[vtk-developers] vtkDataSetAttributes::COPYTUPLE for GlobalIds and appending data

Dan Lipsa dan.lipsa at kitware.com
Fri Feb 6 15:12:56 EST 2015

Hello all,
We would like the feedback of the community for the following problem:

In an append operation, the GLOBALIDS array is not copied to the output
because, by default, vtkDataSetAttributes::COPYTUPLE is 0 for the
vtkDataSetAttributes::GLOBALIDS attribute.

This behavior makes sense if appending datasets coming from different
sources, but it does work in a ParaView use case.

In ParaView running with a remote pvserver configuration, data is processed
on MPI nodes, sent to node 0 and appended together there (using
vktAppendCompositeDataLeaves) and then sent to the client. In this case,
the GLOBALIDS arrays is valid, and should be preserved.

We are thinking of two possible/alternate solutions to this problem:

1. Change vtkDataSetAttributes such that if COPYTUPLE for an attribute is
0, data is still copied but it does not set that attribute as an active
attribute (using vtkDataSetAttributes::SetActiveAttribute).

2.  Provide API for vktAppendCompositeDataLeaves
(and vtkAppendFilter, vtkAppendPolyData) that
specifies that the GLOBALIDS should be copied.

Do you have any feedback on this?

Thank you,
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