[vtk-developers] VES-Kiwi

Cameron Lowell Palmer cameron.palmer at ntnu.no
Mon Oct 27 09:55:50 EDT 2014

That is what I don¹t get, how was the original Kiwi C++ code debugged on

I would be happy if cmake could generate a Makefile that just output a
hierarchy of source and Android.mk files.

On 27.10.14, 14.28, "Bill Hoffman" <bill.hoffman at kitware.com> wrote:

>On 10/25/2014 5:26 AM, Cameron Lowell Palmer wrote:
>> Let me illustrate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjsC-lKUgM8 is a
>> video from Intel demonstrating debugging the NDK with Eclipse. This is a
>> great resource for getting started with this problem, but it is
>> unworkable because cmake creates a build directory with a project that
>> is effectively just a binary with no source. I think it is important to
>> address in the roadmap leveraging the Best Practices for the supported
>> targets.
>> At least that is my current thinking.
>The idea would be to continue to enhance CMake to support the mobile
>IDEs better as time moves forward.  We need something that is seamless
>across windows, mac, and Linux, and works with iOS and Android.  Having
>to maintain N different IDE files in VTK will never work.   NVIDIA has
>been working on adding this type of support to CMake:
>We worked some to get the build and debugging working with Eclipse here:
>Ditching CMake does not make sense for VTK, it is how VTK is developed.
>  CMake does need some enhancements to make it work better with mobile
>development environments.  Working on enhancing CMake would be a much
>better place to put effort than to have multiple build systems inside
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