[vtk-developers] Fwd: vtkSlicer patch (9372) correction

Simon Kolotov simonkolotov at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 09:21:48 EDT 2014


When using the vtk-stripper I came across a problem already encountered by
many, namely that the stripper can't connect polylines.

*Carl Hetherington *proposed a patch for this problem in 2002
​.  (I'm curious as to why Carl Hetherington's patch from 2002 was not
included into the release version of vtk. Is there a hidden problem with

However, even with his patch there were some problems, and the stripper did
not manage to correctly connect all the polylines.

Having invested considerable time to find and correct this issue I'd be
happy to share it with others.

Attached is the corrected vtkSlicer.cxx file, with both Carl's and my
​, as well as my diff relative to Carl's patch.​

My correction to Carl's patch is relatively minor, namely doing
InitTraversal to the newLines structure at every inner loop so as not to
miss previously discarded lines (All my additions are around line 557)

​S​imon Kolotov​
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