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Thu Sep 12 11:01:03 EDT 2013

through on each platform that VTK runs on, and my gut feeling is that
adding version numbers will entail a fair bit of support-type work before
everyone is happy with the result.  Of course, I also feel that these sort
of 'tidiness' changes are something that VTK really needs.

Note, though, that the general rule for numbered libraries is that
no APIs are changed or deprecated unless the major version number of
the library changes.  Right now, no-one has taken on the role of 'API
watchdog' to ensure that this actually happens with VTK.  Maybe it's
something that could be added to the dashboard in the future, i.e. 
every time a major version of VTK is released a full snapshot of
API could be taken, and the API of the nightlies could be compared
on a daily basis and compatibility issues could be flagged.

> I am sorry if this is a FAQ or something but i couldnt find any
> information on this and need help.

You've been on the vtk-users mailing list for a couple years or so, you
know the FAQs about as well as anyone.  "Why don't VTK libraries have
version numbers" isn't one of them :)

 - David

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