[vtk-developers] Pick From vtkLineSource added to vtkAppendPolyData

Bhanu Hariharan bhanu at petrotel.com
Wed Sep 11 12:50:16 EDT 2013


I was wondering if someone can help me on how to pick Lines added to a
before adding to Mapper and Actor.

I saw some example where a linesource was added directly to Mapper and

But I have several lines and having an actor for each one will slow things
down considerably. So I use vtkAppendPolyData and add all line sources to
it. I then pass the vtkAppendPolyData thorugh a vtktransform and vtktube
filter before adding to mapper and actor.

Can someone please tell me if its possible to use vtkPropPicker or
VtkPicker with vtkAppendPolyData.
Also once picked how can I tell which line was picked. Can I assign a
global Id to each line?



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