[vtk-developers] Possible vtkScalarBarActor improvement

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin jchris.fillionr at kitware.com
Mon Sep 16 12:40:50 EDT 2013

Hi Kevin,

I would suggest you a submit a pull request to the SlicerVTK fork
backporting the functionality you would like. Then, when we will transition
to VTK6, it will go very smoothly.

In parallel, you could also submit a patch to the VTK list that would be
integrated to the VTK 5.10 maintenance branch.


On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Wang, Kevin <kevin.wang at rmp.uhn.on.ca>wrote:

> Thanks David. I think I am ok with switching the vtkStringArrays on the
> fly.
> Kevin
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> Hi Kevin,
> > The SetAnnotation method in vtkScalarsToColors is what I need in deed.
> ...
> Great.
> > The interface is fine. I wonder if it is possible to add a method to
> control whether values are used for labels in the vtkScalarBarActor or the
> annotations are used. ...
> I would be willing to consider adding something to the vtkScalarsToColors
> class to switch between sets of strings if we can come up with a clean API
> that preserves backwards-compatability -- but don't think the class should
> be  responsible for generating a string label for each value; it is very
> hard to get otherwise-rational people to agree on how to format numbers and
> vtkVarints as text. :-)
>         David
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