.
      ca1f2ef Fixing flow paths correct injection time and ability to add extra arrays.
      1eaa829 Renaming CurrentTime to CurrentTimeValue due to windows mangling issues.
      3f86167 Fixing particle paths to have proper SimulationTime output.
      be2d7b8 Adding in SimulationTimeStep output for particle paths.
      409086c Getting rid of clang analyzer warnings.
      cc551eb Skipping the wasteful and unnecessary inverse sin computation.
      f86c5f8 Cosmetic change to be consistent with file codeing convention.
      3e9bd6e Fix parallel flow paths filters.
      0aa6822 Improving testing of deleting cells from a polydata.
      5c44bfe Getting rid of compiler warnings.

Andrew Maclean (15):
      1bc76b6 Remove WindowLevelInterface.tcl and WindowLevelInterface.py
      50ea232 Revert Remove WindowLevelInterface.tcl and WindowLevelInterface.py
      7e09ea9 Sphere widget behaves better when scaled down to zero
      51adcdc ENH: VTK Parametric surfaces - modernised the code.
      da50514 ENH: Remove the need to manually regenerate the hill data.
      728b6a6 DOC: Update vtkRandomHills documentation.
      e6ac3bf BUG: Fix by adding a new keyword.
      2ad6753 ENH: Add option to return an ordinal lookup table.
      b898432 Make the generation of random hills consistent across all platforms.
      b0f0948 Add a missing header in vtkCompositePolyDataMapper2
      0a0ff7a ENH: Restore / convert Infovis examples
      249fd50 Lots of minor changes for Examples to build with OpenGL2
      c81b621 This fixes the c2039 error in VS2013.
      75cd8a3 Visual Studio 2013 requires the <algorithm> header.
      6765c9c Remove the unnecessary find_package command.

Antonio Cervone (1):
      588fc24 Fixed the BiQuadraticQuad interpolator

Arnaud Gelas (2):
      6d50f43 Handle properties are not properly set up when starting vtkBoxwidget2
      75b0ecb Limiting number of ModifiedEvent when calling vtkTransform::SetMatrix

Ben Boeckel (254):
      9a00db8 STLWriter: Raise an error for non-triangles
      37d058e STLReader: Close the file when an error occurs
      a1f1505 ExodusIIReader: Add the title to the field data
      486b71e STLReader: Fix error signaling when reading files
      3e7585c AVIWriter: Don't overflow the fourcc storage
      d7ec6c1 AVIWriter: Fix a comment typo
      e073d6d Exodus: Always attach the title to the output fields
      cd4fc15 Rewrite the testing macros
      3d11639 Update the Cxx test call sites
      bcc9c5a Update the MPI test call sites
      3c87d75 Update the Python test call sites
      40e594a Update Tcl test call sites
      6519612 Minor CMake logic simplification
      a6faf42 Copy Statistics tests to StatisticsGnuR
      3c35e55 Infovis: Add an include for newer Boost versions
      b6e69cb ParallelMPI: Add missing return statement
      b7535ca Allow arguments to be passed directly to Python
      e05e78f Skip adding the executable if no tests are created
      f79be06 Allow for overriding the data directory in tests
      910a306 Allow overriding the baseline directory in tests
      e04656f Build the VTK test data directory properly
      5b742fd Support custom baselines in tests
      d1548cd Store VTK's ExternalData in its source directory
      72cc9e3 Support VTKExternalData_OBJECT_STORES as well
      e785182 Support custom ExternalData targets for tests
      063ddda Support flags to tests common at the module level
      3b70ea8 Support JUST_VALID for Python tests
      e2d1a14 Support Python+MPI testing
      9bb5faf Use VTK_TEST_OUTPUT_DIR rather than rebuilding the path
      e697da8 examples: Fix typo in testing calls
      bde39fa ParallelGeometry: Fix Grid symbol scoping
      6e1350c testing: Use vtk-example as a fallback for prefix
      7f6395a Fix test function signatures
      2c11e59 testing: Don't look for tests when making an executable
      56a6e7b FiltersGeometry: Remove unnecessary links
      2b67930 Filters/Geometry: Remove some unused functions from tests
      964d6c8 Filters/Geometry: Hide WriteGrid if ENABLE_IO isn't on
      64a98b4 testing: add some missing TEST_DEPENDS
      c92ae44 python: use typedef names
      6db00fe python: add reference counting to the object map
      a2f0bf4 FindPythonModules: use a function
      9b2bba1 FindPythonModules: search if not found
      6056e10 pythoncore: extract python objects from arguments
      da8808b wrapping: add function to check for Python objects
      9ef52a5 wrapping: wrap PyObject* in python code
      cae065e python: accept any argument for PyObject* arguments
      e8ba24a vtkAlgorithm: fix a typo
      6691160 FiltersPython: create a vtkPythonAlgorithm class
      9955338 python: fix leaks when setting constants in wrappers
      4b74588 vtkPythonAlgorithm: support older pythons
      0843035 vtkpython: add site-packages to the path
      523e3c0 vtkFiltersPython: Disable without Python wrapping
      ba55146 wrapping: add variables to exclude from language-specific wrapping
      0cf8889 vtkFiltersPython: exclude from Java and Tcl wrapping
      b1b31c9 java: get the list of java modules properly
      788a28b testing: append the tests to the given variable
      0b1ca3a pythonalg: use keyword arguments rather than members
      adf3b4d pythonalg: raise an error in RequestData by default
      21d93e9 wrapping: remove the ${module}_WRAP_PYTHON variable
      5acb230 vtkStructuredImplicitConnectivity: fix msvc warnings
      5cbcdfc typo: fix some typos
      79724c2 unused: remove unused functions
      647b890 mpi4py: add module information
      1493ff0 mpi4py: link to CMAKE_DL_LIBS
      103bcc0 testing: skip test executables with no tests
      118eeca IOVPIC: include MPI headers as SYSTEM headers
      d510cc5 cmake: set policy 0053 if available
      a6ccb14 cmake: set policy 0053 in thirdparty cmake
      09edf3f mpi4py: add a class to convert communicators
      8e09aec wrapping: check for Tcl wrapping exclusion for warnings
      e64416c vtkAMRUtilities: split out vtkParallelAMRUtilities
      050395f hierarchy: use a .txt extension
      383f2be GenerateExportHeader: support object libraries as well
      4606d0e vtk_module: support a KIT argument
      e520344 modules: add modules to "kits"
      3cd0686 linking: wrap tll() with a module-aware function
      3c59cd2 export: OBJECT libraries may not be exported
      5ba0639 modules: output kit information in the module tree
      b192a25 modules: topo-sort modules with kits as well
      e0757e9 modules: build kits from the member modules
      b36716a module: depend on the dependent module object library
      987f1f4 python: add an option to disable vtkpython
      3e937df testing: check for pvtkpython before using it
      3a06166 vtkpython: don't install if not enabled
      997f2ae vtkAVIWriter: make a more informative error message
      81ff451 IO/Geometry: add obj index tests
      577c9f4 FiltersParallelGeometry: move functions to the sources
      3a86ca4 vtkMPICommunicator: avoid deprecated MPI functions
      5c3241b vtkInstantiator: remove instantiator macro from main sources
      301afc4 typo: remove duplicate source listing
      43d7a64 vtkCompositePolyDataMapper2: cache opacity check
      f6777cd vtkCompositePolyDataMapper2: include <algorithm> for std::max
      ea87122 vtkCompositePolyDataMapper2: avoid a NULL dereference
      ea34fd8 OpenGL: use STATUS for the OSMesa message
      5183d0f vtkPStreamTracer: conditionalize functions
      8a5c8c1 vtkPTemporalStreamTracer: remove useless code
      f36df9c unused: add a macro to mark functions as "unused"
      eda45be vtkChartBox: initialize segmentIndex
      a09107c nit: remove extra semicolon
      ff3f8ed vtkMPI: install so that vtk_mpi_link is available
      8e8f647 python: install packages properly
      161541c opengl2: use STATUS for the OSMesa message
      8fa12ca Maintenance: recognize the KIT keyword in scripts
      0714be9 vtkmpi4py: empty out Py_{UN,}BLOCK_THREADS
      f130f0f module: add comment to update maintenance scripts too
      f76aeee Maintenance: recognize language exclusion keywords
      ede46c8 warnings: fix narrowing warnings
      fba50fb TestSurfacePlot: loop using vtkIdType
      db92b37 vtkQuaternionInterpolator: call the constructor properly
      830ef1b warnings: remember values with the proper type
      76a3ce4 warnings: use static casts to point out precision loss
      37aad40 warnings: use floating point intermediate values
      3ed64fc warnings: resolve unused variables
      72fd202 vtkOpenGLImageMapper: fix unintentional shadowing
      6bd7e61 warnings: fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings
      6e38c6b vtkOpenGLProperty: remove unused function
      f4eece1 unused: use the vtkNotUsed macro
      69465e4 Q4VTKWidgetPlugin: only define qDebug if not already defined
      97df2a8 mpi4py: use the output, not the result
      b673e36 cmake: remove unnecessary condition copies
      f8430ae vtkSmartPyObject: ignore warning C4127 on MSVC
      0fe880d mpi4py: use old code with Python 2.6 as well
      7cce0e5 web: support Image from PIL in testing
      2f81a64 web: print the traceback from errors as well
      359f53b vtkPStreamTracer: remove unused function
      ca90d28 vtkModuleMacros: use STREQUAL rather than MATCHES
      fc1320b cmake: use functions instead of macros
      44f7c75 cmake: minor style nits
      b0cd19b vtkPythonAlgorithm: print out all the error information
      9f4afe4 tk: update to support 8.6
      8427822 vtkEnSightReader: use memmove for overlapping regions
      16b25ba vtkFFMPEGWriter: use av_malloc to match the av_free
      458c079 vtkChartXY: check the scene before use
      dd542c6 otherByteSwap: fix calls for byteswapping
      473036d netcdf: don't use the cache to set variables in the parent scope
      2247d89 HeaderTesting: skip non-vtk* files
      e48e110 HeaderTests: only run if VTK_SOURCE_DIR is set
      81eb3de vtkChartXYZ: use dummy bounds rather for bounds calculation
      93dac76 vtkChartXYZ: don't copy the points out
      9455c61 RenderingOpenGL: remove unused file
      900f851 cmake: fix CMP0054 warnings
      5a8610c cmake: remove variable dereferences in if statements
      581598f windows: use the proper format specifier for DWORD
      0ba047df windows: put parentheses around mixed && and || operators
      fd5e0ef vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow: avoid narrowing warnings
      695a847 vtkWin32Header: support 64-bit properly on non-MSVC
      18f64da vtkWin32Header: always use {Get,Set}WindowLongPtr
      40db4ab hdf5: avoid CMP0054 warning
      4392ae6 vtkPythonPackages: use IN LISTS syntax in foreach
      18f6b27 vtkPythonPackages: avoid CMP0054 warnings
      a866bb3 vtkOpenGLTexture: don't check for a mapped window
      fd26999 cmake: remove arguments to else and endfoo commands
      e196886 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in alglib
      a934d7a cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in exodusII
      adf2060 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in expat
      25399d2 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in freerange
      de3f6b5 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in freetype
      6673e0d cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in ftgl
      355a11c cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in gl2ps
      8c9e5e3 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in hdf5
      251e4f6 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in jpeg
      739b9df cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in libproj4
      5a07d43 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in libxml2
      5e888f7 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in mpi4py
      8ce4ee9 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in netcdf
      56952ae cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in oggtheora
      f1a6939 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in png
      15f6a87 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in sqlite
      7f499c1 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in TclTk
      41d2d07 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in tiff
      49bcf3a cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in verdict
      9bf393d cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in VPIC
      df306ed cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in xdmf2
      cf5b134 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in xdmf3
      b10c002 cmake: remove arguments from else and endfoo in zlib
      08c5b97 cmake: remove arguments to else and endfoo commands
      37782ad cmake: remove @var@ expansions
      8b04a0b FindTBB: fix up typo'd logic
      22b4552 cmake: fix up some version checks
      058e722 zlib: remove empty if statements
      6b4ea15 vtkInformationDataObjectKey: move to CommonDataModel
      28c4633 numpy_support: always support [u]int64
      00877bc numpy_support: raise an error if a type cannot be found
      5b0ae06 Revert "vtkInformationDataObjectKey: move to CommonDataModel"
      a400d83 numpy_support: support using dtype array types
      3bf2fb7 cmake: use COPYONLY rather than COPY_ONLY
      d7f7154 vtkWrap: some uses of COPY_ONLY weren't even wrong
      ef8735a numpy_support: don't convert array types if possible
      7e9456a numpy_support: deep copy for type mismatched array data
      7ef36ba numpy: test numpy_to_vtk when requesting specific types
      0351c12 vtkParticleTracerBase: remove unused function
      cd783b3 vtkImageCanvasSource2D: add missing newline at eof
      222fe37 vtkKdNode, vtkOctreePointLocatorNode: don't assign after a short-circuit
      7de9cf0 vtkPolyhedron: initialize the iterator
      984e010 HyperTree example: use the iterator before invalidating it
      7ff34b7 Widgets example: fix up logic around planeSource
      146abbb vtkYoungsMaterialInterface: plug memory leaks
      6fc3969 vtkUnstructuredGridGeometryFilter: plug memory leak
      c64d49f vtkPKdTree: plug memory leak
      88ceae4 vtkDistributedDataFilter: plug memory leaks
      f0a8ac1 vtkKMeansStatistics: plug memory leak
      d66053f vtkAMRFlashReaderInternal: don't return a pointer to temporary memory
      529f85b vtkExodusIIWriter: use a larger buffer
      806912b TestIncrementalOctreePointLocator: close file handles
      25baa62 vtkCGMWriter: fix typo
      69601ed vtkNIFTIImageReader: plug memory leaks
      9a78aa1 vtkSLCReader: plug memory leak
      b4b8206 vtkPLY: handle realloc errors properly
      e736ad4 vtkEnSightWriter: terminate buffers properly
      b0bd046 vtkImagePlaneWidget: avoid divide-by-zero
      f4e756f vtkResliceCursorRepresentation: avoid divide-by-zero
      9aef0e7 vtkParseMain: handle realloc errors properly
      d28c44a vtkParseMain: close the input file
      8aa578f vtkParsePreprocess: handle realloc errors properly
      86e47ae vtkParsePreprocess: fix up some free() logic for params
      79abddf vtkWrapHierarchy: handle realloc errors properly
      d6d6e8f TestIncrementalOctreePointLocator: use malloc
      ae3fa6e vtkParse: regenerate lex.yy.c
      529dccb vtkParse: address cppcheck messages
      a59bd8c vtkReebGraph: add a comment about realloc usage
      898b425 vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapper2D: comment possible divide-by-zero
      87935c2 TestIncrementalOctreePointLocator: remove dead code
      1932e6c vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow: use size_t for integer storage of pointers
      a5d30fb vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow: wrap assignments in while() in parens
      ca540cb hdf5: check for the right policy
      2b89523 python: remove echo from custom target
      04a3ca3 FindMPI: search for msmpi as well
      26290c8 FindMPI: fix a CMP0054 warning for CMake
      e5b02b9 FindMPI: add in the SDK path
      3990e92 FindMPI: support newer MSMPI
      d3c3bde hdf5: remove conflict markers
      402aaa2 FindMPI: convert to a safer path representation.
      2a17ac3 vtkDataArrayTemplate: fix support for compilers without explicit instantiation
      1f32a46 Copyright: bump the year
      5c9fa2b vtkRenderingVolumeOpenGL2: remove copy_shaders target
      ded5ebe IOXdmf3: remove excess MPI stuff
      27c0ec4 install: install missing module-related files
      b06009a netcdf: support a system netcdf
      2028be3 cmake: reformat java compilation commands
      8384af6 java: add an option to set the target for java compiles
      5a49848 wxVTKRenderWindow: support wxPython 3.0
      59b38c8 wrapping: find superclasses that are templates
      be21c18 examples: add shebang lines
      200c23e doxygen: remove obsolete options
      3d5063d doxygen: add an option to disable CHM files
      6286f0c release: add scripts for release maintenance
      5cc298e python: don't export Python modules as targets
      b6e726a maint: use "git checkout" rather than reset
      3af86a2 maint: ignore css files for ctags as well
      eb1ab4b metaio: remove stray reject file
      0f7244b vtkModuleTop: handle UsrMove-like setups
      7c1083d vtkWrap: use size_t for sizes
      4e229e5 vtkPistonMapper: fix a overload-virtual warning
      d0b86eb vtkWrapTcl: hide dString when there are no methods

Berk Geveci (64):
      575ebda Removed priority based streaming and fast path.
      790115c Removed unused code from vtkModelMetaData and vtkExodusModel
      ee55278 COMP: Fixed compiler error - needed to remove functions from .h.
      2d6d6a6 Improved test to increase vtkDistributedDataFilter's coverage.
      2b1a0e3 Cleaned up the Exodus metadata.
      0110b9d Fixed minor typo - case sensitivity issue.
      d67d5db Removed verts from streaklines - lines are enough.
      9c95cee Removed unnecessary recursion in pipeline streaming.
      dca4464 Filter was modifying self in request. Fixed.
      e5f7953 Fixed minor typo in documentation.
      ccb8acf Added test for vtkTableBasedClipDataSet.
      ad3b1a2 Added caching to temporal interpolator.
      6066b78 Fixed minor bug in the ensight gold reader.
      37dc617 Added EnSight tests to increase coverage.
      6f12002 Added initial ghost points support to vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter.
      f82238e PERF: Parallel streamline was slow. Fixed.
      1a0b4e9 Refactored how pieces and extents are handled.
      32cf800 Update the XML readers and writers to work with pipeline changes.
      24a324e Cleaned up and fixed transmit filters for structured data.
      dbbef3f Fixed bug in send structured data.
      10c6913 Fixed legacy parallel reader and writer.
      bc4dbe8 BUG: Was using array of wrong size.
      a4c8e85 Fixed compiler warnings.
      b33d318 Changed synchronized templates class for new pipeline behavior.
      e27ae6a Removed unused keys.
      747b780 Updated filters and sources to work with new pipeline logic.
      ac6f185 Moved key.
      19e6914 Cleaned up extent translators.
      ece82ee Removed unnecessary reference to extent translator
      4003183 ExtractSelection was not managing pieces corretly. Fixed.
      16e20f2 Filters should silently handle empty input
      2354c78 Fixed multiple issues with resample/probe filters.
      a4944a4 Fixed contour filters
      3517e2a Fixed issues in the group filter.
      05ad827 Fixed crash in the empty input test.
      06685ac Fixed vtkXdmfReader for parallel structured data.
      beb1efe Parallel Exodus writer was not asking for pieces. Fixed.
      be27951 Added new meta-data and request capability to the pipeline.
      3885112 PERF: Removed unnecessary function call.
      e253292 Added an ensemble source.
      4787c7a Added documentation and testing to vtkPythonAlgorithm.
      0f703d2 Fixed no newline at end of file warnings.
      8c0040f Executive was setting update extent initialized falsely.
      a4ee641 PERF: Removed unnecessary garbage collection.
      b0a9b57 Fixed indentation and style to match VTK's.
      6168892 BUG: Filter was overwriting input scalars. Fixed.
      79a80ae Added modules that create a numpy type interface.
      8b73e3b Certain MPI types were not being recognized by mpi4py.
      3c80a0a Improved TestNumpyInterface to cover various append implementations.
      14a9c30 Added sum and mean per block to Python algorithms.
      191f3c2 Added support for CompositeDataSet.Points.
      710f73f Fixed innaccurate comments.
      07b7459 Added a SeedIds array to the output of stream tracer.
      d8bdbb6 Added support for specifying split mode.
      f5af80d Added VTKPythonAlgorithmBase - base class for Python algorithms.
      869c2d1 Fixed vtkImageGradient in parallel.
      eb42bb7 Added Python support for making new information keys.
      4bbd890 Removed mrmpi ThirdParty, which was not used.
      fe3ff3b Fixed quadratic quad and biquadratic quad derivatives.
      d9e442f Added a new example demonstrating developing SMP algorithms.
      c3b9d7b Added another SMP example.
      24211a1 Fixed bug in vtkExecutive::CopyDefaultInformation.
      86bd7ac Fixed bug in vtkMaskPoints that caused corrupt output.
      7401095 Improved unstructured grid support in dataset_adapter.

Bill Hoffman (2):
      14cfa48 Fix build with mingw 4.8.2 and qt 5.3.2, bug #14735
      ecbf79e Detect win32 or pthread model in a mingw gcc build.

Bill Lorensen (39):
      2808d60 COMP: Test driver array bounds error
      0f41f22 BUG0013829: vtkAssembly::GetBounds adds bounds which are uninitialized
      fcaf269 BUG0014331: Filter skips VTK_CUBIC_LINE
      4afabe1 COMP: Restore TestTessellator test
      b4e0146 ENH: Added tests that were removed during modularization
      ce5bab0 COMP: Refactored TestDataObjectIO
      9bce5da COMP: test require NO_VALID modifier
      5881e35 ENH: Add removed tests
      4831f68 COMP: Improve coverage of vtkMeshQuality
      84087f5 COMP: Missing NO_VALID
      0e9cfd9 ENH: Improve code coverage script
      2df673a BUG: Flawed logic for NO_OUTPUT
      d6dc375 COMP: Python unittest requies NO_OUTPUT
      43fa8b7 COMP: Performance warning: int to bool
      af25106 COMP: Remove QtInitialization from otherPrint test
      9200beb ENH: Remove ThirdParty code from coverage results
      4241580 COMP: Remove bogus line info from generated files
      e2b5f16 ENH: Unit test for ParametricSpline
      f3311d5 ENH: Coverage for MultiThreshold.
      b347042 BUG: CreateDefaultLookupTable crashes if Input is NULL.
      6cb7f08 ENH: Add some more coverage for MultiThreshold
      94a6311 ENH: Improve code coverage for UnicodeStringArray
      5988b55 ENH: Unit test for vtkMath
      7748359 COMP: Adjust tolerances
      4f30bff COMP: Guard against infinite loop in vtkClearOpenGLErrors
      eb1a585 ENH: Provide PlaybackFile for recorded interaction events
      28abc76 BUG14463 vtkMy does not work for vtk6
      55a7f9d BUG: 0013057: bad xml input to XML Reader's causes exception
      901e7e6 BUG14527: Subdivision fails for non-manifold data
      a952720 BUG: ImageAccumulate overflows for large images
      55902e2 BUG: Some types of files are not closed after processing
      ab29d10 COMP: A more robust way to check file descriptor leaks
      84f9a17 ENH: Add support to read tiled tiff images
      0bee648 COMP: Add execption for vtkJSONWriter
      bac2c9c ENH: Restore missing Infovis classes
      5f3f837 ENH: Unit Test FunctionParser
      baa76c2 COJMP: More robust fuzzy results checking
      8597cc5 BUG: Memory leaks detectd by valgrind
      5f25d2f COMP: Prefix HDF5 cmake messages with HDF5:.

Brad King (37):
      7df9a25 COMP: Drop invalid custom commands from HDF5
      d19b4db COMP: Drop missing dependencies of target 'vtkpython_pyc'
      ee1c753 vtkhdf5: Remove extra calls to cmake_minimum_required
      08df7a8 Accelerators/Dax: Remove extra call to cmake_minimum_required
      5983605 Refactor top-level CMake Policy settings as loop
      3a04542 Examples: Set required CMake version and policies before project()
      2ad9f47 Set CMake Policies CMP0025 and CMP0042 as necessary
      73431db Rendering/Volume: Convert new baseline to ExternalData content link
      e2d3123 Wrapping/Tcl: Fix CMake Policy CMP0050 warnings
      d8a7442 IO/XML: Remove unnecessary <sstream> include
      4327fce IO/XML: Add missing <string> include
      f2a2eea IO/XML: Fix HeaderTest for this module
      7feab87 vtkOStreamWrapper: Support std::string
      ec258e2 Revert "vtkOStreamWrapper: Support std::string"
      54003c6 vtkOStreamWrapper: Support std::string
      25b191b Revert "vtkOStreamWrapper: Support std::string"
      0ad98de vtkOStreamWrapper: Support std::string
      1de7c32 Allow custom TestTM3DLightComponents timeout
      ba0984b Allow custom TestProp3DFollower timeout
      82a116b Honor VTK_INSTALL_NO_DEVELOPMENT for archive libraries
      c05001d Use vtkMPI.cmake helper for all module MPI tests
      cd0b6e6 Set MACOSX_RPATH property default consistently across CMake versions
      94f1281 ExternalData: Add backtrace to missing file warning
      23fbbeb Export the locations of Qt5 packages on which modules depend
      ff7c659 Allow configuration of external module dependency locations
      5782e17 Views/Infovis: Add another baseline for TestConeLayoutStrategy
      622d753 Allow custom Interaction/Widgets test timeouts
      b55c8eb Fix ExternalData pre-commit hook on msysGit
      fec99e5 Add option to exclude VTKData target from default build
      644096b mpi4py: Suppress warnings in third-party code
      63b5bc7 vtkFFMPEGWriter: Fix build with libavcodec55
      2926834 Exclude classes requiring a QApplication from VTK smoke tests
      094a09a module: fix export macros with kits
      4998c13 vtkglew: Install glew header files
      d2a8a93 IO/ADIOS: Exclude module from VTK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES
      1f35801 ENH: Use if(DEFINED) to simplify conditions
      c2db066 COMP: Include "vtk_glew.h" instead of "GL/glew.h"

Burlen Loring (3):
      070b6ea surface LIC - stl and NULL
      90c9a29 vtkweb: buffering issue
      47bd9e8 vtkweb: connect to existing session issue

Casey Goodlett (4):
      fa84797 Ignore files in project.xcworkspace
      fb034ce Fix names of texture and normal arrays in the OBJ reader
      f555a21 Fix libpng "Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited"
      3c9e67a Skip install of .pdb files for hdf5 on windows

Chris Harris (27):
      4b03a9b Add failure filter to session.auth(...) deferred
      fa652b6 Add error function to vtk:mouseInteraction RPC
      584838a vtkWeb: Add newline to end of each proxy map entry
      9d81e15 vtkWeb: Teach launcher.py to wait for ready_line
      1d12532 vtkWeb: Add appropriate error codes for launch requests
      5968172 vtkWeb: Don't reset viewer to null on updateViewer(...)
      7b0dae9 vtkWeb: Propagate mouse events to VGL
      175d3dd vtkWeb: Fix calls to old VGL API
      10e70c5 vtkWeb: Rename ogs.vgl => vgl
      dfb8481 Rename md5 => sceneMD5 to avoid confusion
      333a654 Update canvas size before creating viewer
      49ae1cb Prevent mouse event handlers be bound multiple times
      b0953ee Update VGL to master
      04de702 Update version of VGL
      1241e99 Prevent scene and clipping range from being reset
      8fd3926 Update VGL to lastest version
      3bf2493 vtkWeb: Refactor fetchObject(..) to use cached objects
      61eb46e Add code to clean of VGL actor cache
      f34cba0 Add missing initialization of member
      c976fb4 Fix typo introduce by 06aaa805 session => m_session
      fa04ced Update to modern CMake style
      deae524 Allow location of OSMesa install to be specified
      d8933d5 vtkWeb: parseObject now returns an array of actors
      2699fc9 Export same scalar bar title as is displayed by actor
      8b4e567 Update VGL version
      3ce7a5e vtkWeb: Use unbuffered file read/write for stdout
      a53a88b vtkWeb: Cleanup python processes that timeout on startup

Christoph Kolb (1):
      87b5c8c Add a method to enable multisampling in the QVTKWidget2

Chuck Atkins (22):
      4eb181f Initial ADIOS readers and writers
      e27d172 Remove leftover debug messages
      23942b2 Expose WriteAllTimeSteps as a setable parameter for ADIOS
      c2ae0a6 Properly handle WriteAllTimeSteps = false for vtkADIOSWriter
      ba13e88 vtkIOADIOS: Fix incorrect multi-block multi-step scalar values.
      2b27d50 vtkIOADIOS: Ensure time values always get written, even if just the step.
      1a8ba95 vtkIOADIOS: Collection of small fixes
      2115545 jsoncpp: Update to use the seperate-file version
      250f311 vtkIOGeometry: Correct typos in older jsoncpp API calls
      6b4f8cb jsoncpp: Fix vs7 build error from missing C99 functions
      71ef2ea COMP: Suppress warnings on PGI with commonly used patterns
      2ef1a2c COMP: Remove unreachable break; statements following returns
      c9fefb7 BUG: Replace a few previously removed exit conditions
      b9c8245 BUG 14681: Allow for early exit when no data can be decoded.
      2433c36 BUG 14681: Close leftover file handles on exit
      03f893b XMLReader: Prevent streams from being closed when they don't exist.
      874279a ADIOS: Resize the write buffer to the known required size.
      3c8af89 ADIOS: Update FindADIOS to match upstream
      149064b ADIOS: Add an initial polydata write-readback test
      a5cee75 HDF5: Fix build errors for PGI on Linux
      ad47d6a ADIOS: Properly handle variable sized data.
      63c2269 ADIOS: Fix memory leaks by adding deletes

Cory Quammen (34):
      f61175e BUG: Fix build failure in RenderingParallelLIC on Intel compiler
      5040362b Added "sticky" axes mode to vtkCubeAxesActor
      36d9e0e Fixed linkage problem in Windows
      d4d486a Improved comment handling
      69a06e4 KW00001404: Major overhaul of vtkAppendFilter
      1ae1b52 Fixed memory leak and improper erasing of std::set elements
      ab0254a Fixed error in appending cell data
      e893f1d Removed unused types and member variables, fixed formatting
      8160c63 Rename local functions and embed in anonymous namespace
      b807a6d Change clamping range for texture coordinates
      95686b6 Turn on edge clamping
      56b9236 Fixed errors exposed by changes to clamping of texture coordinates
      a4af85b Replaced buggy and redundant implementation of GetRGBPoints()
      53c340d Updated baseline for when test uses alpha blending
      c723181 Improved comments and made some formatting improvements
      6259f17 Removed code mistakenly introduced during a merge
      b2452da Updated test baseline
      15504ad Removed unneeded function argument
      55c7dad Enabled easier specification of custom test name
      aba9515 Re-enabled some tests overlooked by vtk_add_test_*
      75d2d4b Fixed some file extensions in documentation
      238163f 6657: Add out-of-range colors to color maps
      4a1259c CMake was complained about unknown arguments to find_package
      8f3d921 BUG: Fixed how the header size is computed
      37259c0 BUG 10708: Fix vtkPolyDataMapper2D color mapping
      371f18a Avoid insertion of extra newlines when adding comments
      b3b0536 BUG: Added missing build of lookup table
      a07731a Handle coloring by field data
      9449836 Enable coloring by indexed lookup for vtkStringArrays
      dafe5a0 Added previous signature back for MapScalars() method
      3a27c8e Fixed memory errors in newly added tests
      8a30862 Fixed test to work on older graphics hardware
      1ce9d47 Added alternative baseline image for TestActor2D
      93642e6 Fixed memory leak when RGBPoints are read

Dan Lipsa (38):
      b604c23 Report an error when writing a file with changing topology.
      9ac19b7 Update documentation.
      1d7c454 Remove debugging printouts.
      410e53c Name enum LEFT, BOTTOM, ... Location.
      5d41775 Add component-wise set functions for Border and Gutter (vtkChartMatrix)
      de01f9e Set Bold and Italic axis label properties for ScatterPlotMatrix.
      063b174 vtkMultiProcessStream: Add insert and extract operators for bool
      94f3790 Fix Windows compilation warning.
      afed075 Forces the compiler to convert a char* to a string rather than a bool.
      1519303 FIX: Get rid of dependent properties.
      bf8a001 FIX: Set the hue range for the default lookup table.
      27ddad4 FIX: NULL data in RequestInformation causes a segfault.
      f3a9d33 Fix compilation after upgrade to hdf5-1.8.13
      14e8f63 Build static hdf5 and build on VS 2003 7.1
      973e57a Fix mingw release build.
      132fec1 snprintf from HDF5 conflicts with the one from GMVReader
      db8d3e2 Make hdf5 properties advanced.
      00de9a9 Add VTK_COLOR_MODE_DIRECT_SCALARS. See vtkScalarsToColors::MapScalars.
      6dee6fd Fix KdTree::GenerateRepresentation and add test.
      2d61dea Add a test for VTK_COLOR_MODE_DIRECT_SCALARS
      1d32010 Fix hdf5 library names.
      09f0204 Remove lib prefix from windows libraries and mangle additional symbols.
      55b75e4 Fix hdf5 library names for VTK (and ParaView).
      8c7db60 FIX: We don't select 2D annotations.
      9c7135b Add data_index to Exodus driver
      d3ba9c7 FIX: remove warning declaration of ‘’ shadows a previous local
      4bcf0dc Prefix BUILD_STATIC_EXECS with HDF5 and make it advanced.
      7c7c3ca Add missing numpy functions previously available in ParaView 4.1.
      084b0bb Rename data_index to mode_shape in Exodus reader.
      699deb9 BUG: Writing an Exodus file in parallel segfaults.
      b45e6b6 Stop all processes if one process stops.
      193be6a Reshape VTKArrays so that they can be combined through operators.
      ed860dc BUG: Account for gradient G + mean(G,0)
      b2bdadb Fix conflicts in cmake files from hd5 upgrade.
      cfc422e Accumulate strings printed to console by Python and send them in one piece.
      57c9fa4 Fix style problems.
      11da86a BUG: Buffer output only for RunSimpleString.
      7d2de7b BUG: Fix mispelled excluded class and print out all exclusions.

Dave DeMarle (56):
      ab78408 Increment version to VTK 6.2.0
      274c07b Add a test for the VPIC reader
      a797d0d document arguments to test macros
      5736031 move dashboard management scripts into better place
      039d1d9 fix link errors that happened when I turned on InfovisParallel
      17804f3 deprecate this module
      1d754ec fix a compilation warning
      252798f make rubber band look correct on scenes with textures
      bd3c09e optimize geojson writer
      0e46e31 more optimization of geojson writer
      0adb5f1 fix variety of dashboard problems
      1519103 Put libxdmf into a namespace so that libxdmf3 can coincide with it.
      12616e0 Adapt libxdmf to build within VTK.
      5760a37 add cmakescript infrastructure to make libxdmf a VTK module
      471a830 Add a reader and writer for the new xdmf library.
      55b3940 Fixes for xdmf3 regression test data.
      c4b66ca Fix issues the dashboards turned up.
      5a23147 Fix more issues the dashboards turned up.
      7564b9b Really fix on of the issues the dashboards turned up
      a5c1b7b Fix a regression in the xdmf bump
      271bfcd STYLE: improve comments and organize internal classes
      8c9c5cf fix a case of discarded arrays
      17c88a3 Remove stray debugf.
      31ba4ac bring back subsets
      34ae408 put array reuse in
      d7fb5d3 Fix dashboard warnings and test failure.
      3bb7f74 disable a balky test until we can fix it
      1e6c66b Add file series reading and top level spatial partitioning
      f085338 fill in time varying graphs
      d8bf033 STYLE: pull helpers out and format all for vtkstyle
      56e9a94 move strict partition multipiece constuction out to reader level
      c5bace8 disable oggtheora on cray too
      26694e1 Fix problems that the dashboards turned up.
      5f95be4 remove MetaIO to replace with updated content
      c71ad1b exclude matlab from the "all" modules set
      f8c5c67 Add render mode in which values are drawn as recoverable 24bit colors.
      c46f50c fix a compilation warning
      9446581 Fix test failure
      7a49dbf Fix test failure
      fbb9829 Revert "Fix test failure"
      bee4434 Revert "Fix test failure"
      115f9bc now 000 is reserved as the no value (background) color
      9ed4765 fix dashboards that lack multisampling
      391ddff make area picker respect prop transformations
      9944a86 prevent possibly uninitialized ivar use
      87ceeea java install shouldn't delete /usr/bin !
      71c55e8 shrink size of xdmf3 written files
      7810863 fix a bug in value painting for cell arrays
      35df848 fix a bug in triangle frustum intersection
      7bcf231 COMP: fix a valgrind leak in new test
      bf4b407 update cdash scrapers to use https
      611ab74 COMP: fix unused warning
      fc1a008 edge clipping fallback path needs correct edges
      7efc254 COMP: fix macro redefinition comp warning
      c8313b8 per bug 14586 fix external vtkLocal
      59f9b0f allow examples to be built without tests

David C. Lonie (67):
      e9f66ba Tie vtkUnstructuredGridBase into the dataset type system.
      6f3b654 Update baseline
      90d7592 Handle empty array initialization in numpy_support.
      a43fb6a Don't reset traversal location in each iteration of box clip filter.
      42b0733 Process facestream in vtkExtractUnstructuredGridPiece::RequestData.
      c8bec1f Handle polyhedra in vtkUnstructuredGridWriter.
      16368b4 Disable FP frame buffer when GL_ARG_texture_float is not present.
      f521f41 Return early if ProjectedTetrahedra volume rendering is unsupported.
      f61c11b Add new baseline for rendering without floating point buffers.
      0e07b09 Add new baseline for dashlin1.
      c49b9c1 Pass std::strings through the OStreamWrapper.
      c78a1e6 Revert "Pass std::strings through the OStreamWrapper."
      e52eff0 Return early in TransformPoints if input is NULL.
      67ee41e Update system font test baseline.
      81a76c7 Check if the selection array exists before dereferencing it.
      7bb258f Ignore blanked cells in vtkCellDataToPointData.
      ba2e348 Error if attribute arrays are incorrectly sized in vtkGlyph2D.
      25a270d Remove unused variable.
      5d32344 Don't attempt to render NULL strings.
      973e7b2 Add DebugTextures to FreeTypeTools to show texture background.
      d5de865 Use unrotated faces to determine text height metrics.
      bc5f6f3 Move templated methods to private visiblity.
      1e93449 Style cleanup in vtkTextActor3D.
      ae47eef Remove pointer tests for ImageActor in vtkTextActor3D.
      0edc256 Strip newlines from GL2PS comments.
      6c7cdbf Always upload test image if a regression test fails.
      125149a Improve aligned and rotated text.
      e04dcf8 Update tests and baselines.
      d2dca71 Account for frame width in ScalarBarActor title position.
      6401873 Use Round vs Floor(+.5).
      20d5ae1 Update baselines due to text rendering changes.
      eff2e37 Fix shadowed variable warning.
      951527c Cache number of points used in asserts.
      892b788 Simplify and inline much of the logic in vtkStructuredData.
      600f681 Update vtkExtractStructuredGridHelper to remove data descriptions args.
      b4b79f0 Batch copy point data.
      3d68c23 Add API to copy ranges of tuples efficiently.
      713d44c Copy ranges of points during VOI extraction, if possible.
      49406af Move InsertTuples implementation to helper class.
      73de835 Fix "uninitialized usage" warnings.
      275bb6c Make a clear distinction between extent indices and values.
      7394359 Add helper functions for computing partitioned structured data.
      e335ba4 Fix bugs in vtkStructuredImplicitConnectivity.
      fd4b3e5 Fix vtkPExtractRectilinearGrid extent issues.
      79ada2a Fix vtkPExtractVOI extent issues.
      22f5428 Fix vtkPExtractStructuredGrid extent issues.
      d0f557b Fix a buffer overrun in vtkExtractStructuredGridHelper.
      105578d Remove redeclared variable.
      0f5053c Fix bool -> int conversion.
      2e04a0f Clamp global VOI to the output whole extent in subset filters.
      81ec43c More warning cleanup from nightly dashboards.
      4f3655c Rearrange inline methods in vtkStructuredData.h.
      978e894 Move vtkTextActor and vtkTextActor3D into Rendering/Core.
      be714c1 Add unary minus (negation) to vtkVectorOperators.h.
      dbf5b5f Fix c/v qualifier on vtkVector::Normalized and Cross methods.
      f23c7b2 Manually mark text buffer images as modified.
      2129cf5 Add a vtkLabeledContourMapper for producing inline labels on isolines.
      a678f18 Added ability to turn label visibility ON/OFF
      1347e42 Add vtkTextPropertyCollection.
      3272193 Allow multiple text properties to be used in vtkLabeledContourMapper.
      034dc39 Reenable GL2PS MathText tests.
      7e7306e Add background color/opacity settings to vtkTextProperty.
      3f8164a Use the new background color rendering for the labeled contour test.
      add0f25 Fix an error in setting an array length.
      00bb019 Fix conic point identification in the path renderer.
      3b07940 Fix warning in vtkLabeledContourMapper.cxx
      7b2091a Allow the initial GL2PS buffer size to be set.

David Cole (14):
      80498e4 Add a vtkMath method to compute the angle between two vectors
      aeb9689 Tests: Re-activate the old TestResliceCursorWidget tests
      4943d65 Tests: Add test for the vtkCornerAnnotation class
      67cf482 - Follow on commit to use the right style #include ("", not <>)
      65c686a BUG: Add missing header files to enable try_run tests to run without crashing
      c3e5209 Testing: Call SetMultiSamples(0) from tests
      8a86671 Rendering: Use AdjustWindowRect to ensure pixel perfect client size
      432f06b Rendering: Retrieve the full screen size in GetScreenSize
      4386c03 Rendering: Use AdjustWindowRect to ensure pixel perfect client size
      37c4a68 vtkTesting: Refactor RegressionTest, eliminating hard-coded cout
      e136e01 vtkTesting: If test fails with back buffer, try front buffer too
      a9e025f VRMLImporter: Fix memory leaks and crashes
      ba5bb9f VRMLImporter: Fix crash. Avoid dereferencing NULL pointer (#1624)
      8450ddd vtkVRMLImporter: if non-NULL, delete CurrentTransform in destructor

David Gobbi (93):
      a162be1 14196: Allow unicode path in vtkLoadPythonTkWidgets.py.
      c8c78cd In wrappers, guard against #including dirs.
      8eb00d2 Fix cell picker for images with negative spacing.
      f0825f4 Fix uninitialized array warnings.
      d80ccfb Fix unreachable code warning in otherCellTypes.cxx.
      cbd4884 Fix a crash when deleting vtk-python objects.
      170d664 Fix bad SetColor/GetColor interaction in vtkProperty.
      0fe573e Fix the extent for tiled tiff files.
      7ff8bfd Two fixes for certain lsm (zeiss) tiff images.
      e7aa61d Add reader/writer for NIFTIv1 and NIFTIv2 files.
      048419f Add SetSlabModeToSum() to vtkImageResliceMapper.
      21f10c8 Clean up vtkMedicalImageProperties PrintSelf.
      1f77744 NIFTI makes IOImage module depend on vtkzlib.
      050c2df Fix warning about trailing comma in enum list.
      ddf898a Bad null pointer check in vtkBSplineTransform.
      006d4d4 Fix segfault if vtkImageWeightedSum's inputs don't match.
      be0b2e5 Rewrite the comments for vtkDataArray::GetRange.
      04fbc0e Add generic PyObject support to vtkPythonOverload.
      f1a720c Provide a method to set the sample spacing for slab modes.
      0541472 Add wrap hints for vtkPoints2D and vtkRenderWindow.
      b8d9b19 Reactivate the RenderingImage tests.
      ab5b27f Replace python mutable with its value in GetValue().
      9a2c201 Clean up cocoa input event handling.
      e27035d Interpret OS X Command key as Ctrl instead of Alt.
      59850c7 Initialize interactor in Start() if not done yet.
      2426564 Fix illegal extent request in ImageThresholdConnectivity.
      c68bd98 14445: Fix vtkImageStencilData IsInside upper bound.
      52a5b97 14552: Check python interp and lib versions.
      e12eb1f 12098: Mangle void_p like other swig pointers.
      723ec48 Exit the Cocoa event loop when the window closes.
      0d30647 Readability improvements to vtkCocoaGLView event code.
      cc5740c 14999: Python Tk widgets fail to load on Tcl 8.6.
      abad5e11 Remove InstallMessageProc flag from OS X interactors.
      5dbbc8e Reduce code duplication for Start() method.
      8d2ae20 Ensure python header version matches lib version.
      698f17d Remove the deprecated PYTHON_INCLUDE_PATH variable.
      55e5b2e Fix Initialize() and Start() interactor documentation.
      530bc43 Revert "Remove the deprecated PYTHON_INCLUDE_PATH variable."
      18e5fa2 Remove obsolete PYTHON_INCLUDE_PATH from CMakeLists.
      a901d1e Do not cache deprecated PYTHON_INCLUDE_PATH.
      5e2432f Make streaming optional for the 3D image mappers.
      88ab5f7 14042: Numerical stability of vtkPolyDataToImageStencil.
      00f6ec4 BlackmanHarris4 fourth coefficient was ignored.
      904b415 Default parameter for Kaiser window is wrong.
      d080585 Fix copy-paste parameter name.
      59e9a2b Add missing newline to end of file.
      4a57067 Fix handling of tolerance in vertical direction.
      257c8b1 Deprecate the obsolete InsertLine method signature.
      c8b25c8 Add test for LassoStencilSource orientations.
      8ef9c88 Re-enable vtkPolyDataToImageStencil tolerance.
      9d8e8a7 Python init config used COPYONLY instead of ONLY.
      cdc8d8a Fix unreachable-code-break warnings.
      0a78976 Check whether volume property is null.
      9791802 Before c99, variable decls go before other statements.
      9771254 Before c99, variable decls go before other statements.
      12130b2 Before c99, variable decls go before other statements.
      afeea15 Before c99, variable decls go before other statements.
      a73ab65 Refactor vtkWrapPython into smaller source files.
      f642f51 Wrap enum constant members for non-vtkObject types.
      ba693ad Add an enum type to the python wrappers.
      57b4795 Fix two previously undetected wrapper bugs.
      b271e76 Wrap namespaces in python.
      67a70a8 Allow use of all enum types as method parameters.
      a5948d9 Move VTK_BUILD_SHARED_LIBS check to generated code.
      d5cb238 Wrap constants more efficiently.
      3e10054 Avoid creating duplicate wrapped namespaces.
      e13d9ae Only wrap namespaces that have useful contents.
      f747542 Update the readme file for new wrapping capabilities.
      a9314ac Fix compile warnings for vtkParse.tab.c.
      d1f7875 Use a wider integer for the parser stack.
      153473f Fix warnings due to anonymous namespace.
      0564cbb Revert "Use a wider integer for the parser stack."
      1bb3de0 Allow enum types to be used as method parameters.
      456a8ff Fix "conversion from size_t to int" warning.
      9bdc484 Remove NULL check on reference.
      e0292d0 Fix potential vtkUnicodeStringArray instability.
      323f6a3 Fix warnings due to anonymous namespace.
      ac95ec8 Fix type-punned pointer dereference warning.
      18f678a Fix warning about comma at end of enum list.
      80797eb Fix incorrect index types for loops.
      2b07326 NumberOfArrays is int, so use int as counter type.
      f29e564 Fix warning for possible uninitialized array access.
      ad43e25 Fix a bug caused by recent tolerance fixes.
      8749c2f Fix error when kernel size is greater than slab thickness.
      8c45343 Remove some unecessary casts.
      af54136 Revert "Remove some unecessary casts."
      ef02d78 Allow absence of i64 suffix when __int64 exists.
      87868ac Increase tolerance for UnitTestParametricSpline.
      349692b Increase numerical tolerance in UnitTestFunctionParser.
      2383e1e A "Set" method in the constructor caused a UMC.
      877e062 Revert last commit to UnitTestFunctionParser.cxx.
      248da99 Make wrappers ignore scoped class definitions.
      a051d50 Fix arg conversion of const ref arg via constructor.

David Stoup (1):
      5872add Add multi-layer support to the vgl interface.

David Thompson (8):
      e4061e5 Bug 14713: Read LS-Dyna point coordinates properly.
      d5c3987 Add a regression test for bug 14713.
      0693db0 Small fixes to docs, comments, and formatting.
      52eb52d Add support for reading polyhedra.
      c7aa834 Test reading a polyhedral Exodus dataset.
      e142138 Add test data with multiple polyhedra.
      868c552 Remove MD5 test-data MD5 file.
      905de37 Fix SetAllArrayStatus on the ExodusII reader.

Dženan Zukić (1):
      757d996 VS2013 compile fix

Eli Kahn (4):
      4fc0088 Adding mousewheel support to Java GUI components.
      9d8b4ee Fix java code formatting.
      14902f4 Add java file to generated jar file.
      aef8403 In java code, handle situation when wheel rotation value is zero.

Georg Hammerl (1):
      9cc56d4 Add caching for time steps in EnSightGoldReader binary reader.

George Zagaris (18):
      8beb89a Disable I/O in TestStructuredAMRGridConnectivity
      271954a ENH: DuplicateNodes property to RCB partitioners
      f41f521 BUGFIX: Fix integer overflow in vtkStructuredData
      e4c0566 ENH: FieldData deserialization to a subextent
      071f143 ENH: Add blanking to vtkXMLUniformGridAMRReader
      e42bbf8 ENH: Implicit structured data connectivity
      843bd4d COMP: Update vtkFiltersParallelMPI tests
      9bfa169 ENH: Rename nodes to points in vtkStructuredData
      33920cf BUGFIX: Add guards for NULL ivars in PrintSelf
      df25648 BUGFIX: Fix issue with unigrid enzo datasets
      8c347ee COMP: Correct ParallelMPI module test dependencies
      0165b0a COMP: Remove HyperTreeGridGeometry::UpdateExtent()
      296ace0 ENH: Update extract structured data filters
      8a4e1cf ENH: Use vtkImageData in implicit connectivity
      ef1611f ENH: RectilinearGrid implicit connectivity support
      0769d8f ENH: MPI structured data extraction filters
      37afe25 COMP: Fix a few compiler warnings
      1a80cf6 ENH: Added broadcast implementation for RMI triggers

HDF Group (1):
      8d8063f hdf5-1.8.13-r25462-reduced

Hans Johnson (1):
      ddd9497 DOC:  Remove documentation that is not relevant to VTK6

Jacob Becker (1):
      00bb43b Fix bad check for incomplete polygons, fix div-by-zero.

Jameson Merkow (1):
      eec6db3 Add files, and made modifications for MatlabMex to wotk in vtk 6

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (9):
      50d601b vtkPythonCommand - Add support for additional call data types
      176861d vtkPythonCommand - Fix indent and variable names
      253b2a9 Fix regression ensuring macro VTK_MAKE_INSTANTIATOR3 configure files
      ffbac85 Fix component names in "vtkhdf5-hl" install rules. Fixes #15282
      a0e4387 Fix MacOSX build error related to OpenGL2/vtkOpenGL.h. See #15285
      e3545f6 vtkRenderer: Fix null pointer crash in ViewToWorld() with no active camera
      7aa65b6 vtkhdf5: Fix build error when building on system with glic >= 2.19
      95b3d50 per bug 14826 make find_package vtk more lenient
      8455317 vtkCornerAnnotation: Add convenience TextPosition enum

Jeffrey Baumes (1):
      a1958d2 Fixing array bounds issue

Joachim Pouderoux (40):
      5a31f33 Introduce Robust PCA.
      999ed2a Introduce box plot and the corresponding chart.
      aac4386 Introduce Compute Quartiles filter to generate box plots tables.
      39efc95 Enhance bag plot API to allow specify line and points properties.
      e0911e4 Fix bag plot legends.
      23d97ae Fix black box plots issue.
      3526113 Fix double to unsigned char cast error on clang compiler.
      5d42650 Fix bag plot and functional bag plots tests.
      cee00a0 Fix and enhance the box plot and chart
      df6c71a Fix and enhance bag plots.
      ba7959d Fix bug in picking of invisible props in an assembly.
      d0c862b Clean an enhance hypertree grids.
      a2d8d41 Fix potential compiler error with ternary operator.
      ee53b25 Replace a verbose cout by a vtkDebugMacro()
      d24747f Fix clang errors on array initialization
      98fcc71 Fix and clean vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow class.
      d64a835 Fix functional bag plot.
      cb93b88 Clean and uniformize vtkPoints & vtkPoints2D.
      6035b81 Fix crash on normal computation when polygon is empty.
      ec1d00d Fix code formating & style to VTK coding-style rules.
      823571b Add algorithm header for std::lower_bound function call.
      85e985e Fix non Delaunay internal edges added by RecoverEdge().
      36622ab Add missing NoBlockSend(vtkIdType) method.
      b6e22e1 Remove compilation warnings on some platforms.
      8efe5ef Add support for EDGEFLAG attributes in legacy reader & writer.
      7b86976 Add a new test for EDGEFLAGS point attributes.
      743c380 Fix vtkHyperOctree copy functions.
      18de520 Disable edgeflag test if Mesa driver is detected.
      565c1b8 Fix and clean VRML importer code.
      c80a4db Make vtkContextScene ButtonPress/ReleaseEvent invoke a button event.
      6a6f0f1 Fix a memory leak that occures when Uniform Variables are updated
      c909189 Fix Xdmf3 CMake file to export symbols in DLL.
      1dcc3d9 Add functions to get data bounds and number of plotted bars.
      2cc28ea Fix Xdmf2 writer: array type was not respected. Also save block name.
      acb4095 Enhance Xdmf3 writer to save block names.
      451a1fb Fix a warning (variable shadows a parameter)
      488e2f8 Optimize data array range computation functions.
      d89695c Clean and fix STL reader.
      ce95340 Small fixes to allow empty cells.
      db86c67be Fix EnSight Reader BUG 0015268

Johan Andruejol (1):
      f8eee62 Refactor parts of vtkLookupTable

John Stark (2):
      070b804 Add a test for vtkImageImport / vtkImageExport
      0f6d745 Fix pipeline update issues in vtkImageExport

John Tourtellott (7):
      e20239e Fix memory leak in vtkGDALRasterReader::RequestData()
      ed4759c Set geo-origin and -spacing in RequestInformation() call
      bb592fb Add vtkGDAL class & MAP_PROJECTION key for pipeline data and field data
      7a3af77 Change missing geotransform from error to warning.
      527ad90 Fix ctest errors
      9b41015 Turn off wrapping for vtkGDAL.h
      da25875 Declare vtkGDAL constructor & destructor private, since class is static

Jorge Perez (1):
      6653cd0 Upgrading the Tcl examples wrt. VTK 6.x

Julien Finet (11):
      c62a84d Prevent error message when deep copying vtkGridTransform
      1d7b0a7 Change GetInputConnection error message into a debug warning message
      f8fe12a Fix vtkAbstractPolygonalHandleRepresentation3D visibility
      7a2f6bf Fix crash in vtkFixedSliceHandleRepresentation3D
      520548c Add vtkPlot::SelectionPen and vtkPlot::SelectionBrush
      9a3f0f1 vtkPlotPoints selections must be sorted
      089067d Add vtkChart::SELECTION_COLUMNS
      cc1fb1d Add vtkAbstractContextItem::StackAbove and StackUnder
      695d3a6 Reorder the columns of vtkExtractFunctionBagPlot
      e539982 Apply selection pen opacity when drawing selected points
      49683cc Fix crash when vtkPlotPoints has no Axis

Julien Jomier (10):
      a2dea46 ENH: Fixes for ActiViz.Net
      e761536 BUG: Wrong transformation used to restore original parameters
      98e7223 ENH: Added back support for TDx
      fa34ff6 COMP: GLEW_STATIC should be defined with MSVC2010 when building static
      e34f6f6 COMP: Missing type for vtkWindow GetScreenSize()
      b11d523 COMP: Q_OS_X11 doesn't exist with Qt4 replacing it back to Q_WS_X11
      0b64c2e ENH: Added support for ClampToBorder (as it was in OpenGL)
      a42b786 ENH: Added function to initialize volume
      507d690 BUG: AreaPicker doesn't consider position/orientation of assembly
      9a968bc BUG: RenderedAreaPicker was not using the PickFromList

KWSys Robot (7):
      2eede99 KWSys 2014-03-12 (dd873734)
      74e3192 KWSys 2014-08-11 (32023afd)
      50e1f89 KWSys 2014-09-08 (80e852f6)
      6bd7ebf KWSys 2014-09-19 (6aa1f800)
      080409c KWSys 2014-09-25 (29ffaf43)
      d9b96c8 KWSys 2014-10-31 (88c8cc7f)
      14f6f34 KWSys 2014-11-12 (5843f590)

Ken Martin (310):
      3c9a294 some rough changes to the VBO polydata mapper
      ece2ba8 some more cleanup
      fc6ca43 added light override
      b7e4976 compute cam matrix, add posiitonal light in progress
      3c2af93 updates to support positional lights
      ab600cb change how object factory is done
      479cc07 some fixes to normals etc
      0400abf added ambient color in
      52dc35a some module changes override actor change bunny color
      f4f93e7 changes in normal calcs
      f32f0de moved property over and started gutting it
      1467ef3 fix normals on test
      8111a7e minor changes
      e8e2ce2 some bug fixes and start on mapper2D
      a3efc60 allow testing using old mapper
      6cc913c bug fix
      9fe042e added cxx for Helper
      cf14de5 duh
      c1ba079 many updates to 2d mapper
      ab2a680 bug fix
      dd123f5 lots of rough changes
      4165283 moved renderer over, moved init code
      41f9ac4 in progress
      16bbf3f in progress cell scalars
      fc0908f some cleanup and fixes
      cd4fa57 lots of changes in progress
      c0a1676 more fixes
      d9cc8a7 fix array bounds issue and memory leak
      46e250d fix performance issue
      2174bba add fast path for float points no col no norm and fix bug
      057c4a6 started on texture mapping
      fe4eaee first cut a tmap support
      e1009d3 add textured backgrounds and fix issue with gradients
      4a803b6 bug fixes
      16cf6e9 clean up a bit
      a5e8a67 change opacity clean some texture stuff
      f2e6135 minor fixes
      01327fb fix crash on test
      6658a46 fix crash on test
      7e65da3 add fragment shader lighting of lines
      1e09fb1 support textured luts some cleanup
      9a4d4ea some support for resolving coincident polys
      f53e785 ambient color fix
      df8d2df some minor fixes
      c768bc1 start working on image slice mapper
      656a039 add baseine images
      1f36e41 updated baseline images
      0fe4c06 updated baseline image
      c605f6c minor backwards compatability change
      7e90ebf basic ImageSliceMapper conversion
      761e773 some more fixes
      03ae0f7 moved render window over
      800aff5 bug fix in old VTK
      af51a4f bunch of optimization more to come
      dd58c63 bad optimizations and missing classes'
      952e427 doh forgot really key line
      88d54a5 bug fix and minor cleanup
      6583b32 fix a glyph bug and minor cleanup
      86fd843 another bug fix
      e015655 better picking support some cleanup
      337b7ec move interface closer to old Rendering API
      4b3da32 convert ImageMapper
      7b42481 some bug fixes
      55429c5 another valid image, remove unused test
      57de62b fix SetPixelData and fix picking issue
      28e8166 add depth peeling
      f356ab1 make wider so we can see errors
      48846df some win32 fixes
      a75a334 rename VBO mapper
      8befe6c cleaned up the mapper a bit
      3321751 minor cleanup
      42ccec9 minor lighting fix for intel
      f97f9df handle wireframe tstrips
      9af839a some bug fixes etc
      4cec054 more fixes
      35cd8ac more fixes
      534e008 add support for edge visibility
      af9cc06 modify API to be a bit more future proof
      817675c fix some picking issues
      aa13f3d some fixes for andriod
      9b0f412 some fixes for andriod
      7a78633 remove some old code
      e4a7943 some fixes for andriod
      4450aed more andriod glew changes
      0781dcf more andriod glew changes
      3410034 many changes to support glew and android
      cb22be2 many changes to support glew and android
      e283572 many changes to support glew and android
      403d1f5 first working in quotes android app
      64b2dc9 first working in quotes android app
      091d261 comment out more modukles by default
      35d9c27 some warning fixes and minor cleanups
      49afaa7 fix some more warnings
      4b4c7cb fix some more warnings
      672a797 make vtkOpenGLTexture use vtkTextureObject
      b1c9726 convert depth peeling to use more texture objects
      cae4a88 a tad more depth peeling cleanup
      749dbe0 add android output window
      521845f better debugging out for shader programs
      1a131f3 clean up some shader code
      5890fd2 new android interactor and cleanup
      2c8e7a8 some shader cleanup
      3d0c18c some android fixes in progress
      f65d8e4 improved release graphics resources
      b2f1073 improved release graphics resources
      cd2a628 minor change to be more compatible with some opengl hardware
      410cbc5 fix android resize and lingering glew issue
      412454e added multitouch framework and support on windows and android
      6e873b5 fix java issue
      f0af35e in progress
      5dfe80a in progress
      b1017ad more reasonable first cut at java android
      7e75575 clean up some shader code and classes
      c0b5f66 removed unused includes
      e1ef59e fix some warnings
      0713f8b dashboard fixes and debug leak
      af59eb1 some fixes for macs
      411263d fix glyph memory leak and issue on intel
      b90516f cleanup reorg and fix some memory leaks
      b9f84d3 minor doc fix
      67cd96b fix unit memory issue
      618841c in progress ios
      a16c21e more iOS changes and depth peeling fix
      38b02c3 some minor cleanups to wrapped classes
      fbc4da9 lighting fix for generated normals
      0d11559 remove unimplemented methods
      32f5c66 fix a number of dashbaord issues
      a900730 fix for lines that are exactly horizontal or vert plus cleanup
      4b93362 fix for lines that are exactly horizontal or vert plus cleanup
      51b0de4 add support for cell normals
      b53b163 add support for cell normals
      793f23e fix a bad test
      27f5b46 minor cleanup to a test
      c18c591 forgot to update the python version
      ebf6764 yank test for a feature we do not plan to support
      64e5d7d fix an initialization issue with image reslice
      882fd40 fix incorrect filename
      5212468 added valid image for line lighting in opengl2
      95054f7 removed broken test form opengl corrected for opengl2
      3047038 more ios changes
      df57c93 some good cleanup
      4912a3c ** working **  app and some cleanup
      92b6907 fix for iphone test
      48824d2 minor fix to cover vtkcompiletools
      f2b0d87 remove some extra files that we do not need
      9d29733 make sure modules are really turned off
      738b812 in progress need rebase
      2bd9918 turn off more modules by default
      ca07346 in progress
      b7a0eef working clean prepping for opengl instancing
      47ac0d5 some minor cleanups
      42d799d really turn shared libs off
      1246308 Fix compile warning in TextureObject
      4f5f916 update toolchains to ios8
      765646b Fix scalar colors using textures
      25f401d Fix image mapper positions
      4dc092c Fix the tcl and python cells test
      f5a7a1a Fix otherPrint and TestEmptyInput tests
      08d7b9f fix for failing mac dashbaords
      a1dad76 Remove setting of ambient to 1.0
      e7b395e Add support for backface properties
      ed1381e use GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 when picking
      0140876 Rename TextureUnitManager to not have the OpenGL
      b286b89 Rename texture unit manager to not have OpenGL in it
      b1f0f0c Forgot to uncomment line on prior commit
      4dea04e Add support for OpenGL32 instancing in GlyphMapper
      4b18a9b Had to rebase as master had comflicts
      4e9baa2 fix opengl es issues with glyphing code
      23ceef0 Try adding support for ARB_instanced_arrays
      27f77f8 Handle case with no lights on
      4233190 Remove extra call to set the divisor
      b26e4d5 Forgot to add the image hash
      8cb239b Replace some valid images lost with the big merge and a pick bug
      a9827d1 Fix error in glyphing and extend to mac
      cbe3f4b Fix fast path on apple
      7129b4f Fix cleanup issue
      af77d96 Fix two glyph issues
      3968464 trivial compiler warning fix
      6a39514 Forgot a file dangit
      4096ed8 Exclude freetype form iOS and andriod
      901dde5 Remove EdgeFlags test from OpenGL2
      6915708 Support edge flags.
      f702951 Fix for the 1 0 1 edge flag case.
      d239412 Minor cleanup
      6921409 Another attempt.  I think this one should work.
      8f27431 Update the ios example to use GLKit View and put most logic in controller
      c09b0cf temporarily turn of mesa test until Joachim ets a chance to look at it
      295ebc1 Add in support for clipping planes
      b6087b7 Add back in the edge test
      42d91b1 Some suggested changes form Casey and remove user files
      c75f3f6 A first cut at a CompositePolyDataMapper2
      f704378 Fix compiler warning and increase test threshold
      69d845e Cache camera and actor matrices for performance
      cf1516a Remove the unused old code
      4b6c88a Fix compiler error
      221ba52 Fix issue with mesa and gl_FrontFacing
      7ac000f make it so that this test works on the old OpenGL backend
      7a7004c Fix a MTime check in the matrix cache
      b6d4561 Fix header test warning
      e134604 Minor fix for glyphing using CurrentInput
      3eecb38 Fix float to integer comparison in shader code
      3b363d2 Cleanup some indentation
      c7fa3a6 Convert Projected Tetrahedra class to OpenGL2 backend
      66f9ae9 Fix up compiler warning of shadowed variables
      6c598f1 Fixing ray cast image display helper
      66bc416 Fix a few compiler warnings
      b5f0ab3 Cleanup a C style cast to keep it real plus a bug fix
      ecbf46f Fix a compile warning
      6128ad4 Remove bad transpose of normal matrix
      58034c4 Remove some unused headers and code
      7bd4653 Updated API to force use of vtkShaderCache
      66b74c9 Remove some extra code that isnt required
      f15f4bf Get render passes working in OpenGL2
      4362136 Restore file that was accidentally changed
      4dd3ac0 Fix some compiler errors that show up on other compilers
      925f506 Add in depth peeling pass and a couple other passes
      022ae36 A number of Parallel and MPI fixes for OpenGL2
      2fc1358 Fix use of undefined vector behavior.
      fe14d90 Fix for out of range memcpy
      0e68c3f Fix three dashbaord issues
      f7f98f7 Fix clearzpass on opengl ES 2
      893c3c5 Fix edge color with composite polydata mapper 2
      f497ed3 Added some ifdef needed for OpenGL ES 20
      e1d90d0 Fix a bad merge
      896b83f Fix RenderingParallel when wrapped and fix a compiler warning
      3d57312 Make the old freetype code work with OpenGL2
      d23ec3f Minor fix for clearing the zbuffer
      6207dbb Add support for imposters for molecular rendering
      5b62e02 Make it so that fragment shaders can modify vertexVC
      22dd7ae Fix some OpenGLES compile issues
      6b8ef81 Significantly better performance with EdgeVisibilityOn
      a7f4875 Add two more valid images
      ecd17aa Fix failing cursor2D test and some minor cleanup
      4e92339 Fix bas valid image size and a couple NULL copies in SLACReader
      1820290 Fix Context2D to clear the current shader before drawing.
      029f8bf Fix lighting overdrive on ImagePlaneWidget
      85d6b73 Camera was caching when shared between multiple renderers
      34a8a2d Fix unnormalized interpolated normals
      15753f9 Update the Composite Mapper to reflect changing in Edge Rendering
      3c54b35 Fix for shadowed variable warning
      ddb8fab Fail gracefully if depth peeling is not supported
      19de6f8 Fix 2d transparent annotation after depth peeling
      ed60226 Fix an coordinate issue with CopyToFrameBuffer
      03efa72 Minor compiler cleanup
      bf48e6f make sure glsl extensions are requested at the start of a shader
      2e1c54f Fixes for wrong case in include file name
      5cc2de8 Fixes for composite poly data mapper2
      54d1dc2 Make sure scale is included in the normal matrix
      85666eb Make sure molecule mapper works with depth peeling
      c97d617 Fix lighting to use Blinn-Phong specular model
      03efc59 Reduce the size of the test it was too big for my macbook
      8cf3140 Add valid image for other systems (not AA etc)
      8aef7c2 Add in support for OpenGL ES 3.0
      0d5d049 trivial fix for es 2.0
      6aa60b9 Fixes so the recent scalar changes compile on OpenGL2
      c1eac93 Improve picking support in OpenGL2
      aca55423 Minor compile fix for ES
      dd3801a Fix a few issues with parallel passes in VTK
      dda7a18 remove some leftover debugging code
      a7460ef A fix for rendering coincident polygons or lines.
      b98b7e9 Remove old references to vtkOpenGL.h and fix comment
      93ba521 Enable IO/Export (minus gl2ps) for OPenGL2
      6e98b4f Fix SynchronizedRenderers to work with use OpenGL2
      3994715 Fix gcc warnings and build error with gl2ps
      5116308 Fix a bad array reference
      84ab1f8 More changes needed to get iceT working and cleanup
      52b97a9 Fix compiler warning
      094a728 Add valid image due to different z buffer
      5c1c4b1 Fix some release graphics resource issues
      81666b5 Ifdef out some code for OpenGLES systems
      085a036 Add a point gaussian mapper for cosmology and cleanup
      bf8670a Remove test I added from old OpenGL backend
      8f0ef47 Fix up some dashboard issues
      598a834 Minor fix to the picking code
      180ebd0 Fix floating point issue with chart test
      2072f3b Add a timing framework in for testing rendering performance
      7d6c491 Filename case issue
      3458b18 Add another valid image as this test is sensitive to zbuffer
      d31ba5b Fix a simple compiler warning.
      f5e3a9b Break the UpdateVBO method into smaller pieces.
      3e09873 Fix missing virtual destructors
      0204d0e Improve the performance of the parametric function source
      fba6708 Add a molecule test
      ef8e3d4 Uh maybe fixing a cmake issue
      940dc7f Cleanup the CMake build a bit
      88d4238 Add aother valid image
      fbad49a Added another valid image
      0de7f74 Fix a couple long lines
      4a94679 Add virtual destructors again
      b6e796d Fix dashbaord compile error and some long lines
      b6e2cf3 Add valid image for OpenGL2
      de8deb6 Use MCDCMatrix in shaders
      2577188 Use MCDCMatrix in shaders
      427694b Fix a compiler warning
      38ca2cb Add two valid images
      1862e2d Add a subclass for faster composite dataset mapping
      ea26fe1 Fix compile issues for es2
      f91f8ef Expose more methods in opengles3
      e25f524 Fix GLES3
      9dd7bdb Add support for vtkTextures Transform ivar
      342cb10 Fix some dashboard warnings
      e893f80 Fix for systems with spaces in the path
      ab843d0 Fix memory leak in helper class holding input data
      51a0e97 Fix two compiler warnings
      41ca652 Some updates to the timing test
      cfb3fbf Fix molecular rendering in parallel projection
      f77c1ff Fix an issue with mapper requiring a polydata input
      3943313 Update to a cleaner way of solving the issue
      4f3354b Fix a couple issues
      409b4c5 A fix for shader link error reporting an molecules with lightkit

Kenneth Moreland (6):
      c29aa73 Dax marching cubes now uses input array not active scalars.
      c5333aa Allow Dax marching cubes and threshold to work with doubles.
      93a1db3 Change vtkDaxMarchingCubes to vtkDaxContour
      423e248 Add compute scalars to Dax contour filter.
      95a86c5 Support Dax marching tetrahedra
      93c30ce Support passing point field data in Dax threshold filter.

Lisandro Dalcin (1):
      aa8f6a0 import mpi4py 1.3

Marco Cecchetti (5):
      126ce11 vtkColorString - Helper class for defining a color through a string.
      04c2b8c Merged vtkColorString into vtkNamedColors.
      1f2cdbf I added a RGBAToHTMLColor and made some minor changes.
      848d2f4 Tentative fix for Windows build issue.
      e0cd5c2 Tentative fix for big-endian machine issue.

Marcus D. Hanwell (123):
      0b0b7b9 Added a test for biquadratic quad interpolation
      8b53468 Exclude the vtkgl.* files (generated code) from coverage
      e768cfb Make consistent with vtkBiQuadraticQuad
      cb8e7d1 Added back the QtSQL test for the database class
      6698c96 Removed misleading comment - test is built
      b0e6492 Added back various rendering tests
      d9bb602 Added back the named components test in FiltersCore
      47bcdf2 Removed a few remaining Cg related files
      1fd42d6 Refactored the TIFF reader, add support for floats
      fd35d0a Added progress updates when reading a volume
      c2a7f9f Remove redundant checks for old JPEG compression
      4e060c2 Copy simple TIFF images into buffers more directly
      3c6d297 First pass at a new render widget
      a9c4a04 Implement a basic VBO based poly data mapper
      a57dea4 Basic support for color from property
      b7754d7 Add the find module for Eigen 3
      45e8939 Added a hack to override OpenGL overrides with GL2
      f545b66 Roughly mapping the colors/scalars, updates to shaders
      e3ce385 Normalize the colors, and put the light the other side...
      8d047ac Added the dragon model (already in external data store)
      5d973c6 Moved the VBO and IBO creation to helper functions
      1534202 Use the vtkPolyDataNormals filter to calculate normals
      90d920d Added a points/lines test, added point/line rendering
      3cc9225 Added in a program for lines, change
      a3f0010 Moved the replace function into the helper header
      0fbdfdc Refactoring a little, movig IBO stuff into structs
      4609c3f Added a polyline, and basic support for rendering it
      15b0c1b Refactor uniforms a little, enable point rendering again
      e017b8e Small changes for point size and line width
      4468526 Minor clean up for includes in the mappers
      4ee2024 Ensure we set the active shaders
      2feb10f Removed commented code/classes from the test
      ebb8c7b Added in the case for multiple renders/VBO updates
      d0ade44 Refactor the shader API to comply with VTK style
      8163809 Refactor API, comply with VTK style
      6c0a1fb Refactor the shader program API to comply with VTK style
      865ce36 Added a Vertex Attribute Object (VAO) class
      f12857d Enable textures now that the vtkTexture class doesn't do it
      cebeddb Set the z-spacing in a TIFF to match x-spacing
      910652d Early attempt at getting the 3D glyph mapper working
      38b15eb Hackish, map the colors for the glyphs
      4caaa29 Keep the color mapper around, shallow copy for settings
      20bd289 Fixed the normal matrix, now molecules look much better
      bfada62 Make it compile on Linux/X again
      0231688 Bring over the Cocoa classes for Mac
      6fc649b Intel GLSL compiler is much fussier about type...
      6f1f959 Removed the vtkFiltersCore dep
      ed6aa5a Removed vtkRenderingOpenGL as a dep now too!
      8bc98a0 Made vtkRenderingOpenGL2 independent of vtkRenderingOpenGL
      c2a4792 The PainterDeviceAdaptor is abstract, can be NULL
      b40b181 Rename vtkOpenGL2* -> vtkOpenGL*
      a6a584b Very judicious use of sed, vtkOpenGL2* -> vtkOpenGL*
      cf406e9 Added a concept of backends, added OpenGL and OpenGL2
      c512187 File moves necessary to create a context backend
      389c88e Context OpenGL and OpenGL2 backends
      a1a6db6 Some minor tweaks to get the tests passing again
      a4bd9ca Some modules only in groups if correct backend selected
      ee5e9a2 Missed these OpenGL2 variants with the mass rename
      e58ca40 Brought more of the OpenGL module logic over
      20b1618 OpenGL and OpenGL2 are mutually exclusive
      0652978 If enabled, always override in OpenGL 2
      01bc9b5 Unused include for a file that was deleted
      de0d411 Disable multitexturing in Geovis class
      7da0bc3 Moving rendering tests to more appropriate places
      312b3ff More test moves into more appropriate locations
      00e0fe3 Removed the TDx classes from OpenGL 2
      a8b9683 Only enable backends for interface modules being built
      8f5d490 Disable test for render widget
      703b6d9 Changed the default CDash URL for VTK
      e96a36c Move several TEST_DEPENDS to switch on backend
      7def3bb Create object factory CMake file, move vtk_add_override
      cc8d147 Now generate the object factory files in a function
      5766bc8 Revert "updated baseline images"
      66f4884 Revert "updated baseline image"
      e7f0140 Some dependency updates now vtkRenderingContext2D is abstract
      3d17f6c Don't exclude the module from wrapping - initialization
      c3ea64b Made the label tests pass again!
      a550da3 Make TCL wrapping happy - no numbers in module names
      ce2fbc5 Added include for std::string
      0e8c8e1 Save the rendering backend used to the config file
      fdddd74 Avoid early termination when collecting actors
      8b695d8 vtkOpenGLContextActor should subclass vtkContextActor
      92b2485 One of the tests needs a context device to render
      94e1f9e Removed unused variable - used in subclasses
      7ded8b1 These classes are abstract, fix smoke tests
      c3ffed0 Fix for Windows mangling issue
      70e078b Must be marked WRAP_EXCLUDE too for Tcl smoke tests
      2a67262 Reduce the number of renders (avoid time outs)
      5328c48 Move device adapter initialization to the OpenGL module
      4518572 BUG: Make selections more permanent, linked to object
      3c35743 STYLE: Some basic style fixes
      4666a70 Removed sorts as the inputs were already sorted
      4940fde Added a test to exercise bar graph selection
      94288ee Remove the wrap exclusion at the module level
      e5f4217 More exclusions, avoid setting ABSTRACT twice
      82e6876 TCL doesn't like numbers in module names
      1303f08 Comment out the animated PDB renders
      d350387 CMake's exec_program is deprecated, revert back
      2cfa25b Added some code to fix Tcl and its use of OpenGL backends
      f1d3e72 Added excludes for OpenGL2 headers
      b1ec605 Enable the Java rendering test for OpenGL2 too
      800282f Actually define GLX_GLXEXT_LEGACY to prevent the include
      e124dd9 Update to the upstream GLEW 1.11.0 release
      1b2d22f Added logic for OSMesa contexts
      c0dee40 Add support for OSMesa builds of OpenGL2
      b2e4fb3 Added colored bar charts, along with a test
      666ade8 Expand support for the OpenGL2 backend
      3ae161f Restore test deps for matplotlib tests
      9b17ebd Disable some widget tests building for OpenGL2
      914c682 BUG: Fix bug #14378, ensure observer is removed in dtor
      1cecc79 Added a non-const form of vtkTesting::AddArguments
      b566db3 Trivial fixes for API change in OpenGL2 shaders
      9a91830 BUG: Fixed error in passing position of key press
      88f5a5b Fix compile failures seen with latest FreeType
      b6173fb Make the VBO update more selective for picking
      318ae30 Convert the file name to a const char*
      c048d00 Minor fixes for code style, indentation, use vtkNew
      fd6312e Benchmarking triangles, chart that updates
      4e7c9fc Made a benchmark module, moved the benchmark tools
      9081c12 Added a --timeout option, default to 1 second
      bfc6688 Call Write on the delimited text writer
      77a2e48 Just make the benchmark module depend on volume rendering
      8f183b5 Use the resolution variable to set the cube size

Matt McCormick (1):
      44aa48f Reset VTK_MODULES_REQUESTED to all modules with multiple calls.

Matthew Woehlke (2):
      980d648 Fix rotation handling in vtkTransformInterpolator.
      192ddaa Fix operation order in vtkTransformInterpolator.

MetaIO developers (1):
      e00f346 MetaIO 2014-07-09 (53aa417f)

Nicolas Gallego (1):
      a32b29b IntersectWithLine method documentation update

Orion Poplawski (1):
      c7f91af thirdparty: support defaulting all third party library sources

Patric Schmitz (1):
      58373b1 Include vtkPythonPackages in Web/JavaScript/CMakeLists.txt

Patrick O'Leary (1):
      bd6960e added paraviewweb widget for catalyst workbench

Paul Edwards (3):
      ac52a40 Fix for polyhedron cells.
      4af6a72 Bug fix for dataset surface filter.
      3cf2f88 Fixing how polydata cells are deleted.

Robert Maynard (17):
      90308be Update Dax Accelerator to use the new tll signature.
      e4aac22 Update the Dax Accelerator to use the new dispatcher classes.
      d353840 Correct warnings about negative unsigned constant values.
      6803ffd Properly implement the factory for the dax filters.
      278b3c6 EnSight Binary uses 64bit longs so explicitly use those instead of long.
      b7cb56b Netcdf now handles different directories for c and cxx bindings.
      83b4764 Improve the performance of vtkDataArray::ComputeScalarRange.
      9f1773e Improve the performance of vtkDataArray::ComputeVectorRange.
      90289d7 Move all free functions in vtkDataArray into an anonymous namespace.
      a84e734 Update ComputeVectorRange based on gerrit feedback.
      074e1fe Update DataArray and DataArrayTemplate to use vtkTypeTraits.
      219b75b Correct ComputeScalarRange when dealing with multiple components.
      87291c6 Improve ComputeScalarRange when we have a single component.
      dedc2ea Correct an issue with converting dax data to vtk polydata.
      196bbe8 Refactor GetRange to compute all ranges at the same time.
      880b695 Correctly detect that we are compiling with MSVC.
      2dfb683 Enable the output of the number of triangles in the benchmark.

Roger Bramon (1):
      7b31f50 Fix QVTKWidget problem on Windows with Aero off and Qt5

Ronald Römer (1):
      44131c6 bugfix 14459: Iterating through polydata cells incorrectly.

Sandeep Menon (1):
      b11deb8 vtkOBJReader: accept relative indices in OBJ files

Sankhesh Jhaveri (119):
      251f319 BUG: Fix failing EnSightBlow5ASCII tests
      b6a12db BUG: Turned multisampling OFF for certain tests failing on linux with ATI
      82fca2d Fixed multisampling issues for some tests on ATI
      bfed0a0 ENH: Script to generate API differences between two git revisions
      d90b36a ENH: Added test for vtkImageCroppingRegionsWidget to improve coverage
      4724a47 ENH: Enable selection of translucent geometry
      596243f BUG: VTK_JAVA_SOURCE_VERSION to accomodate different java versions
      942444b Re-enabling tests disabled during modularization for Interaction/Widgets
      7d5b248 BUG: Duplicate class definition in TestSeedWidget2
      c458abe BUG: Duplicate class definition of vtkSeedCallback2
      0d98066 Additional baseline for TestAreaSelections
      20d5df7 BUG: Border visibility from underlying vtkScalarBar actor
      f4ab3e8 ENH: New RenderingExternal module
      4a3db5a ENH: Added custom renderer and camera classes for external support
      e6e4706 Variable renamed to maintain consistent syntax
      c8e1074 ENH: Cleaned up the ExternalRenderWindow
      efe5e07 Set light transform matrix irrespective of light type
      d921a8e ENH: Added test for vtkRenderingExternal
      bb9d2f0 Replace baseline with MD5 sum
      754b0cd Fix lighting for the external rendering module
      be2a1a7 ENH: Fetch viewport size for the existing OpenGL context
      3f2c51b Cleaned debugging code
      9bf9827 Updated baseline for TestGLUTRenderWindow
      70dd180 FIX: vtkRenderingExternal module is OFF by default
      902183a ENH: Synchronize camera focalpoint
      59a836f ENH: External renderer preserves buffers by default
      0d4f055 Using the external renderwindow always uses current context
      f9f4ec9 ENH: Add ExternalVTKWidget
      30de05b STYLE: Fixed indentation as per VTK style guidelines
      0948eb1 ENH: Added interactor to ExternalVTKWidget
      9914a84 ENH: Compute the window size when initializing from context
      a507a23 Moved the eye determination code to Start
      913b13e ENH: Make sure VTK does stereo rendering
      faa1f77 Use vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow
      05ba491 Attempt at fixing light issues across multiple screens
      04ed903 Renamed module to vtkRenderingVolumeOpenGLNew
      1013183 ENH: Changed dependency from glew to vtkglew
      defd350 FIX: Build error due to misplaced colon and style fixes
      7d2e673 ENH: Implement PrintSelf
      a312624 STYLE: Fix lines larger than 80 chars
      9594388 FIX: Failing HeaderTest and rename vtkGLSLShader
      840dd5f Bring back deleted files
      abb5c30 FIX: VertexArray issue on APPLE machines
      52f78f2 ENH: Additional tests for new volume mapper
      7e69bad ENH: Added baselines based generated using old volume mapper
      4f78b2a FIX: Exclude the vtkRenderingOpenGLNew module from BUILD_ALL_MODULES
      9d74a3e FIX: Use RegressionTestImage instead of InteractorEventLoop
      d2cd5d7 FIX: Disable new volume rendering tests for old mapper
      d44d3e8 FIX: Exclude vtkRenderingVolumeOpenGLNew from vtkOpenGL kit
      723ef37 FIX: Reset clipping planes
      9e57bef FIX: Remove all vtkgl dependencies for vtkRenderingVolumeOpenGLNew
      174238e Fix unused variable warning
      09ae2a3 ENH: Added new vtkOpenGLGPUVolumeRayCastMapper to VolumeOpenGL2
      bcc1626 ENH: Add all GPURayCast tests for OpenGL2 backend
      92413fb Remove unused shader files
      3647b66 Fix cmake string issue
      f6993a1 STYLE: Rename shader variables to maintain consistency
      cf497e9 ENH: Initial take at SmartVolumeMapper support
      93af2c1 ENH: Removed all vtkVolumeTextureMapper3D refs from OpenGL2 module
      857241a Port warning and style fixes from VolumeOpenGL2
      a8c1117 ENH: Sorted out python and tcl tests for new volume rendering
      374acf5 Make SmartVolumeMapper available for VolumeAMR
      933c76a ENH: Volume Mapper benchmark test
      b3abe90 FIX: Make sure context is present
      3f78716 FIX: Bypass testing if OpenGL extensions not supported
      9a9917f STYLE: Ensure change follows VTK style
      877eda9 FIX: Python testing was saving foo_1.valid.png style files
      7c3fc18 Removed use of unrequired variable
      9a35ca2 FIX: Disable antialiasing in new gpu volume tests
      07b79de FIX: Nice axis bounds calculation when flipped
      3fe8c43 FIX: Tooltips not showing up when axis inverted.
      6dec986 ENH: Tests for inverted axis functionality
      2c613d9 Test new volume mapper against positional lights
      498c252 BUG: Representation not updating when volume input changed
      740f018 Fix crash when running VolumeUpdate test
      703ff1e Test for large sample distance in volume mapper
      c6a871a Test against geometry rendering
      d45993b Changed the noise generator amplitude to 0.1
      c2e7405 Add baseline for new sample distance test
      36e2614 Convert RGB Table to use vtkTextureObject
      ddf052c ENH: Ability to load create alpha textures from raw data
      13abfb7 Minor semantic changes
      65ff2f8 ENH: Use texture object for opacity tables
      8a8b190 ENH: Use vtkTextureObject for gradient opacity table
      a4e8dc6 ENH: Make sure the new API for opacity tables is supported by mapper
      275d348 Initial null value for pointer
      be72f94 ENH: Convert noise and depth textures to use texture object
      b65dde2 Initial work to reformat the window level test
      dde316b Started working on gradient opacity test for new mapper
      6b29023 Added new gradient opacity test
      f85cec9 Test the new mapper for gradient opacity support
      a930c1c BUG: Fix an issue in the shader code that supports gradient opacity
      53bb2e0 Pre-compute gradient function to reduce computation overhead
      c21a5ee Replaced old window level test for a better one
      48d23e2 Check if extensions are supported for the new window level test
      ce47e09 Turn off auto adjust sample distances
      95d92fd Set parameters before activating texture
      b7c399b Free the texture object memory at destruction time
      2865feb Safety checks before deleting objects
      c5fd3c1 Safeguard against bad memory access
      b74405e Bring back the smart volume mapper window level test
      0319b49 ENH: Use generic render window to support multiple platforms
      400109c Fix GLUT API include header for Mac OSX and Windows
      bd9f401 Maintain consistent style across classes
      9479946 Baseline for SmartVolumeMapper window level test
      910f422 Additional baseline for failing test
      c4ac1b5 Prevent releasing graphics resources on the same memory twice
      dcadf4a Removed unwanted commented out code
      1098a12 If check against bad memory access
      e140114 Support multiple renderers in the ExternalVTKWidget
      9c9b0fc Fix segfault due to invalid pointer address
      88c3da4 Fix viewport size change when renderwindow resizes
      2c24e37 Removed redundant commented out code
      3e5a471 Exclude vtkRenderingExternal from BUILD_ALL_MODULES
      8fc37ab Improved style and documentation
      015df9c Deleted unrequired commented debug code
      b1d35a1 GLUT test as an example for ExternalVTKWidget use
      dd4e27d Disable vtkRenderingExternal module for OpenGL2 backend
      57f295d Remove debugging code

Scott Wittenburg (20):
      0d8d993 Added code to draw current selection rectangle in viewport.
      847d750 Added code to support a cache option for filebrowser widget.
      ab674b2 Added canvas based image zooming and panning capabilities.
      119cc10 Fixed a null reference by surrounding the call with a check.
      3650e06 Support faster configuration times by checking dependencies at runtime.
      7f92da1 Changed to make tests run serially, async nature was causing collisions.
      2d1df14 Replace an import which disappeared and broke all dashboard web tests.
      38ee579 Updating to Autobahn python version 0.8.13 to get http long poll endpoints.
      b576693 Added latest Autobahn JS (0.9.4) to support pvweb authentication.
      12f6589 Properly override ApplicationSession c-tor, supports Crossbar.io.
      2ac0cc8 This should fix problems with paraviewweb and python 2.6.
      2f1e740 Added alternate jQuery catalyst view constructor.
      a65cdaa Added an rpc method to exit after a delay instead of immediately.
      77d60b4 Update vtkweb loader to support addition of scalar opacity widget.
      b9cde71 Use "-dr" in lauch examples to encourage disabling registry for pvweb.
      9ea8020 In the vtkweb loader, add css specific to the proxy editor widget.
      5337c31 Changes to viewports supporting capturing screenshots for pvweb.
      f90491f Support vtkweb and pvweb servers using http only (no websockets).
      2c4fb18 Added missing import which broke http-only servers not serving content.
      c2be1bc Updating launcher to include a complete set of example profiles.

Sean McBride (142):
      9fd9602 bug #14418: Remove addition of "-Wno-deprecated" compiler flag
      3bbabb7 Fix clang analyzer warning about passing null to strcmp
      a6b3be7 Fixed clang analyzer warning about passing null to memcpy
      3905cf7 Fixed clang analyzer warning about reading uninitialized memory
      fe1c6e0 Fixed clang analyzer waring about a dead store.
      a2fa76f Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store
      2bc660b Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store.
      e4220a1 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store.
      3b76550 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store.
      bdba2ea Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store.
      cbf8c3a Fixed clang analyzer warning about 2 dead stores.
      d567715 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store.
      23eba09 Fixed clang analyzer warning about reading past an array.
      0bc6639 Fixed several clang analyzer warnings.
      d6a4175 Fixed clang analyzer warning about reading uninitialized memory.
      480a8f9 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store to 'pd'.
      27fa387 Fixed clang analyzer warning about passing null to memcpy.
      6296aa1 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store to 'index'.
      c8389e9 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store to 'bestTime'.
      8983273 Workaround clang analyzer warning by creating temp variable.
      67ed07b Fixed clang analyzer warnings about dead stores.
      5ff4c6b Misc cleanup of code nearby clang analyzer warnings.
      baea339 Fixed clang analyzer warnings about dead stores.
      d192654 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store at very end of method.
      9c29087 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store to 'itr'.
      5470f39 Fixed clang analyzer warning about dead store to 'cptr'.
      e319716 Fixed null deref found by clang analyzer
      4cc7d0f Fixed clang analyzer warnings about dereferences
      5c91a74 Suppress clang analyzer warning
      d0f7675 Fixed clang analyzer warning about null deref
      c85fdec Fixed clang analyzer warning about reading uninitialized data.
      6195d1c Fixed infinite recursion in vtkBitArray::RemoveFirstTuple()
      f26450e Improved code coverage of vtkScalarsToColors by adding more tests
      fe50cbc Added tests for a few uncovered vtkMatrix3x3 methods
      bf70da0 Fixed error in vtkFiltersCoreCxx-TestClipPolyData test
      107df71 Added comments about the danger of not clamping.
      74f4888 Removed -fobjc-gc from VTK_REQUIRED_OBJCXX_FLAGS
      a3e9fc9 Various Cocoa improvements and fixes
      f062ed5 Fixed a bunch of clang -Wabsolute-value warnings
      468f25d Removed all uses of deprecated NSOpenGLPFACompliant
      5a568d2 Assume UTF8 for vtkCarbonRenderWindow::SetWindowName
      ad14e44 Remove unnessary 'if' before 'delete[]'
      bcb3344 Add #error when trying to build as Cocoa ARC
      3d1f2d7 Fixed confusing indentation, no behaviour change
      a46f611 Fixed unused variable warning in release
      2eb00f9 Rewrote vtkCoreGraphicsGPUInfoList to not use deprecated API
      116f93f Removed checks for antique Borland versions
      7399f6d Changed public API of vtkGPUInfo to return vtkTypeUInt64 for memory sizes.
      985aab4 Fix clang warning about comparision that's always true.
      486dc55 Added TODOs to indicate source of TestQuadricLODActor failure
      13354f6 Change #include style from <> to "" for some vtk files
      6ba34d7 Changed #include <limits.h> to <climits>
      a71e3d4 replaced #include <stdlib.h> with <cstdlib>
      0a8ca52 replaced most <time.h> with <ctime> includes
      dfc4019 changed some <assert.h> to <cassert>
      5370312 changed some <stddef.h> to <cstddef>
      8446c7b Fix gcc warning about possible use of uninitialized variable
      64e66d7 Added check for null before dereference, for bug #14671
      e579693 cleanup all uses of fclose() in vtkSTLReader, for bug #14515
      af89456 Removed dead code in test by using #if 0
      273205d Moved unused var suppression to suppressed dead code warning
      87526dc Removed unneeded break statements in switches
      77e6fb2 Fixed inconsistent #include style, from <> to ""
      6e73ac3 Fixed inconsistent #include style, changed <> to ""
      553c12e Fixed SimpleCocoaVTK Xcode project to build properly.
      b6a4db1 Fixed bug #14266: fix observation of NSView size change
      40b1c95 Fixed unused const var warning
      fe69c24 Fixed a backwards ‘if’ test, and memory leak
      de54031 Eliminated unneeded null checks before using delete/free
      a3a2ed9 Fixed indentation level
      b417e82 Fixed ‘null deref’ warning
      775ea71 Simplified memory deallocation
      6ddb0bb Removed useless assignment
      83a5945 Fixed warning about using null with memcpy
      ddccb71 Removed useless assignments
      5372604 Misc cleanup and refactoring
      ca32186 Bail early on null parameter
      ba2bbac Sync up Cocoa code between OpenGL and OpenGL2
      dd3f20d Added partial/initial support for Cocoa ARC memory management
      a0c7098 Remove dead store to fix warning.
      ab36a82 Added some consts in a few places
      93b12c9 Put initial assignment at declaration
      70d8784 Fixed analyzer warning by removing null check
      b8af0b7 Fixed analyzer warning about possible null deref
      832f091 Fixed a few dead store warnings
      8f0a469 Fixed dead store warning by removing redundant 'break'
      c591782 Fixed dead store warning by reformulating loop
      e2dad20 Fixed null dereference
      1fa832c Fixed false positive warning about null deref
      ce0618c Fixed null dereference
      57d3811 Fixed obvious null dereferences
      fd385ce Hopefully supress dashboard compiler warning in QT header
      4dc4b4f Fixed use of memory after its deallocation
      c5bacd4 Fixed incorrect indentation
      0885215 Prevent null deref of ‘null’
      53c18de Prevent null deref of ‘composite’ fn pointer
      d00f600 Init memory to prevent it being used uninitialized
      2bacee0 Removed dead store to ‘j’
      6fd5a5d Removed dead stores
      9d6d565 Suppress numerous warnings about using uninitialized memory
      845c249 Remove a likely dead store
      ba93153 Prevent null dereferences
      33dde16 Fixed null deref and whitespace/indentation
      e333730 Fixed obvious dead stores
      14c4790 Fixed null deref by returning upon error
      a5c4a9a Fixed memory leaks and malloc(0)
      68294b7 Removed minor dead stores, to fix warnings
      6e773e1 Refactor to make intent clear to clang analyzer
      92f6a35 Fixed warning about possible null deref
      3099508 Fix clang analyzer warning by adding temp variable
      af2526d Fixed warning about using ‘volBounds’ uninitialized
      fca2fd5 Only react to NSView frame changes if VTK itself created the NSView
      fc6dc08 Suppress clang analyzer warning
      496f9fb Suppress warning about dead store
      e2bf9bd Suppress warning about ‘x’ used uninitialized
      bb7623d Move warning check to prevent ‘fd’ null deref
      dd0dacc Return after warning to prevent ‘dsa’ null deref
      9369028 Simplify and exit quickly if input point ids empty
      e8ef3e5 Another try to suppress warnings from Qt headers
      666d78c Advance null check to before cast
      d5feacb Fix possible null deref of ‘dsa’
      42815af Added vtkErrorMacro to code paths that give null ptrs
      ea3f62e Removed harmless-looking dead code
      91dcdaa Another attempt to silence warning from Qt header
      52b233a Fixed -Wstring-conversion warnings
      c02f83d Whitespace/spelling
      53c1f9f Fix warning about use-after-free
      efc3a4e Fix possible null deref warnings
      2b14f1f Made some copy-pasted code more self-similar
      4a53917 Fixed types of some copy-pasted code
      337fa28 Move some declarations closer to use.
      abdb84d Removed useless null check
      083a4c5 Return early to avoid null to strcmp()
      bdfb1cd Removed dubious #undef of keywords
      141198e Refactoring and cleanup of Cocoa NSWindow and NSView observations
      6dce510 Remove double underscore in header guards (.txx & __vtk*_txx form)
      7cef24e Remove double underscore in header guards (.in & __vtk*_h form)
      152e7f4 Remove double underscore in header guards (__vtk*_cxx form)
      5a668f9 Manual tweak of .hxx include guard naming
      e89fdcf Remove double underscore in header guards (.h & __vtk*_h form)
      9686d25 Manual search and cleanup of "__vtk"
      5a31997 Remove the addition of a few inappropriate vtkErrorMacro

Sebastien Jourdain (60):
      9285aef Add catalyst web widget into VTK
      42746d0 Add NaN support in web chart rendering
      c4821d4 Add a resampling filter
      ca29c4e Add JSON writer for ImageData
      ce554a5 Extend vtkImageMapToColors to support Mask color and Non Active Scalar input
      e6bcb7f Use / for path separator to prevent Windows related issue with escape char
      697d178 Improve implementation of Catalyst viewer
      6b1789a Add image resampler catalyst web widget
      7d7fcfa Remove test dependency to data when not needed
      3e71420 Remove usage of the keyword with to allow old python
      59b5c51 Add new set of catalyst web widgets
      8c7aca7 Attempt to handle some system raise condition
      a00f98f Add catalyst web composite widget
      b6700df Better composite catalyst web widget
      3bb60f2 better UI for catalyst re-sampler web widget
      c395736 Various VTK-web improvement
      a8f8905 Fix vtkweb catalyst css
      e64f69d Add cost information in workbench analysis
      b4f486f Improve web compositing for dynamic interaction
      4b450f4 Properly handle background selector visibility
      1228f92 Fix composite rendering widget for search
      4ef8264 Add sorting capabilities
      eaf3730 Refresh workbench UI and workflow
      8f3a357 Fix Composite Javascript for WebKit
      3ce7a4f Improve ParaView cinema UI
      6d42e91 Improve basic search in web-catalyst
      dfcf9c7 Fix catalyst web - cost time computation
      8ef209e Improve catalyst web UI
      c9161c1 Catalyst web: Minor Web UI change
      b19eaa4 Catalyst-web: Improve composite search experience
      cfcebd1 Add image width column
      794807f Add cost estimate for Catalyst Web
      0607cc5 Catalyst-Web estimate UI fix
      5a83360 Change catalyst-web analysis API to expect full URL
      8241ef5 Fix center of rotation for WebGL renderer
      6ec408f Fix WebGL background orientation
      87af8da Fix basic catalyst viewer with theta
      cc6002e Add runtime libraries on Windows for Java binary package
      09f9d20 Fix several catalyst web UI issue
      30e74c1 Add configuration pass to Catalyst PVW workflow
      53d52a8 Add support for mobile device interaction
      86cfbf4 Catalyst Web - Composite improvement
      5139f27 Catalyst web
      14b1a6e Add new rendering class API based on vtkPanel class
      6b7102f Remove @Override annotation to prevent compilation issue on old Java compiler
      b7d419b Upgrade autobahn version to 0.8.9
      85d3beb Upgrade Twisted version to 14.0.0
      e5c6e09 Upgrade ZopeInterface version to 4.1.1
      d7a0e9d Add SixPython module for Autobahn dependency
      06aaa80 Update Autobahn/JS library version
      9793f84 Update VTK Web Python code to handle WAMP v2
      82a4d41 Update Web applications to support new protocol API
      4c98d89 Fix python for vtkweb
      4937ef8 Allow arbitrary WebSocket endpoint
      c9f5efb Add bottstrap3 + pv lib in loader
      ff5ffe4 Fix import with latest Autobahn update
      ad50df2 Add missing call to properly handle webgl rendering
      93bcb11 Remove loading of native lib from vtk classes
      43de2bf Add Get/SetTuple6 methods
      1f59e83 Add additional information for Java package build

Shawn Waldon (20):
      f9a208d Add a smartpointer for PyObjects
      befcfd1 Format comments according to VTK stlye guide
      ced0756 Fix the vtkPolyPlane implicit function
      ad5d35c Change vtkProbeFilter to expose the 'in' threshold
      011ce9b Move static data in vtkVRMLImporter to local struct
      e23a5b2 Assume block request produced what was requested
      25fd4c5 Add a documentation module that contains information keys
      2f43b03 Add block amount of detail information key
      b2bd40a Block opacity and color are now more independent
      8b650ea Add a baseline for block opacity with no depth peeling
      da65eea Adding a key to indicate the current process has the block
      0caa936 Legacy reader/writers for composite data now save field data
      a8d2788 Added comment on required invocation order
      9dac67f Prefer vtkDoubleArray::GetValue to GetTuple for single component arrays
      1289500 Made vtkGaussianSplatter handle composite data input
      dc6386a Made sure composite data iterators were deleted properly
      f69efc8 Made vtkPointGaussianMapper handle NULL arrays
      25e578b Add an option to set default radius of point gaussian
      9d090aa Fix triangle size for sprites with radius > 1
      96c61c1 Made Point Gaussian mapper handle scale arrays not in dataset

Shinya Onogi (1):
      313b647 fix_GPU_resource_handling

Sujin Philip (9):
      b505112 Fix for buffer overflow in vtkCubeAxesActor class
      71bd130 Toolchain files for MICs on stampede
      55da875 Fix compile warnings in SMP under Windows
      17a6674 Additions to SMP API
      a0d1391 Fix SMP examples warnings
      44c9610 VTK SMP implementation of SynchronizedTemplates3D
      42f31c8 Fix SMP compile warning in VC++
      0dceda0 Use the correct TBB lib based on the build config
      485d174 Fix for SMP examples compile issues

Thomas Vaughan (1):
      e6f7476 Set origin and spacing in vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter. Ref: Mantis 0002826.

Tim Thirion (14):
      232657e Prefer xcrun when querying for iOS-related SDK elements
      72dfcc3 Add CMake option to select OpenGL ES 2.0 or 3.0
      7eaad01 Add x86_64 to list of archs for iOS simulator
      27fb188 Surfaces example ported to iOS
      7465b7b Add CMake script to allow user to `make framework` for iOS
      48752ae Remove shell script for creating VTK framework; update iOS readme
      628febb Update CMakeLists for iOS examples
      d9d3fc3 Create iOS framework in one pass through CMake config
      27b58f1 Clean up iOS build script
      86dbd0f Make vtkVersion available sooner in CMakeLists.txt
      b11f61c iOS build: check install directories before any compilation
      092e7fb iOS build: pass OpenGL ES version string to child builds
      39229f7 Update Android toolchain file (now support NDKs r5 through r10d)
      425fc48 Add one-pass Android build

Tristan Coulange (5):
      0679bf4 BUG: fix some xdmf writer crashes
      d4fc9b3 BUG: Add a missing include for VS 2013
      3c7c082 Add support for original ids for generic dataset
      a5e6d3d BUG: fix xdmf test failure
      b6235a7 BUG: Fix the quads evaluate location

Utkarsh Ayachit (56):
      3e5e0e1 Adding a new test for TestSocketCommunicator.
      8489299 Added test to test vtkSynchronizedRenderers.
      2bc3308 Deprecate vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapper.
      b80e196 Fix segfault with TestSetGet.
      2be768b Fix build issues with deprecated vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapper.
      4c3786b Add a delay between process launches.
      d616545 Fixed mismatches cell arrays in vtkPStreamTracer.
      5a8a092 Added ability to probe filter to allow disabling of passing field data.
      c4c8ce8 Add support for empty strinngs in SetInputArrayToProcess.
      59b7ad1 Make it possible to override ClampPos.
      c19112e Remove OpenGL error checks that were causing errors.
      169f015 BUG #14244: Fix stereo image captures.
      e3229b0 Add helper method to convert from SelectionField to AttributeType.
      59360cd Fix appending of scalar arrays.
      4e338f3 Fix DataSet reference in when input array is passed to output.
      abf3539 Avoid exceptions on StringArrays.
      b345cec Fixed exceptions with older numpy version.
      5c735a6 Cleanup MPI controller properly.
      235ceec vtkExtractSelectedRows only works with IdTypeArray.
      daf8c6e BUG #14828: Keep surface color from interacting with scalar color.
      de46ebb Handle append scalar in CompositeDataSetAttributes.
      a5daf04 BUG: Fixed opacity mapping when scalar array is vtkUnsignedChar.
      2327e0a BUG #14813: Fix range reported for mode shapes.
      9085e57 BUG #14599: Handle double values properly.
      4f3ffec Fix issue with empty arrays with numpy 1.2.1.
      82a0c47 Don't glyph masked points in vtkUniformGrid.
      73739ae BUG: Fix invalid return value check in vtkClientSocket.
      535d6c6 vtkScalarBarRepresentation doesn't call Superclass.
      ac920d1 Fixed logic to work when an empty vtkSelection is passed.
      d7aca98 Fix handling of empty selection on ParallelCoordinates.
      45efae2 Fixed issue with selection frame line style.
      dc8280b Refactoring CMake code for Python modules.
      126135c BUG #14971. Fix invalid sprintf() in vtkPNGWriter.
      4228c2d Add missing <algorithm> include. Needed for std::max/min.
      6828506 Handle case when make_vector is called with NumPy arrays.
      f21207c Make vtkScalarsToColorsPainter respect ScalarMaterialMode.
      a765c1a Update TestScalarMaterialMode test image size.
      92be9c2 BUG #14779. Fixes for vtkDistancePolyDataFilter.
      49e0b6a BUG 14693: Fixed vtkAssignAttribute for unnamed arrays.
      4087b62 BUG #12753: Fixed support for large images.
      51996a6 BUG #11607: Fixed support for large images.
      1c9adc2 Add support for vtkTable to vtkExtractSelectedThresholds.
      ef663ee Fixed warnings with shadowed variables.
      031f7f6 BUG #15046, BUG #15020: Fix issues with OpenGL 1.2.
      25e3938 BUG #15058: Fixes unclipped grid.
      9ffb979 BUG #14809: Use title size when placing title in vtkChartXY.
      015c6cf vtkPlotGrid draws grid even when axis is invisible.
      bf73ac0 BUG #15132: Fix incorrect flag check.
      f1a90fd Disable OpenGL error checks in release builds.
      8bc9a3e Adding alternate baseline for TestLinePlotAxisFonts.
      a4069c6 Change invalid extent error to a debug message.
      5fa4f8c Fixed typo in commit 031f7f6371.
      6b86fb0 Fix inverted ifdef NDEBUG in commit f1a90fd2.
      74a35b4 Forward InteractionEvent to Interactor.
      5e791b5 Miscellaneous vtkContextInteractorStyle fixes.
      c22030c Fix missing headers.

Will Schroeder (13):
      399f778 Disabling translation and scaling now works.
      b04dd36 Added the ability to specify a clip tolerance.
      9104559 Fixed bug causing plane to disappear on boundary.
      0b42c0e InsertNextCell and related method now return the proper vtkIdType.
      c1d3768 Create vtkPolyData instead of vtkUnstructuredGrid when passing points.
      0567a19 Extended filter to support culling unused points.
      eb41a25 Added ability to control alpha shape output
      bdd6fef Added hints for vtkBox.GetBounds()
      5481868 Updated documentation
      5111dc4 Select internal tetra tessellation based on scalar change
      5eec2e2 New data file for QuadraticTetra
      e042195 Alternative test image
      ce22619 Progress reporting was broken

XDMF Developers (3):
      3fa4d33 export xdmf for import into vtk
      fe051e5 export xdmf for import into vtk
      9195a1f export xdmf for import into vtk

Xabi Riobe (1):
      1c05c1f BUG: The method vtkClipPlanesPainter::UpdateBounds must not be implemented.

Zack Galbreath (25):
      83a2ffd fix lingering off-by-one error
      c0ff488 new writer: vtkPhyloXMLTreeWriter
      2841e3d attempt to silence "possible loss of data" warning
      bba7656 improve the thoroughness of TestPhyloXMLTreeWriter
      8153428 add baseline directory
      c71d9c2 get the baseline file's path from the command line
      52d6255 add option to write XML to string instead of file
      e90c46a fix failing tests revealed by gerrit
      183bb5d fix the format of PhyloXML references
      2f042ba fix blank newline in XML output
      e99683a vtkXMLReader can now read from an input string
      0471167 new class: vtkPhyloXMLTreeReader
      8bc3c4d consolidate tests for PhyloXML
      1b01fb8 silence unused parameter warning
      6d50103 change signatures for wrapping
      48341cd copy row names from R to vtkTable
      729fe63 do not assume 1st column holds row names
      bba6de8 fix failing SetGet test forvtkHeatmapItem
      c06dd72 preserve R data.frame row names
      ea356a1 break vtkRCalculatorFilter's input/output symmetry
      4cfbdfd style cleanup
      1407114 add SSL support to VTKWeb server
      b77eff3 fix potential segmentation fault
      21d92cf change the way we shut down the R interface
      4ffb1c5 fix failing R tests reported by CDash

acbauer (1):
      8b5feb1 Fixing issue of wrong celldata output order from vtkGeometryFilter.

xabi riobe (4):
      adf24a5 Fix memory leak in vtkPNGWriter when OutOfDiskSpaceError
      d5e1240 Initialize row_pointers
      e7438f2 Fix numerical precision problem in vtkCellLocator::IntersectWithLine
      949ffbf Add default value for argument

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