[vtk-developers] [GSoC 2014] Student application deadline tomorrow

Marcus D. Hanwell marcus.hanwell at kitware.com
Thu Mar 20 15:00:47 EDT 2014


Just to remind everyone that the student deadline is tomorrow. Please
see the recent post I made with further details and links to relevant


You must have your proposal submitted to  by the deadline (19:00 UTC
tomorrow). The ideas page links to a proposal guideline too. I have
answered quite a few emails today, and am hoping to see more proposals
submitted soon.


If I, or whoever you emailed, has not gotten back to you yet then
please resend your email. Time is short, and I will remain as
available as I can up until the deadline should any of you have
questions. This is a great opportunity for students to take part in
VTK development, work remotely and be compensated for it. It is also a
great opportunity for our project to get fresh ideas, and add new
features that will be tested and used by a large community.

Using [GSoC 2014] or [GSoC] will help me when searching to see if I
missed anything.



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