[vtk-developers] ANNOUNCE: VTK 5.10.0-rc1 is available for download

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Fri Mar 30 11:04:57 EDT 2012

Kitware and the VTK team are happy to announce that VTK 5.10 has
entered the release candidate stage!

You can find the source and binaries here:

Some of the notable changes in this release are:

* A new chemistry toolkit. As part of Google Summer of Code 2011,
David Lonie developed new
chemical structure visualization code, summarized here:
(http://www.kitware.com/source/home/post/44) . This adds accelerated
rendering of 3D chemical geometry using standard chemical
representations. Initial integration of OpenQube also allows some
interaction with quantum output files for electronic structure

* A new set of image rendering classes. David Gobbi has contributed
these classes to VTK, for use in the next generation of VTK-based
image viewer applications.  The new vtkImageResliceMapper class
provides convenient methods for oblique image slicing, thick-slice
rendering, automatic level-of-detail switching, rendering of images
that are larger than available graphics memory, and support for custom
image interpolators including windowed sinc and b-spline. Like VTK's
volume rendering classes, the new image rendering classes consist of
separate actor, mapper, and property classes for maximum flexibility.

* Meshing improvements. An important new functionality in VTK is the
ability to perform arbitrary boolean operations on polygonal meshes.
This is described by the feature’s author’s in the VTK Journal article
at (http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3262). Also, a new quad rotational
extrusion filter has been added that generalizes beyond triangle
meshes. This is useful for visualizing the results of axis-symmetric

* 2D chart and plot improvements. The charts benefited from work
performed by Tharindu De Silva as part of the Google Summer of Code in
2011, (http://www.kitware.com/source/home/post/44). Chart interaction
has been improved, adding support for keyboard modifiers to mouse and
key events. The legend can now be moved around in the chart, and
events are invoked when axis ranges change. New compound chart classes
were added, vtkChartMatrix and vtkScatterPlotMatrix, that allow for
charts to be laid out in a grid and for multidimensional data to be

* A revamping and extension of VTK's statistics algorithms. These were
developed as part of DOE/ASCR and Sandia National Lab's efforts to
extend the state of the art in Mathematical Analysis of Petascale

* Updates to help visualize data consisting of higher order cells.
VTK's generic framework to handle arbitrary high order cells and
custom interpolation functions was updated in this release to
seamlessly work with the modern VTK pipeline paradigm and especially
within ParaView. More information on the origin of that framework can
be found here.

* Updates to many of the VTK reader classes, including the SLAC,
Exodus, EnSight, Tecplot and LSDyna readers. One outstanding example
is that after the LSDyna reader was overhauled, read times for large
(100 gigabyte) parallel data sets dropped from multiple hours to
several minutes. There is also a new crop of NetCDF readers
(NetCDFCAMReader, PNetCDFPOPReader), and VTK finally has true support
for netcdf4 (hdf5 backed) readers.

* Support for new compilers such as Visual Studio 2011 and Clang, and
a multitude of code quality improvements. The code quality
improvements came from a persistent effort on the part of the
community to plug memory leaks and address compilation warnings that
the CDash regression test servers exposed. In a related development,
there is now an extension to VTK's leak detection that allows fine
grained profiling of the construction and destruction of VTK objects.
For more information, see (http://paraview.org/Wiki/DebugLeaksView)

* Material analysis. In the domain of material analysis, VTK has a new
Young's material interface reconstruction filter for the
post-processing of multi-material simulations.

* Advancements to the executive classes in support of LANL's
multiresolution streaming framework. Specifically VTK can now
prioritize based on meta information from many arrays and allows
filters to modify data while still preemptively prioritizing and
culling streamed pieces.

* Extension of VTK’s InfoVis capabilities. These include a new circle
packing layout strategy, numerous bug fixes and improvements to
wrapping of infovis classes, along with a new filter implementation of
the k-core algorithm for decompositions of large graphs.

* Volume Rendering enhancements. These include performance
improvements such as multithreading computation of the space leaping
data structure. Projected tetrahedra unstructured grid volume
rendering was also accelerated by making the algorithm use Frame
Buffer Objects when they are available. GPU accelerated volume
rendering of image data now supports ATI graphics cards on Windows
platforms. Also, Volume mappers now allow any of the data set’s data
arrays to be rendered and are no longer limited to only displaying the
currently active scalar field.

* Improvements to VTK's widgets. A hierarchy of versatile multi-state
button widgets have been added. Other additions include a cropping
plane widget that supports the 27 cliques needed for volume rendering,
a reslice cursor widget that supports thin/thick interactive image
reslicing directly from the image view, and improvements to the handle
framework with additional shapes and fixed size handles that maintain
a constant display size regardless of the zoom. A broken line widget
was added for use with selection.

* Improvements to VTK’s annotation frameworks. The version of FreeType
that VTK uses was updated to version 2.4.7.  In collaboration with D.
Aguilera and T. Carrard of CEA, D.A.M. Ile-de-France, France, the cube
axes and scalar bar actors gained new capabilities and a polar axes
actor was added. There were also enhancemenets to the visual quality
of VTK’s 3D plots. For more information on these enhancements please
refer to the Kitware Source article
(http://www.kitware.com/source/home/post/40 )

* Improvements to selection. These include the ability to subtract
selections, to select along broken line trajectories, and to do
surface selections on glyph3D mappers based on arbitrary

* Improvements for visualization within immersive environments. The
ability to perform “Off-Axis” rendering was added to VTK, and can be
used either with or without stereoscopic visualization. For more
information refer to the upcoming source article.

The attachment has a complete list of changes in this release
candidate since the last release. Please try this version of VTK and
report any issues to the list or the bug tracker.

David E DeMarle
Kitware, Inc.
R&D Engineer
21 Corporate Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065-8662
Phone: 518-881-4909
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Aashish Chaudhary (106):
      Remove commented out code.
      Resetting parse error cache at the start of syntax check.
      Fixed the bug of multiple parsing.
      Updated cube axes, added new follower
      Fixed PrintSelf
      Fixed PrintSelf of vtkAxisActor
      Test improvements, exposed screen size option
      Title offset now considers screen size as well
      Screen size affects screen offset as well
      Use appropriate screen size for testing
      Fixed offset issue which was causing uneven positioning
      Made the code clear
      Updated tcl/tk cube axes code to match c++ test
      Fixed shallow copy
      Silenced compiler warnings
      Check for invalid and NULL values
      Work in progress
      Updated comments
      Minor code and document improvements
      Fixed code style
      By default disable level of detail mode
      Added class description
      Added view angle based lod
      Moved axis follower to hybrid as thats the right place
      Using weak pointer to prevent dangling
      Updated test to use reasonable values
      Fixed the bug where we were not using the homonogeneous point
      Silenced vtk header test
      Fixed a copy paste bug where text would not flip around vertical axis
      Don't override the base class graphics resources as we have none
      Removed duplicate code comments
      Using deering method for calculations
      Fixed spacing between member function definitions
      Added ability to define a screen using three corner points
      Removed empty space
      Added deering frustrum algorithm for projection calculation
      Using eye transformation (head matrix) now
      Offset in x direction only
      Added ability to specify scene matrix for navigation around scene
      Concatenating scene and view matrix as complete view matrix
      Added test for stereo using deering
      Added near / far plane ivar as clip range varies with camera movement
      Added cone for better visibility
      Clean up the code
      Renamed ivar for clarity
      Fixed the bug where the projection was flipped around x
      Explicitly setting the type of stereo
      Explicitly setting the screen corner points
      Updated camera API, documentation for clarity
      Allow to use deering without stereo flag on
      First pass on using camera clip range for deering frustrum
      Added convenience function to set/get eye position
      Matrix to point multiplication requires homogeneous coordinate
      Using new convenience function to get eye position
      Added convenience function to calculate eye plane normal
      Work in progress
      Fixed the typo. Need to return complete model view transform matrix.
      Added specific notes about bounding bounds and deering frustrum
      Removed screen near and far plane ivars
      Updated documentation to clarify API
      Added a note on naming convention used for deering
      Avoid recomputing screen orientation
      Fixed copy paste error.
      Fixed misspelled word frustum
      Removed deering frustum from transform
      Setting smaller render window size. Updated test information
      Updated test name and position parameter
      Using convenience function to set eye position
      Calling render on render window is the right thing to do
      Fixed indices of the screen orientation matrix
      Fixed improper spacing
      Added note on now camera's model transform affects clipping range
      Consider expanding bounds by appropriate matrix when reset camera
      Using vtk macro to set model transform matrix.
      Fixed multiplication order
      Scaling to some reasonable value
      Work in progress
      Move the world into screen space
      Renamed ScreenOrientation to WorldToScreen
      Assign proper values to variables
      Added code to fix stereo for screen planes offset from origin
      Renamed Deering to OffAxis as it is more general keyword
      Made function, ivar names reflect the intent clearly
      Added eys translation to the projection matrix
      Moved code around for clarity
      Fixed the calculation for eye plane normal
      Renamed test to reflect changes
      Updated cmake to include renamed test
      Updated test for the new name
      Removed the code as it was not required for deering offaxis stereo
      Using OffAxisProjection keyword instead of OffAxisFrustum
      Disabled modelview scale test for vtkCamera
      Updated VTK parallel to use new camera stereo API
      Silenced compiler warnings
      Disabled the off axis test for now
      Replaced keyword deering with offaxis as it is a common term
      Optimized setting eye and model transform matrices
      Fixed renaming deering to offaxis
      Fixed printself
      Using array instead of individual values to set transform matrices
      STYLE: Fixed coding style
      ENH: Fixed orientation and offset for polar axis
      ENH: Fixed offset of non polar axes
      ENH: Removed code duplication
      For now disabling ResetCamera to disallow ParaView using it
      Storing vectors in columns

Ahmad Falahatpisheh (1):
      Add support for comments to tecplot reader.

Andrew Bauer (92):
      Parallel write is working properly.
      Taking out the undesired print statement.
      Working in parallel with extract surface and XMLPPolyDataWriter.
      Reader now properly closes file when FileName changes.
      Taking out undesired print statement.
      Taking out code that shouldn't have been checked in.
      New NetCDF reader for CAM convention -- currently only reads the grid.
      Reader now working with reading point data at first level.
      Improved error handling as NetCDF calls exit by default for errors.
      Reading in all levels of the grid with hex cells.
      Reader now properly works for hex grids.
      Cleanup of the reader for the first pass.
      Adding in test for vtkNetCDFCAMReader (requires VTKLargeData).
      The level index is now used as the z coordinate.
      Fixed bug with bounds not getting properly updated.
      Merging in changes from a commit that got overwritten.
      Getting rid of compiler warning.
      Adding in a test for vtkWindBladeReader.
      Cleanup of incorrectly added test.
      Adding in a test for vtkMPASReader.
      Getting rid of compile warning of casting from int to bool.
      Changing path to consistent Unix style paths.
      Fix read  problem on Windows.
      Using a more numerically stable standard deviation calculation.
      Getting rid of compiler warning.
      Changing STL from vtkstd namespace to std namespace.
      Using a vtkWeakPointer to avoid a dangling pointer.
      VTK style refactoring.
      Memory fixes and more kw style fixes.
      Modifying vtkGradientFilter to compute Q criterion.
      Making code more KWStyle compliant.
      Updating test to include Q-criterion computation.
      Fixing compiler warning and error.
      Fix for reading variables without any dimensions.
      Taking out undesired warnings for variable with no dimensions.
      Got rid of local variable shadowing class member variable compiler warning.
      Fix for reading variables without any dimensions.
      Taking out undesired warnings for variable with no dimensions.
      Modifying vtkGradientFilter to compute Q criterion.
      Fixing compiler warning and error.
      Fixing vtk/kitware style in code.
      Fixed time sync issue with the reader.
      Fix for proper temporal support for multiple output ports.
      Fix for reading variables without any dimensions.
      Taking out undesired warnings for variable with no dimensions.
      vtkWindBladeReader bug fix submitted by Sohail Shafii.
      Taking out 2 unneeded header file includes.
      Change requested by Pat Fasel of LANL.
      Making more KWStyle compliant and getting rid of compiler warnings.
      Got rid of compiler warnings and refactoring to try to fix the test.
      Code cleanup and fixes for compilation.
      Adding in doxygen to the header file.
      Changes to work better with ParaView.
      Getting rid of compiler warnings and PrintSelf test failure.
      Another compiler warning fix.
      Made to work when pvserver/paraview isn't run with mpirun.
      Getting rid of compiler warning.
      Code cleanup and fixes for compilation.
      Changes to work better with ParaView.
      Getting rid of compiler warnings and PrintSelf test failure.
      Another compiler warning fix.
      Made to work when pvserver/paraview isn't run with mpirun.
      Getting rid of compiler warning.
      Adding in doxygen to the header file.
      Fixed bad memory reference in MPI call.
      Fixed bad memory reference in MPI call.
      Got rid of potential bad memory access and unused variable compiler warning.
      Adding in no blocking communication for doubles.
      Adding in the ability to probe for incoming messages.
      Fixed compile error for incorrect data type that was used.
      Fixed bug in vtkCellLocator::FindCellsAlongLine() and improved test.
      Getting rid of compiler warnings.
      More compiler warning fixes.
      Fixed problem of not using cached cell bounds properly.
      Fixed bug in vtkCellLocator::FindCellsAlongLine() and improved test.
      Getting rid of unused variable warning.
      Getting rid of compiler warnings.
      More compiler warning fixes.
      Fixed problem of not using cached cell bounds properly.
      Added in getting a single level.
      The reader now is able to properly deal with the wrapped cells.
      CAM reader now has time support.
      Took out unneeded print statement.
      Correctly computing Q-criterion in vtkGradientFilter.
      Fixed TimeSteps memory leak.
      PrintSelf() was missing some variables that caused test failure.
      Fixing the way derivatives are calculated at a point.
      Fixing vtkPyramid gradient calculation at apex.
      Getting rid of compilation errors.
      Making the parametric interior check tolerance consistent.
      Getting rid of int to unsigned int comparison compiler warning.
      Getting rid of int to unsigned int comparison compiler warning.

Andy Wilson (3):
      Ask MPI whether it's been initialized rather than trying to track it ourselves
      Restore old API; also guard multiple MPI_Finalize calls
      Replace the vtkMPIController::Initialized static variable

Ben Payne (1):
      BUG: Fix possible memory leak when using scalar coloring with vtkPlotPoints.

Berk Geveci (2):
      Fixed bug in the error reporting code. It caused a segfault.
      Minor fix to the vtkXMLPStructuredDataWriter.

Bill Lorensen (38):
      BUG: VTK_INCLUDE_DIRS contains vtkmetaio if VTK_USE_METAIO is OFF
      BUG: Memory leak
      BUG: Memory leak
      BUG: Memory leak
      BUG: Memory leak
      BUG: Memory leak
      BUG: Uninitialised value and Invalid read.
      BUG: Memory leak.
      BUG: Memory leak.
      BUG: Memory leak
      BUG: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value
      BUG: Mismatched free() / delete / delete []
      BUG: Subscript out of range
      COMP: Various gcc warnings.
      COMP: PrintSelf Defects
      BUG: Tcl to python conversion failed
      COMP: "set but not used" warnings
      BUG: Memory leak
      COMP: Ignoring return value
      BUG: Uninitialised values detected by valgrind
      BUG: Check for NULL in PrintSelf
      BUG: Flawed logic caused valgrind defects
      BUG: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value
      BUG: Use of uninitialised value of size 8
      BUG: Suppress persistent Qt memory peaks
      ENH: Increase test tolerance
      COMP: Warning
      COMP: Removed warnings
      COMP: VS warnings
      COMP: otherPrint.tcl valgrind defects
      COMP: Size warnings
      COMP: Unused parameter warnings
      BUG: Memory leak.
      ENH: Code Coverage Scripts
      ENH: Silence the lcov and genhtml output
      COMP: Ignoring return value
      COMP: signed/unsigned warnings
      BUG: Enum values should be unique

Bill Sherman (1):
      Got stereo working for off origin screens

Brad King (57):
      KWSys: Require at least CMake 2.6.3
      MetaIO: Allow ITK to configure an EXPORT for the install() command
      MetaIO: Remove unused KWSys references
      ENH: Tell MetaIO explicitly that it is built inside VTK
      MetaIO: Remove unused .NoDartCoverage file
      MetaIO: Factor duplicate build/install config into one programmable interface
      MetaIO: Allow custom METAIO_NAMESPACE from parent projects
      MetaIO: ITK now configures MetaIO directly without using METAIO_FOR_ITK
      KWSys: Do not trust EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH for ProcessFwd9x encoding
      KWSys: Recognize rxvt-unicode-256color terminal (#12013)
      MetaIO: Avoid requiring parent projects to provide "../metaIOConfig.h"
      ENH: Remove unused "metaIOConfig.h"
      COMP: Add vtkmetaio build tree to include directories
      COMP: Do not install removed "metaIOConfig.h"
      KWSys: Remove unused CheckCXXSourceRuns cmake module
      vtkhdf5: Use more generic comments in place of removed code
      hdf5: Fix newlines CRLF -> LF
      hdf5: Disable MS runtime library flag override
      hdf5: Include "hdf5_zlib.h" instead of "zlib.h"
      hdf5: Disable hdf5 library name encoding
      hdf5: Do not provide HDF5-config.cmake
      MetaIO: Add missing include <stddef.h> for ptrdiff_t
      vtkArrayCoordinates: Remove const qualifier from return type
      KWSys: Fix leaked FILE in EncodeExecutable error case
      KWSys: Recognize color TERM=screen-256color-bce (#12287)
      Start subbranch 'pv-master'
      KWSys: Simplify SystemTools::GetTime implementation (#12261)
      KWSys: Avoid conversion warning in SystemTools::GetTime
      KWSys: Fix using long long and __int64 with hash_(set|map)
      KWSys: __int64 and long long may be same type in specialization
      KWSys: Add hash function for std::string
      KWSys: Fix std::string hash function for Borland
      KWSys: Fix Doxygen warnings
      KWSys: Address Intel compiler remarks
      KWSys: Remove trailing whitespace in SystemTools.cxx
      KWSys: Fix wrong spelling of __INTEL_COMPILER
      vtkOpenFOAMReader: Remove unnecessary use of DateStamp
      vtkfreetype: Cast ulong->int to avoid comparison warning
      BUG: Fix developer hooks setup after a build
      ENH: Tell user to run SetupForDevelopment on first commit
      KWSys: Correctly handle empty environment variables
      Remove manual change history from README.html
      SetupForDevelopment: Remove topic stage
      SetupForDevelopment: Revise entire process
      Teach "git gerrit-push" new --dry-run option
      Avoid /./ in mpi test executable path
      vtkBrokenLineWidget: Fix GetSummedLength for no points
      Add VTK-specific local commit hooks
      vtkMolecule: Do not leak scalar arrays
      MetaIO: Always use std:: streams for VTK
      vtkoggtheora: Include mangling header consistently
      vtkoggtheora: Support spaces in path to source tree
      Remove .NoDartCoverage files in favor of CTest configuration
      Decentralize third-party library header configuration
      vtkLegendScaleActor: Remove unused include
      Remove unused TestingLogo.gif
      Replace 'vtkstd_bool' with plain 'bool'

Brian Helba (20):
      STYLE: Fix documentation issues.
      STYLE: Add license comments to vtkLabelSizeCalculator.
      STYLE: Fix documentation spelling errors
      STYLE: Add .NAME section to selected headers
      ENH: Added Orientation property to vtkChartBar
      STYLE: Changes to vtkPlotBar and TestBarGraph
      BUG: Fix vtkPlotBar::GetBounds.
      ENH: vtkPlotBar::GetNearestPoint() consistent with other vtkPlot*
      BUG: vtkChartXY::CalculateBarPlots() calculate widths properly
      ENH: Add SelectPoints() functionality to vtkPlotBar
      STYLE: Set pointers to NULL, instead of 0, in vtkPlotBar
      BUG: Fix vtkPlotHistogram2D to render correct size
      BUG: Ensure "0" is displayed properly on a vtkAxis
      BUG: String parsing in vtkDelimitedTextReader
      STYLE: Correct documentation for vtkGraphLayoutView
      BUG: Change vtkTreeBFSIterator to canonical algorithm; update test
      ENH: Add test for vtkTreeDFSIterator
      ENH: Create abstract base class vtkTreeIterator
      ENH: Add customizable tooltips to vtkPlotHistogram2D
      Make vtkChartHistogram2D tooltip appear on top of legend

Burlen Loring (1):
      Fix bug 12087 vtkSocket does not restart interupted call.

Casey Goodlett (1):
      BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkMassProperties in error checking return

Chris Harris (1):
      vtkMPIOutputWindow: Remove unnecessary export modifier

Chuck Atkins (2):
      COMP: Replace the check for a specific version of Linux with any version
      COMP: Replace the check for a specific version of Linux with any version

Clinton Stimpson (8):
      Fix sizing issues with QVTKWidget2
      Fix bug in QVTKWidget2 where OpenGLInit is called at the wrong time.
      Add code to handle IsDirect() and SupportsOpenGL() in QVTKWidget2.
      Fix buffer swap issue in QVTKWidget2
      Move event type enum to QVTKInteractor.
      Fix buffer swap issue with GraphicsView example.
      qvtk: fix handling of tab key in QVTKWidget2.
      Fix issue with context timestamp when using QVTKWidget2.

Colin Myers (1):
      ENH: Enhancements to vtkTulipReader and new support for clusters.

Cory Quammen (2):
      BUG: Wrong delete was used to free an array.
      ENH: Added boolean operation filters for poly data

Dave DeMarle (56):
      Commit updated MPAS reader from LANL.
      Don't use isnan directly since it isn't available on VisStudio.
      Fix compilation errors and warnings.
      Fix unitialized var warnings and printself test.
      Make prioritization handle more than one array.
      Fallback to active scalars when array to process not defined
      better fixes for comp warnings and update to kw style
      Fix test empty input failure.
      Commit new version of wind blade reader.
      Cleanup compilation warnings and silence terminal output
      Handle 1-node MPI in VPIC reader too.
      Prevent a wrapper related compilation bug that happens on some systems.
      Fix a regression in multiresolution streaming.
      Add a way for algorithms to modify the meta information.
      Don't throw and error when selection filter is given an empty input.
      Add notion of number of cells in a piece.
      fix wrong PI and improve style
      Make splatter respect input arrays to process selection.
      Tightening tolerance to less false positive cell insidedness tests.
      Add back piece rejection for streaming
      Fix ParaView cross compilation.
      fixed typo that prevented this from working
      Update netcdf to support netcdf4 functionality.
      Backport compiler and warnings fixes from old netcdf.
      Make it compile on VisStudio2008 express.
      Fix MinGW compile
      don't export the the hl lib unless we build it
      fix install rule to reflect new location of netcdf headers
      Correct logic for hdf5 export
      Revert "Correct logic for hdf5 export"
      Revert "fix install rule to reflect new location of netcdf headers"
      Revert "don't export the the hl lib unless we build it"
      Revert "Fix MinGW compile"
      Revert "Make it compile on VisStudio2008 express."
      Revert "Backport compiler and warnings fixes from old netcdf."
      Revert "Update netcdf to support netcdf4 functionality."
      Update netcdf to support netcdf4 functionality.
      Backport compiler and warnings fixes from old netcdf.
      Make it compile on VisStudio2008 express.
      Fix MinGW compile
      don't export the the hl lib unless we build it
      fix install rule to reflect new location of netcdf headers
      Correct logic for hdf5 export
      Fix netcdf4's compilation dependency on hdf5.
      Fix netcdf on windows.
      Handle case of null filename.
      Fix clang compiler warning.
      Fix SLAC reader on 64 bit platforms with new netcdf.
      Fix SLAC reader on 64 bit platforms with new netcdf.
      Fix obscure bug in 64 bit netcdf4.
      Fix obscure bug in 64 bit netcdf4.
      Install headers to make vtk's netcdf c++ interface externally usable.
      Fix static compilation on windows.
      Increment version to VTK 5.10.0
      Move netcdf_cxx option to the advanced option set.
      Make it possible to use vtknetcdf4 with external hdf5.

David C. Lonie (24):
      Fix typo in vtkRenderedAreaPicker.
      Added a Chemistry kit layout.
      Added vtkMolecule, vtkAtom, and vtkBond to the vtkFiltering kit.
      Added a vtkGetNewMacro to return ivars that are wrapped in vtkNew.
      Added VTK_INSTALL_SHARE_DIR to CMake.
      Added vtkPeriodicTable and associated classes to Chemistry kit.
      Added a CML molecule reader to the Chemistry kit.
      Added some polydata generators to the Chemisty kit.
      Use a custom selection ID array with Glyph3DMapper/HardwareSelector.
      Added vtkMoleculeMapper to the Chemistry kit.
      Added vtkAbstractElectronicData to vtkChemistry.
      Added OpenQube support to vtkChemistry.
      Added vtkProgrammableElectronicData to vtkChemistry.
      Added vtkMoleculeAlgorithm to vtkChemistry
      Added vtkSimpleBondPerceiver to vtkChemistry.
      Fix memory leak in vtkPeriodicTable.
      Fix memory leaks in Chemistry tests.
      Clean up memory management in vtkProgrammableElectronicData.
      Remove the SmoothByAtom rendering style.
      Fix a typo in vtkMoleculeMapper's liquorice rendering style.
      Removed some stray debugging output.
      Fix Glyph3DMapper selection id array errors.
      Print UseSelectionIds in vtkGlyph3DMapper::PrintSelf
      Initialize UseSelectionId and fix the docs for its setter/getters.

David Cole (4):
      ENH: Use vtkScalarsToColors instead of vtkLookupTable
      KWSys: Remove translation path for "/tmp_mnt/" (#10595)
      KWSys: Remove always-true dir_only parameter
      KWSys: Add symlinks to directories as files (#12284)

David Doria (19):
      ENH: Added vector-on-plane projection and related test
      ENH: Added float mutators
      ENH: Add vtkSimplePointsWriter and test
      ENH: Added a class and test to get the center of mass of a point set.
      DOC: Explain that ImageMapper uses display coordinates
      DOC: Explained use of ImageReader2 for reading raw files
      DOC: Explain ordering of eigenvectors.
      DOC: Explain output type and cell vs point normals computation
      DOC: Correct from 4 dimensions to 3 dimensions.
      DOC: Removed extra word.
      DOC: Added output ranges for RGBToHSV and RGBToLab.
      ENH: Added Compute*StructuredCoords functions
      DOC: Added a note about output cells.
      DOC: Explain ordering of eigenvectors.
      DOC: Added a note about the order of the eigenvalues.
      ENH: Added a class to weight graph edges.
      ENH: Fix warnings.
      BUG: Fixed set but not used warning.
      BUG: Several tests required VTK_DATA but were not guarded.

David Gobbi (294):
      PERF: Increase color mapping speed, by 40% in some cases.
      BUG 0011837: Fix rare incorrect warp results for vtkImageReslice.
      BUG: Allow non-image secondary outputs on vtkThreadedImageAlgorithm.
      BUG 0011834: Missing headers for vtk dev install.
      BUG 0011835: vtkLocal and vtkMy do not build with Python wrapping
      BUG 0011846: Bad static storage in vtkLinearExtrusionFilter.
      STYLE: Fix typo Lassoo -> Lasso
      COMP: Revert accidental modification to TestImageTracerWidget.
      BUG 000313: vtkImplicitFunctionToImageStencil GetMTime fixed.
      COMP: Allow const method pointers to be wrapped.
      BUG: 11515. Merge update extent requests from downstream algorithms.
      BUG 0006204: Increase limits for overloads and arg strings.
      BUG 0010726: Copy gtk python scripts to build dir.
      ENH: Add a new vector mode "RGBColors" to vtkScalarsToColors.
      COMP: Fix unsigned char conversion warning.
      ENH: Fix obsolete comments, round alpha when converting from float.
      ENH: Add ability to load ARB_fragment_program extension.
      ENH: Clean up horrid clipping plane code in vtkPolyDataMapper.
      ENH: Sinc interpolation and other features for vtkImageReslice.
      ENH: Add new class vtkImageResliceToColors.
      COMP: Typo in copy constructor.
      COMP: Incomplete virtual override in vtkImageReslice.
      COMP: Include file extensions on shader source files.
      COMP: Typo in Parallel/CMakeLists.txt.
      COMP: Unreferenced parameter warning.
      BUG: Error in last commit, clipping plane index off by 1.
      ENH: Match picker clip-plane code to Mapper code.
      COMP: Remove unused variable in vtkPicker.cxx
      ENH: Add an extra reslice border mode for image mappers.
      BUG: Last vtkImageReslice commit had a bound check error.
      BUG: Last commit introduced a vector mode indexing error.
      ENH: Add new image mappers to VTK.
      COMP: Remove stray semicolon.
      COMP: Add some GL typecasts to avoid compiler warnings.
      COMP: Fix unused parameter warnings.
      BUG: Add missing vtkImageProperty::DeepCopy() implementation.
      COMP: GLint is not int on all systems.
      BUG: Fix OpenGL lighting code for image mappers.
      BUG: Needed to disable the shader after rendering.
      BUG: Add tolerance to eliminate ambiguity.
      BUG: Fix typo, use glTexEnvi instead of glTexEnvf.
      ENH: Simplify bounds handling in vtkImageReslice.
      ENH: Use identical geometry whenever slice faces camera.
      ENH: When rescaling RGB, use rounding, not truncation.
      BUG: Render in Opaque pass, to avoid depth peeling pass.
      BUG: Alpha was being set twice in ImageMapper3D.
      ENH: Faster lookup index clamping.
      BUG: Missed scaling alpha in two color-conversion functions.
      BUG: Fix indexing bug.
      ENH: More clamping/conversion efficency improvements.
      ENH: New clamping code for RGB to RGB conversion.
      ENH: Avoid table lookup if just rescaling a greyscale image.
      COMP: Fix warning, -2147483648 is too large for the "-".
      ENH: Load ARB_vertex_program with ARB_fragment_program.
      BUG: Incorrect increment.
      ENH: Remove needless transform/matrix instantiation.
      ENH: More consolidation and cleanup of clip-plane code.
      COMP: fix unused parameter warning
      BUG: The Consumer methods did not work within assemblies.
      BUG: The image mappers were not working inside assemblies.
      BUG: Fix extent problem with vtkImageToImageStencil.
      COMP: Variable should not be static.
      BUG: Missing vtkScalarsToColors guard check before do/while loop.
      ENH: Add test for RGB color conversions.
      STYLE: Add a bit to the documentation.
      COMP: Fix shadow variable warning and other fixes.
      ENH: Add checkerboard feature to image mappers.
      BUG: Cannot reliably find xdim, ydim from the extent.
      STYLE: Fix code comments.
      ENH: Add vtkImageStack and image layer numbers.
      ENH: Add multi-pass rendering for image stacks.
      COMP: Unused parameter warning.
      COMP: Remove unused constants that were accidently left in.
      COMP: Avoid breaking strict aliasing in python RichCompare.
      BUG: Indexing error in vtkImageSliceCollection::Sort.
      BUG: Normals required for lighting computations.
      ENH: Add test for vtkImageStack.
      Remove change added during debugging.
      Add tolerances and checks to avoid roundoff error problems.
      Remove temporary debug statements.
      Turn off multisamples (antialiasing) to fix test failures.
      Turn off antialising, wireframe rendering regression failure.
      BUG: Measure text by mapper bounds, not actor (transformed) bounds.
      BUG: Stencil source UpdateExtent request wasn't propagating.
      Fix PrintSelf in vtkSimplePointsWriter.
      ENH: Change superclass, fix dashboard failures.
      BUG: The vtkImageSliceMapper didn't notice UpdateExtent changes.
      ENH: Add error reporting to SimplePointsWriter, restrict to PointSets.
      Change int to vtkIdType.
      BUG 05500: Allow catching of vtkWarpTransform errors.
      BUG 09224: Make vtkImageImportFromArray work with modern numpy.
      ENH: improve numpy perf, use flat instead of tostring
      Fix mistakes in previous commit.
      ENH: Also convert vtkImageExportToArray from Numeric to numpy.
      BUG 09223: Fix pointer mangling in vtkTkPhotoImage.py
      BUG 09223: Ensure pointer-sized type for pointer mangling.
      ENH: Increment MTime atomically on gcc (avoid mutex).
      BUG: Fix vtkImageStencilIterator crash when extents don't overlap.
      ENH: Make vtkScalarsToColors into a concrete class.
      BUG: Use of uninitialized variable in vtkScalarsToColors
      COMP: Fix unused variable warning in test.
      BUG: A PyVTKObject_Check was supposed to be inverted.
      BUG: Fix memory leak for instance-creation methods in python.
      Fix tcl to python converters (was removing UnRegister but not Register)
      ENH: Add more instance-creation methods the wrapper list.
      COMP: Fix unused variable warning.
      ENH: Wrap operator [] as python sequence protocol.
      ENH: Add missing size for vtkArrayExtentsList.
      ENH: Each python object protocol gets its own generator function.
      COMP: Fix compiler warnings.
      ENH: Automatically add default contructors to ClassInfo.
      ENH: Wrap vtkArraySort and vtkArrayWeights.
      ENH: More refactoring of vtkWrapPython.
      ENH: Check for cyclic references in wrapped VTK classes.
      COMP: Shadowed global variable warning.
      STYLE: Fix GetScalarRange documentation.
      COMP: Remove unused code that caused a warning.
      ENH: Expand the types for vtkArray::CreateArray.
      BUG: Fix typo in last commit.
      COMP: Conversion to bool warning was still appearing.
      STYLE: Add comments for Floor() and Ceil() implementations.
      BUG: Change some ints to vtkIdType to handle large images.
      ENH: Change some size and index methods to use vtkIdType.
      ENH: Add LOD-style behavior to vtkImageResliceMapper.
      BUG: Need to propagate AllocatedRenderTime to children.
      ENH: Consolidate ResliceMapper OpenGL code into SliceMapper.
      ENH: Add timestamp check on quality adjustment.
      BUG: Remove timestamp check on quality adjustment.
      ENH: Use a fragment shader for checkboarding images.
      ENH: Remove old checkerboarding code.
      ENH: Make vtkImageResliceMapper stream only the extent it needs.
      COMP: Fix warning in previous commit.
      BUG: Fix crash when stack has only one image.
      ENH: Improvements to Vector modes of vtkScalarsToColors.
      Partially revert commit abf76f7ae0faed5da8b66bc0987b57998202caa2
      STYLE: Better organization of variable declarations.
      ENH: Move Slab functionality into vtkImageReslice, API may change.
      COMP: Fix incorrectly sized array.
      ENH: Reorganize vtkImageMapper3D and subclasses.
      ENH: Add multithreading to vtkImageMapper3D.
      ENH: In ImageResliceMapper do window/level as a distinct step.
      ENH: Fine tuning so that execution only occurs when necessary.
      ENH: Add thick slab modes to vtkImageResliceMapper.
      BUG: Fix ResliceSlabModes test.
      ENH: Add slab computations to permute path in vtkImageReslice.
      ENH: Fix code issue that hampered compiler optimization.
      ENH: Add tolerances to avoid unnecessary updates.
      BUG: Texture size comparison was the wrong way around.
      ENH: Consolidate the "SLAB" constants for all slab classes.
      BUG: Fix clamping of value to limits in slab "Sum" mode.
      COMP: Add back vtkImageSlabReslice constants, used elsewhere.
      ENH: Partially implement full screen for Snow Leopard.
      STYLE: Fix ObjC style issues in vtkCocoaRenderWindow.
      COMP: Add vtkPythonConfigure.h with python-related config info.
      COMP: Changes to KIT_INTERFACE_LIBS should go at top of file.
      COMP: Python version might contain letters as well as numbers
      COMP: Rearrange vtkPython.h, add more undef's to fix warnings.
      COMP: Fix VTK_PYTHON_VERSION_HEX in vtkPythonConfigure.h.in
      ENH: In vtkPython.h, don't undef macros before system includes.
      ENH: Remove vtkConfigure.h from vtkPython.h.
      BUG: Set renderer's RenderWindow to NULL in RemoveRenderer.
      BUG: Investigate why TestImageResliceMapperSlab is failing.
      BUG: Fix array size bug in vtkImageResliceMapper::UpdatePolygonCoords().
      COMP: Remove Infovis dependency from FilteringCxxTests.
      BUG: Fix a sign error when picking vtkImageSlice props.
      BUG: Add tolerance when checking pick against image bounds.
      BUG: Must include Border in the bounds of the image mappers.
      ENH: Add an image flood fill filter.
      ENH: Rename FloodLimits to SliceRange for clarity.
      COMP: Fix compiler warning by adding parentheses.
      BUG: Fix vtkImageResliceMapper fast-path for prop translation.
      BUG: Fix vtkImageResliceMapper fast-path for non-orthonormal prop matrix.
      ENH: Image interpolator classes for VTK
      COMP: Typo in install line for vtkImageInterpolatorInternals.h
      BUG: Number of precomputed coefficients might not be even.
      BUG: Sign error caused horizontal flip for SetImageOrientation().
      ENH: Wrap more vtkObject observer methods in python.
      BUG: Patch memory leak in image interpolator classes.
      BUG: One of the Interpolate() methods used incorrect coordinate.
      BUG: If prop matrix changed, vtkImageResliceMapper incompletely updated.
      BUG: Fix bugs with the reslice stencil output
      BUG: Need to set information for the stencil output if present.
      ENH: Pre-allocate space for the vtkImageStencilData extents.
      ENH: Use fast paths even when producing an output stencil.
      BUG: Fix a valgrind UMC in vtkImageStencilData.
      ENH: Add some tunability to the vtkAmoebaMinimizer.
      ENH: Improvement to amoeba termination.
      BUG: Fix math error in vtkDICOMImageReader slice spacing computation.
      BUG: Accidental reset of counter caused TestAmoebaMinimizer failure.
      BUG 12679: Use WholeExtent, not Extent, for interpolator bounds.
      BUG: Fix track-pad scrolling action for OS X Cocoa.
      ENH: Add HasImage and GetImages methods to vtkImageStack.
      ENH: Add JumpToNearestSlice attrib to vtkImageResliceMapper.
      BUG: Picker getting incorrect matrix from vtkImageStack members.
      COMP: Fix warning in TestImageDataInterpolation.
      BUG: There should be no call to SetSpanState() after final span.
      BUG: Fix math error in vtkDICOMImageReader slice spacing computation.
      Revert "BUG: There should be no call to SetSpanState() after final span."
      BUG: Fix incorrect code for combining adjacent extents.
      BUG: Fix bug in contour-closing code.
      BUG: Eliminate degenerate lines before creating stencil.
      BUG 12730: Fix issue with large buffer objects in python wrappers.
      BUG: Typo in vtkWrapPython.c for vtkTimeStamp.
      COMP: Methods should not return vtkTimeStamp objects.
      ENH: Improved code for converting 2D contours to stencils.
      Fix memory leak in vtkPolyDataToImageStencil.
      BUG: Tolerance required to avoid missing slices at ends of volume.
      ENH: Improved amoeba termination for discrete-valued functions.
      ENH: Add a class for generating an image histogram.
      COMP: Fix vtkImageHistogram warnings.
      ENH: Remove ops from the inner loops of vtkImageHistogram.
      BUG: Fix closed vtkKochanekSpline derivatives at first/last point.
      COMP: Fix warning on MSVC71 compiler.
      COMP: Check the comparison results for vtkSmartPointer.
      COMP: Fix TestSmartPointer warning on MSVC.
      BUG: CroppingOff not handled by vtkVolumeOutlineSource.
      BUG: The sinc BlurFactors were being ignored in some cases.
      COMP: Eliminate some clang warnings about unused functions.
      BUG: Was not passing clipping planes to delegate mapper.
      COMP: Previous warning fix caused a new warning.
      ENH: Move fragment program variables into their own subroutine.
      ENH: Consolidate the polygon rendering code.
      ENH: Add option for including black frame around images.
      COMP: Add more headers for internal-ish classes.
      COMP: Move vtkVectorBase into its own header file.
      COMP: Exclude vtkVectorBase.h from header testing.
      COMP: AIX is picky about include order for streams.
      COMP: Fix warning on old gcc about missing return in function.
      BUG: Rendering bug when switching to interactive mode.
      COMP: Unused variable warning zdim.
      BUG: Fix frame texture coords for xz and yz planes.
      ENH: Add ImageSlicing mode to vtkInteractorStyleImage.
      ENH: Add vtkImageResize, a fast antialiased resizing filter.
      COMP: Reject return-by-reference prior to code generation.
      Revert "COMP: Reject return-by-reference prior to code generation."
      Revert "ENH: Add vtkImageResize, a fast antialiased resizing filter."
      COMP: Reject return-by-reference prior to code generation.
      BUG: Set number of outputs and other changes.
      BUG: Clipping planes caused misses when picking images.
      ENH: Clean up code for cubic interpolation coefficients.
      BUG: Do not leave the out-of-bounds elements uninitialized.
      STYLE: Fix name of header listed in class documentation.
      ENH: suppress type qualifier warning for gcc
      ENH: Add vtkImageResize, a fast antialiased resizing filter.
      ENH: A b-spline image interpolator and a b-spline warp transform.
      BUG: Check if input updated since the image mapper updated.
      BUG: Manually inline code that gcc corrupted during optimization.
      ENH: Small optimizations to b-spline code.
      BUG: Remove some code accidentally left over from old version.
      COMP: Add needed include file to vtkImageBSplineCoefficients.
      COMP: Eliminate nested macro that caused shadowed name warning.
      BUG: Remove unused loop from vtkExtractSelectedIds.
      COMP: Fix uninitialized array warning in vtkXYPlotActor.
      COMP: Remove invalid icon property from Qt ui files.
      COMP: Try to fix memory leak in TestStringToNumeric.
      Revert "COMP: Try to fix memory leak in TestStringToNumeric."
      ENH: Make sinc kernel renormalization optional.
      ENH: Add more sinc windows, consolidate the code.
      ENH: Change interpolator Mirror feature to mirror at boundary.
      BUG: Fix kernel renormalization bug from commit b6fd09e6.
      BUG: If kernel is clipped then force its tail to zero.
      ENH: Limit blur factor to ensure that kernel tails off to zero.
      ENH: Rename the vtkVectorBase class to vtkTuple.
      Remove hdf5 from coverage testing, since it is 3rd party code.
      ENH: Add neighborhood sampling to vtkImageThresholdConnectivity.
      ENH: Modify TestImageThresholdConnectivity to cover new code.
      BUG 0012877: Wrap vtkCocoaRenderWindow::SetSize(int a[2]).
      COMP: Fix bad commit 9adc4bf8145c7b30ae47b41c24f49df07820f015
      ENH: Macro expansion for VTK wrappers.
      COMP: Wrapper macro expansion and vtkXTemplate superclasses.
      COMP: Remove RegisterTextureResource from vtkCocoaRenderWindow.
      ENH: Make wrappers expand func macros in preprocessor directives.
      COMP: Function macros with no parentheses are valid.
      BUG: Fix infinite loop when printing object from python.
      ENH: Modify wrappers to avoid use of default constructor.
      ENH: Wrap the chemistry kit, do all CMake-related additions.
      COMP: Add missing chemistry line to setup.py for python install.
      BUG: Use vtkIdType increments in vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastMapper.
      COMP: Fix unused param in TestWin32OpenGLRenderWindow.
      COMP: Fix fread/fwrite/fscanf return-value warnings in examples.
      COMP: Fix warning about while loop without body.
      COMP: Fix minor warnings in vtkParseJava, vtkWrapJava.
      COMP: Fix fscanf count check in finance example.
      ENH: Allow help() to work on VTK classes with Python 2.7.
      COMP: Remove illegal "degree" char from literal.
      BUG: Converted QImage return object was ignored.
      ENH: Make python initialize vtkTuple after construction.
      ENH: Add a progress estimate to vtkImageThresholdConnectivity.
      BUG: Fix the wrapping of QVTKInteractor.
      BUG 13001: Fix backwards compatibility of GetSliceNumberMin/Max().
      BUG 0012996: Remove debug code from vtkSortFileNames.cxx.
      COMP: Fix signed/unsigned and fread warnings in R interface.
      BUG: Fix wrapping of std::string broken by recent commit.
      BUG: Re-enable python wrapping of vtkCommand event ids.

David Luet (3):
      Fixed an error with EnSight6 and transient single file formats.
      Properly fix the issue with reading scalar properties
      EnSight6 Reader vectors per element

David Partyka (62):
      Increment VTK version to 5.9.0
      Fix a nasty link error when building debug with release python.
      Fix vtkhdf5 header install rules.
      Add a C++ version of CubeAxes3.tcl test.
      Revise test comments.
      hdf5: include stdint.h when including hdf5.h from a c++ source.
      hdf5: VS7.1 doesn't support variadic macros.
      hdf5: Remove typo.
      hdf5: remove debugging message left from upstream
      hdf5: When building MinGW also link ws2_32, not just when building MSVC.
      hdf5: Skip options that do not work in reduced distribution
      Address compile error on mingw 64.
      mingw64 compile fixes, mostly replacing long pointer casts with intptr_t.
      Don't export library targets when VTK_INSTALL_NO_LIBS is ON.
      Don't export PythonD libraries when VTK_INSTALL_NO_LIBRARIES is ON.
      Don't export several utilities when VTK_INSTALL_NO_LIBRARIES is on.
      Remove unnecessary dependency of SelectionNode on vtkProp.
      Fix typo!
      Remove unused header.
      Remove unused headers.
      Revert "Replace the vtkMPIController::Initialized static variable"
      Revert "Restore old API; also guard multiple MPI_Finalize calls"
      Revert "Ask MPI whether it's been initialized rather than trying to track it ourselves"
      Fix SetGet and otherPrint tests.
      Fixes for otherPrint.
      Remove duplicate entries for PSLACReader tests.
      Add config directory to test command.
      Attempt to fix locating pvtk.
      Revert "Remove duplicate entries for PSLACReader tests."
      Add pvtk executable suffix to command line args.
      Fixes from Rob to properly call MPI_Finalize.
      Fix std warnings.
      Apply crash fix from Berk.
      Disable CMake policy 0017 until VTK requires CMake 2.8.5.
      Fix several print test failures.
      Switch Reader to use a DummyController if using an MPIController fails.
      Revert "Switch Reader to use a DummyController if using an MPIController fails."
      Fix uninitialized warnings.
      Fix unreferenced formal warning on Release builds.
      Fix not referenced warnings.
      By default disable all warnings when compiling exodusii library.
      Fix syntax error.
      Fix truncation warning.
      Fix many unused-but-set-variable warnings.
      Fix 'set-but-unused' warnings in utility libraries.
      More warning fixes.
      Remove uneccesary find_package(hdf5).
      Add PARENT_SCOPE to VTK TPL vars so ParaView can make use of them.
      Revert PARENT_SCOPE changes.
      Configure TPL include directories.
      PIMPL FilePtr removing mpi.h include from vtkWindBladeReader.h.
      Fix debug leak of DummyController.
      Revert "COMP: Fix compiler warnings"
      Revert "COMP: Fix int/unsigned int conversion warnings"
      Revert "ENH: Berger & Collela AMR improvemets"
      If using external png need to link vtkpython with it.
      Apply patch to wrap ftgl in a namespace.
      Fix ftgl export macro.
      Syntax fixes.
      If pow() overloads.
      Reorder windows version to be defined before including windows headers.
      Reorder windows version to be defined before including windows headers.

David Thompson (2):
      FIX: Inlines should never appear in a .cxx file.
      Fix a crash when given an empty graph.

Dominique Belhachemi (4):
      Change #include directives - Use "vtk_netcdf.h"
      Fixed some typos which have been found by Debian's QA tools
      hdf5: Fixed some typos which have been found by Debian's QA tools
      Remove check for 'Mesa', so that Intel cards don't get excluded anymore

George Zagaris (9):
      ENH: Filter to convert ImageData to StructuredGrid
      ENH: Filter to convert ImageData to StructuredGrid
      COMP: Resolve compilation issues on windows
      COMP/BUGFIX: Resolve compiler warning & mem leaks
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leaks
      BUGFIX:Fix image data interpolationon XZ/YZ planes
      ENH: Berger & Collela AMR improvemets
      COMP: Fix int/unsigned int conversion warnings
      COMP: Fix compiler warnings

Glenn Faken (1):
      vtkParticleReader.cxx loss of precision on conversion

Greg Abram (1):
      Modify projected tetrahedra mapper to use floating point buffer.

Greg Schussman (3):
      BUG: fixed crash on midpoint+mode load.
      BUG: fixed phase x and animating purely real modes
      FIX: limit complex additions to efield, bfield.

Hua Yang (2):
      Clean up some debugging lines in vtkPolyhderon.
      BUG: vtkUnstructuredGrid failed to deep copy attributes related to polyhedron cells.

Igor Okulist (1):
      COMP: Enable support for VS2011.

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (3):
      vtkPython - Undefine _XOPEN_SOURCE to avoid redefinition warning.
      ENH: Add std::string support to vtkPythonArgs
      ENH: Add std::string support to vtkPythonArgs

Jeffrey Baumes (29):
      Fixing bug where threshold selections were double-negated
      Apply colors filter should reexecute when lut changes
      Fixing bug causing vtkApplyColors to crash
      Fixing bug where string array lookup fails
      Don't reset showing root node on Update()
      Solve showing root node issue a slightly different way
      Making postgres test work
      Removing unnecessary check from row extraction
      Option to disable edge selection from vtkGraphLayoutView
      Fixing vtkOrderStatistics issue with CDF
      New static methods for reading from string
      Add API to array serialization to match other readers
      Removing unused source files
      Adding vtkArrayData reader and writer.
      Adding python support for string data with embedded nulls
      Include more API from vtkDataWriter in vtkDataObjectWriter
      Include more API from vtkDataWriter in vtkDataObjectWriter
      Fixing return values in vtkDataObjectWriter
      Fixing Visual Studio compiler warning
      Fixing multi-path MPI include issue
      Adding option to force numeric conversion to double
      Adding multisampling support to Windows
      COMP: Fixing allocation of points, static allocation does not work on VS
      COMP: Moving convex hull and layers filter to infovis due to rendering dep
      COMP: Removing conversion warning
      COMP: Removing conversion warnings
      BUG: Need to initialize renderer ivar
      BUG: testEmptyInput requires filter to work with null points
      Adding back testing for ForceDouble

Jon Woodring (27):
      Updated configuration for SOD parameters in halo finder.
      Added two new random sampling methods for Mask Points.
      Revert "Added two new random sampling methods for Mask Points."
      Added two new random sampling methods for Mask Points.
      New filter vtkPMaskPoints for parallel communication version.
      Moved the sample size gathering code to a separate function.
      Bug fix to pass the arrays through.
      Bug on single processor sample size.
      Changed the random number generation call.
      Fixed overflow in double random function.
      Sped up the Cosmo reader by preallocating point and cell memory.
      Unrolled loops in vtkPoints::CalculateBounds.
      Fixed unused variable warning.
      Didn't actually allocate the memory (Thanks Kyle!).
      Converted to be able to use MPI-IO when possible for binary data.
      Updated the reader to be able to parse the text in MPIIO.
      MPI fix to make it run with one processor.
      Changed reads to read_alls.
      Shadowed variable warning.
      Possible fix for unfound mpi.h.
      Undoing minor change to vtkMPI.h.
      Fix for shadowed variable warning.
      One more shadowed variable warning.
      Sohail's wind reader additions.
      Compiler warnings.
      Uninitialized variable warning.
      Shadowed variable warning.

Julien Finet (52):
      Update range of vtkColorTransferFunction & vtkPiecewiseFunction
      Signed/unsigned mismatch in vtkColorTransferFunction & vtkPiecewiseFunction
      Add texture cache for vtkContextDevice2d::DrawString
      Control mininimum and maximum limits of vtkAxis
      Add mouse double click event support on MAC (Carbon + Cocoa)
      Add mouse double click event support in Charts
      When axes are modified externally, update the plot transforms
      Add utility function vtkPoints2D::RemovePoint()
      Add point edition in vtkControlPointsItems
      Remove warnings when building in release mode
      Remove warnings in release mode for vtkXXXControlPoints
      Support transfer functions with a range wider than [0, 1]
      Unused argc and argv variables, hide them with vtkNotUsed
      vtkContextScene::MouseWheelEvent takes int as first parameter
      vtkContextInteractorStyle::ProcessSceneEvents had unused params
      Support user bounds to vtkScalarsToColorsItem
      Use the viewport width to define the texture width
      Typo in vtkAxis::setMaximumLimit()
      vtkControlPointsItem was firing CurrentPointChanged too early
      Don't always merge color and opacity functions.
      Charts: Disable transfer function tests for old OpenGL drivers
      Delete current point when "del" is typed in vtkControlPoints
      Support 1D textures in vtkOpenGLTexture
      Add more key support in vtkControlPointsItem
      Const correctness for vtkControlPointsItem::GetControlPoint
      Add vtkBrush::GetOpacity() and vtkBrush::GetOpacityF()
      Change look&feel of the control points
      Reset COMBINED_UPDATE_EXTENT when data won't be executed
      Add vtkPolyDataMapper2D::TransformCoordinateUseDouble
      Add empty renderer to avoid random buffer in the lower left corner
      ENH: Turn off clipping when drawing control points
      ENH: Expose vtkAxis margins
      Add TransformCoordinateUseDouble in PrintSelf
      Missing vtkVector2f definition in vtkControlPointsItem.h
      Multiple includes failing test for vtkControlPointsItem.
      Fix QVTKWidget refresh on resize problem on Windows
      Force the opengl buffer to be fully refreshed.
      Revert "Fix QVTKWidget refresh on resize problem on Windows"
      Expose vtkControlPointsItem::MovePoints and SpreadPoints
      Add test for vtkControlPointsItem
      Add vtkControlPointsItem::BlockUpdates
      It is not necessarily an error to have opacity ouside [0,1]
      vtkControlPointsItem supports larger bounds for point moves
      Add vtkControlPointsItem::MovePoints utility functions
      Emit interaction events when moving control points
      Fix TestControlPointsItemEvents
      Display the border of the ellipse on top of the elliptical disk
      Add dontMoveFirstAndLast to vtkControlPointsItem::MovePoints
      Translate comments from French to English
      Force the opengl buffer to be fully refreshed.
      vtkAxisActor2D tick distance was wrong in RulerMode
      vtkAxisActor2D is missing STL header includes

Julien Jomier (1):
      BUG: This patch fixes the failure of testMetaLine on vs2008 (submitted by Bradley Lowekamp)

Karthik Krishnan (34):
      ENH: Part 3 of the multi-threading and optimization of space leaping
      ENH: Expose the widget state of the contour widget.
      ENH: A polyplane implicit function
      ENH: Fix the otherPrint, TestSetGet and TestEmptyInput tests
      ENH: Check if the device context exists before swapping buffers
      ENH: Fast IsInside query for stencils in VTK.
      ENH: Reslice cursor and associated classes
      ENH: Ability to reset the reslice cursor
      ENH: Several reslice cursor enhancements
      ENH: Fix warnings in the reslice cursor widget
      ENH: Ability to use axis aligned coordinates for the resliced views
      ENH: Make the reslice cursor a true 3D widget.
      ENH: Reslice cursor more measuremetns
      ENH: Bugs in the reslice cursor code
      ENH: Printself defects
      ENH: Numerical issues in the reslice cursor when the interaction pos unchanged
      ENH: Ability to draw contours on surfaces and resect them.
      ENH: Corrections to the branch ClipObjectByDrawingGeodesicOnMesh-Feature
      Attempt to address thread issues in the space leaping filter
      ENH: Widget to delineate 27 clique ROIs during volume rendering
      ENH: Distance constrained to a polygonal surface mesh
      ENH: Fix a compile error in missing file include
      ENH: Add a  point placer that allows one to snap to cell centers.
      COMP: Compile error. Change type from vtkIdType to int
      ENH: Fix the ATI volume rendering issue finally.
      vtkFixedSizeHandleRepresentation - A marker that has the same size in pixels.
      This feature allows one to draw contours on meshes and extract inside
      Mesh tracing feature
      ENH: Do not cache the Dijkstra shortest path info
      Use LERP interpolation for infinitesimally small angles instead of SLERP
      ENH: The ability to scroll slices with the mouse wheel in MPR view
      ENH: Printself defects
      Do not scroll sclices with mouse modifiers depressed
      Fix typo in ResliceCursorBindingsUpdate commit

Kenneth Moreland (3):
      Comment debugging print statements in vtkExodusReader.cxx
      Add filters to convert image and rectilinear grids to structured.
      Add include for time.h when using time function.

Kent Williams (16):
      COMP: added delete statements on error paths as suggested by cppcheck
      COMP: added const to read-only access methods
      ENH: Add metaObject for FEM data
      COMP: Add const access methods to metaFEMObject
      STYLE: remove tabs and delete trailing whitespace
      BUG: was writing out undeformed state local coordinates where deformed were needed
      BUG: plug memory leaks in FEMObject
      BUG: fix memory allocation issues
      BUG: fix memory allocation issues
      BUG: silence shadowed variable warning
      STYLE: Reformatting + turning off execute bit in file permissions
      COMP: remove possible null pointer dereference     COMP: Remove compiler warning in metaFEMObject
      COMP: got rid of warnings
      COMP: allow CMake project name to be overridden, to avoid project name collissions when built inside ITK
      COMP: Remove unused variables
      COMP: cleanup based on CLang warnings

Kyle Lutz (34):
      Fix label precision handling in vtkPlot
      Remove unreachable code in vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader
      Read block names in vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader
      Add support for writing block and piece names in VTM files.
      Add support for uniform and nonuniform in OpenFOAM reader.
      Free memory after match in InsertPolygonInHash().
      Remove unreachable code in vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader
      Read block names in vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader
      Add support for writing block and piece names in VTM files.
      Add support for uniform and nonuniform in OpenFOAM reader.
      Pass GlobalIds from input to output in vtkDataSetTriangleFilter
      Fix vtkAxis notation style enum
      Add tooltip precision and notation variables to vtkPlot
      Add support for merging tables in vtkAppendCompositeDataLeaves
      Check for a non-empty cell before using its points
      Pass GlobalIds from input to output in vtkDataSetTriangleFilter
      Perserve original data type in D3 filter
      BUG: Set VisibileColumnsModified flag in SetColumnVisibilityAll()
      Add check for empty table to vtkScatterPlotMatrix::SetInput()
      BUG: Add LayoutIsDirty flag to vtkChartMatrix
      Add support for setting plot colors to scatter plot matrix
      Add marker size and style settings to vtkScatterPlotMatrix
      Add background brush API to vtkChart
      Add 'cross hair' coloring to vtkScatterPlotMatrix
      Add GetPlotType() method to vtkScatterPlotMatrix
      Fix bug in with GetPlotType() in vtkScatterPlotMatrix
      Add UncheckedPropertyModifedEvent to vtkCommand
      Add UncheckedPropertyModifedEvent to vtkCommand
      Add QUERY type for vtkSelectionNode
      Fix memory leak in vtkSelectionSource
      Add QueryString ivar to PrintSelf
      Fix bug in which sphere was changing radius when translated
      Fix type conversion warnings in vtkPLY
      Fix precision issues when using vtkMath::Pi()

Luis Ibanez (1):
      BUG: MetaImage data file was missing path.

Marcus D. Hanwell (212):
      ENH: Converted a few chart tests to use vtkNew.
      STYLE: Removed orphaned file.
      COMP: Removed unneeded include for critical section.
      ENH: Removed old Windows CE classes.
      BUG: Initialize MarkerSize in vtkPlotPoints.
      ENH: Added event for points clicked on.
      ENH: Fetch gerrit remote before pushing.
      ENH: Added screen position to data structure.
      ENH: Added a Cast() function to vtkVector.
      BUG: Fixed segfaults, incorrect rendering.
      BUG: Fixed issue with font caching in charts.
      ENH: Added an option to keep the temporary headers.
      BUG: Only render legend items that have a label.
      BUG: Don't render a box around an empty legend.
      ENH: Added a new ivar to render empty plots.
      COMP: GCC 4.6 error, offsetof is in cstddef.
      STYLE: Removed the preprocessor logic.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warning.
      ENH: Variable/function name changes to new API.
      COMP: Added static_cast as suggested by Sean McBride.
      ENH: Renamed MouseButtonDblClickEvent.
      ENH: Added a new test for plots not shown in the legend.
      ENH: Expose the tooltip item in the chart API.
      ENH: Added a little new API to vtkTooltipItem.
      BUG: #12025 Initialize the temporary integers.
      BUG: Return early if the string is empty (zero box)
      ENH: Added getters for pen and brush.
      ENH: Added a couple of experimental operator overloads.
      ENH: Added some mouse interaction to the legend.
      ENH: Respect custom locations for legends.
      BUG: Removed debug output from the mouse move event.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warning about unused variable.
      BUG: This event is MouseDoubleClickEvent now.
      ENH: Use vtkNew instead of vtkSmartPointer.
      ENH: Added facility to set an indexed label array.
      ENH: Added a toy example of an indexed label array.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warning.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warning.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warning.
      ENH: New test of static chart on 3D scene.
      BUG: Increased tolerance to 16 for charts on 3D.
      Needs to be appended with Error to be used.
      BUG: Turned off multisampling in the test.
      COMP: Use full path for QObject header.
      BUG: Handle the case where there is only one point.
      ENH: Refactored sorted point creation.
      BUG: Don't attempt to paint an empty plot.
      ENH: Refactored to use vtkRectf for the mouse box.
      ENH: Invoke a point clicked event for points.
      ENH: Split vtkRect out into its own header.
      ENH: Moved templated types to Common.
      BUG: Fixed the header tests after the move.
      STYLE: Minor fixes for initialization, line length.
      ENH: Change vtkPlot::GetNearestPoint return type.
      ENH: Removed unused vtkProcessStatistics class.
      STYLE: Removed unused source file.
      ENH: Register SQL database callbacks for factories.
      BUG: Fixed a few small include issues.
      COMP: Fixed includes and removed vtkstd.
      ENH: Remove unused ProcessEvents virtual.
      ENH: Added a new key event to the scene.
      COMP: Removed some unused header includes.
      COMP: vtkAssemblyPath still needed for deprecated.
      STYLE: Removed unused vtkOpenGLStateCache files.
      ENH: Reset the chart axes when r is pressed.
      COMP: Fixed header testing for charts.
      ENH: Retain DisableClipping method for compatibility.
      ENH: Moved line and triangle cases to their own file.
      COMP: Use the new include files for line and triangle cases.
      COMP: Satisfy the header testing in Filtering.
      BUG: Created an interface class for *Adapter2.
      ENH: Some refactoring to remove OpenGL dependencies.
      COMP: Fixed compilation failures and style issues.
      ENH: Restored previous axis behavior as default.
      ENH: Added setter/getter for vtkAxis tick label algo.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warnings, removed breaks.
      COMP: More fixes for compiler warnings in extended axis.
      BUG: Don't export symbols for private classes.
      COMP: Fixed to use convention in other VTK includes.
      COMP: Keep ParaView's client server wrapping happy.
      ENH: Added a new ChartMatrix class.
      ENH: Use less points, make tan a bar chart.
      BUG: Plugged the leak in the chart matrix.
      ENH: Added a fuzzy comparison function.
      BUG: Fixed Common header testing.
      ENH: First pass at the scatter plot matrix class.
      ENH: Just fill the lower triangle with charts.
      ENH: Ensure charts are removed correctly in resizes.
      ENH: Added simple histograms to the matrix.
      ENH: Added scatter plot matrix column visibility.
      ENH: Changed the chart layout strategy to an enum.
      ENH: Added code for axes to rectangle in charts.
      ENH: Use the gutter and border in chart matrix.
      ENH: Removed the Range ivar from vtkAxis.
      ENH: Added a setter that uses double* for axis range.
      ENH: Synchronize axis ranges in the matrix.
      ENH: Add a placeholder for the active plot.
      ENH: Added chart spans to the chart matrix.
      ENH: Added API to store, set and retrieve the active plot.
      ENH: Set a larger gutter on the matrix.
      ENH: Moved the FuzzyCompare function into a namespace.
      BUG: Delete all charts, then resize.
      ENH: Allow the action button to be set to -1.
      ENH: Added picking for charts in bottom-left triangle.
      ENH: Made number of bins configurable.
      ENH: Use more points, reduced number of bins.
      Updated git gerrit-push, and add git gerrit-merge.
      STYLE: Only one include allowed without explanation.
      STYLE: Added missing PrintSelf method.
      BUG: Ensure the background of charts has no outline.
      BUG: Be more careful with types in axis calculations.
      ENH: Delay rendering of scene for context.
      BUG: Initialize the vtkAxisExtended ivars.
      BUG: Initialize UserBounds, used in GetBounds.
      BUG: Fixed a memory leak in ComputeTexture.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warning introduced by 000878ab
      ENH: Removed the Range ivar from vtkAxis.
      ENH: Added a setter that uses double* for axis range.
      ENH: Prefer vtkStdString in API.
      ENH: Move the labels to use vtkTextProperty.
      ENH: Use vtkColor4ub for colors in scatter plots.
      ENH: Use a less generic name for plot color.
      ENH: Moved more settings into settings object.
      ENH: Use smart pointers, added pen and brush setters
      ENH: Moved to share pens and brushes between charts
      STYLE: Moved the Vector tests to Common.
      ENH: Added basic operator overloads to vtkVector.
      BUG: Actually do the bounds checking for () operator.
      ENH: Added Norm, Normalize, Dot to vtkVector.
      ENH: TestVector should not return early.
      BUG: vtkVectorOperators is not vtkObject derived.
      ENH: Added Cross product, Compare and Normalized.
      ENH: Added more tests for the vector operations.
      COMP: Force double for sqrt
      COMP: Put the macros inside ifndef blocks
      BUG: Include the cmath header in preference to C header
      ENH: Keep vector operators separate, for now at least
      ENH: Added a scalar initializer, fixed compile warnings
      BUG: Don't rely on vtkVector initialization
      ENH: Separate core functions of vtkVector into base
      ENH: vtkColor* inherit from vtkVectorBase
      BUG: 12772 fixes for change in Boost graph API
      COMP: Added ifdefs for Boost versions
      COMP: Fix compilation on AIX
      ENH: Removed the use of vtkstd
      ENH: Found a few more vtkstd instances
      ENH: Removed vtkstd:: from the wrapper generators
      ENH: Do not generate vtkstd if VTK_LEGACE_REMOVE is on
      BUG: Added missing vtkTypeMacro.
      ENH: Refactored mouse event API for context
      ENH: Improved mouse API to retain interactor access.
      ENH: Added GetModifiers to vtkContextMouseEvent.
      ENH: Additive selection of charts for shift modifier.
      COMP: Force to bool for addToSelection.
      STYLE: Fixed whitespace issues introduced in topic.
      ENH: Converted to use vtkNew for variables.
      COMP: Second time lucky - MS say casting is bad...
      COMP: Fix AIX include order issues.
      COMP: Ported to use new mouse API.
      COMP: Ported to use the new mouse API.
      COMP: Missed one legacy mouse access.
      ENH: Use float for block dimensions.
      ENH: Enable line antialiasing for the charts.
      ENH: Enable point and polygon smoothing too.
      ENH: Add a control-select modifier for selection toggling.
      ENH: Connect up the new selection mode enum.
      ENH: Addition of the subtraction of selections.
      BUG: 12772 fixes for change in Boost graph API
      COMP: Added ifdefs for Boost versions
      STYLE: Improve the vtkRenderWindowInteractor docs.
      ENH: Deprecate the git stage aliases.
      BUG: Don't leak GL state for face culling.
      BUG: Removed debug statements from IsInf and IsNan.
      COMP: Fixes necessary for ParaView's client server.
      ENH: Removed the snprintf usage in Atom and Bond.
      COMP: Ported to work with OpenQube master.
      COMP: Silence unused variable warnings in release mode.
      ENH: Accumulate errors in the periodic table test.
      COMP: Removed some of the debug and unused variables.
      COMP: Fixed header test warnings.
      COMP: Fixed Windows name mangling - AddAtom -> AppendAtom.
      COMP: Silence unused variable warnings...
      BUG: Remove the selection id array from defaults.
      ENH: Be more selective when resetting column visibility.
      BUG: Fix a bug when setting all columns visible.
      BUG: Fix failing PrintSelf test for vtkMolecule.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warnings, style issues.
      ENH: Improved tests in chemistry to use factory.
      ENH: If debug leaks is on make tests fail locally.
      COMP: Removed vtkstd reference - deprecated.
      BUG: Fixed double deletion of BasisSet.
      BUG: Get rid of implicit zero construction.
      ENH: Remove implicit zero construction from colors.
      ENH: Added scalar multipliers for vectors.
      ENH: Use GetAnnotationLink() for consistency.
      COMP: QVTK uses X API but doesn't link to X libs.
      ENH: Simplify the vtkAtom API.
      ENH: Simplification of the chemistry core API.
      ENH: Fix leaks on failure, made test fall through.
      ENH: Removed duplication on GetPlaneFromBond.
      COMP: Enclose legacy implementation in ifdef block.
      BUG: Fixed type for vtkColor4d.
      ENH: Remove default arguments, create empty ctor.
      STYLE: Document default vtkTuple constructor.
      BUG: Fixed python vtkTuple templated class test.
      BUG: Caught a few uninitialized vectors in charts.
      BUG: Fixed a couple of issues with bounds.
      COMP: Fixed warnings about unitialized memory.
      BUG: Fix bug 12978 - python chemistry CMake variable.
      BUG: Fixed a bug in scrolling of top and right axes.
      COMP: API change in Boost Graph Library.

Mathieu Malaterre (11):
      ExecuteInformation / ExecuteData should return on error
      This commit fix vtkStdString support in Java
      Add interaction to test
      adding some help for vtkWrap commands
      vtkStdString cstor does not support NULL pointer
      InsertNextValue was not returning MaxId when no value is inserted
      Fix some spelling errors as well as doxygen layout issues
      Add a RemoveTranslation function for wrapped language
      STYLE: minor fix to correct typos
      Replace runtime counting with compile time counting.
      Add documentation for the special patterns used in SetText

Matt McCormick (thewtex) (1):
      Fix WindowToImageFilter's camera's UseHorizontalViewAngle.

Michael Jeulin-L (4):
      BUG: PointHandleRepresentation3D::vtkProperty does not apply with SeedWidget
      BUG: vtkPointHandleRepresentation3D::PlaceWidget when TranslationMode is off.
      BUG: Fix vtkImplicitPlaneRepresentation, redesign widget implementation:
      FIX: vtkImplicitPlaneRepresentation does not print ivar LockNormalToCamera

Nathan Fabian (9):
      Added an external init for Communicator.
      BUG: Work around the dropped exodus cache (fixes issue 9729)
      BUG: Fixes an unrecoverable for missing types array
      ENH: Updated exodus to version 5.10
      ENH: Fixed the name mangling
      COMP: Fix the name wrapping for VTK
      Remove warnings from Debian
      Forgot to change the index name in both places
      Continuing to remove warnings from compilers

Nikhil Shetty (16):
      Fixing head-tracking with synchronous-renderer.
      Adding Deering convenience matrix manipulation to vtkPerspectiveTransform
      Restore vtkCamera HeadTracking (TODO: use DeeringFrustum in the future)
      Fixing compile errors
      Moving display configuration logic from Paraview to VTK
      Adding convenience mathods to vtkCamera for setting tracked values.
      adding quaternion multiplication
      Fixed near and far clipping plane
      Adding the option of Row/Column major
      STYLE: Cleaning up some testing code.
      Revert "For now disabling ResetCamera to disallow ParaView using it"
      ENH: Making default screen config wrt 1 meter cube
      Fixing Clipping issue
      Fixing indentation and removing tabs
      Sync model matrix to fix wand update in CAVE
      STYLE: Removing space for consistiency

Panos Mavrogiorgos (2):
      Fixed bug in ShowCursor method. 'cursor' should be 'qt_cursor'.
      Fixed bug in resizeEvent method of QVTKRenderWindowInteractor.

Pat Crossno (1):
      Expose cache size at reader level.

Pat Marion (3):
      Add new api to vtkDebugLeaks to track vtk object lifetime
      Add Qt widget for displaying objects tracked by vtkDebugLeaks
      Fix compiler warning and style issue

Pavel Pokutnev (1):
      Fix for int overflow bugs in volume rendering module.

Perry Spyropoulos (1):
      Fixed smallbug in VTK/Utilities/octree

Philippe Pébay (631):
      STYLE: fix documentation prior to changes
      ENH: remove NumericType hack
      ENH: switching histogram value type based on input data type
      ENH: store histograms as separate blocks, one for each processed variable
      ENH: order histograms with native order for each data type
      ENH: marginal PDFs calculated
      BUG: forgot to properly initialize invalid P value for cardinality row
      ENH: reformat quantile table (swap columns and rows)
      ENH: finally calculating and storing all quantiles while preserving types
      BUG: make Test operation run again with new quantile format (but not correct)
      ENH: update test harness to make it use new quantile format
      BUG: protecting all SelectAssessFunctor routines from non-initializing dfunc
      BUG: removed a "+ 2" offset which corresponded to the old quantile storage
      BUG: fixed leftover old-style quantile read. No more runtime crash now.
      ENH: added mid-point interpolation for quantiles
      ENH: adding support for "nearest observation" quantile calculation (R-3)
      ENH: rewrote assess functors for new framework and made test work with these
      ENH: added a variant array quantizer (assess functor)
      BUG: spelling of Kolmogorov
      ENH: added tests for assess operation which were gravely lacking
      Modified test to reflect changes to order statistics
      ENH: completed fixing this test case
      BUG: (inconsequential so far) forgot a delete []
      ENH: created additional tests to verify // aggregation
      ENH: changes needed by recent overhaul of order statistics
      COMP: killed a warning
      COMP: make Windows happy
      COMP: fixed a warning
      STYLE: fixed incorrect documentation
      STYLE: int vs. vtkIdType consistency
      ENH: progress checkpoint -- most of data array case is complete
      ENH: progress--almost done
      ENH: added a cardinalities block and updated tests accordingly
      BUG: don't report cardinalities as variables
      ENH: removed the cardinality line in histogram tables; updated tests
      ENH: there isn't a cardinality row to be worried about any more
      BUG: fixed confusion between local and global cardinality arrays
      BUG: fixed test routine to account for variable np
      ENH: better testing of global cardinality/grand total
      ENH: completed implementation of POrder for data arrays
      BUG: bail out if no statistics are calculated by the serial superclass
      ENH: a new test program for // correlative statistics.
      ENH: progress
      ENH: better error control, some reformatting
      Factorized the reduction facility for data arrays
      Removed now unused debug timer and timing statements
      Removed forgotten pre-processing directive, now unused.
      Simplified timing structure to minimally acceptable core
      Now reading S3D block-type data
      ENH: progress towards command line parsing for real data reading
      Fix bug related to parsing data dimensionality
      Now reading data with arbitrary data dimensionality (passed by command line)
      Now reading processor dimensionality and using it to split input data
      A version of test which finally runs descriptive stats on S3D data
      Time things including I/O...
      Remove TestRealDataPDescriptive from regression until there is baseline data
      Removed a now unused predefined cardinality
      Now verifying some results with respect to extracted data set parameters
      Fixed VS10 warning
      Fixed a signed/unsigned VS10 warning
      Renaming a test for consistency.
      Removing unused line arguments
      Updating CR information
      Cleanup: we do not need vtksys/SystemTools here
      Fixed documentation
      The per-process cardinality is now variable.
      Allow for descriptive-only testing (sufficient for scalability tests)
      All tests but descriptive do not inspect assess data.
      Renamed last inconsistently-named parallel statistics test
      Removed unused parameters to be passed to individual procs
      Cleaned up testPOrder of unused arguments
      Cleaned up TestRandomPContingency of unused line arguments
      Renaming for consistency
      Updated CR information
      Cleaned up now unused debugging preproc directives
      Fix incorrect intercepts of linear regression.
      Typo: Intersect => Intercept
      Test linear regression values when regression is valid
      Replaced "status" string with value of determinant
      Fix documentation to reflect recent changes
      More documentation (Jarque-Bera-Srivastava test)
      Determinant (a.k.a. "generalized variance") should come before regression
      Forgot to remove debug warning messages, and relaxed verification bounds
      Clarifying code a bit (assessment is way too complicated)
      Make Assessor be explicit about involved columns when determinant <= 0
      Don't issue a Warning in Derive for non-positive generalized variance.
      Added calculations of residuals from linear regressions (both)
      Make sure that Assess is always calculated, even when gen. variance < 0
      Shortened variable names for legibility (results are difficult to read)
      Regressions (and corresponding assessments) will now always be calculated.
      Removing unnecessary verifications for positivity of variances
      Simplify case where cov matrix is effectively diagonal.
      Now handling consistently machine-precision issues for Jarque-Bera-Srivastava
      Document what we are doing with near-diagonal cases
      Accelerate things a bit
      Now cleanly handling all near-{degenerate,zero} cases in JBS Test.
      Fixed bug in residuals
      Now handle degenerate covariance matrices for assessment
      Order of tests (det < DBL_MIN should be more frequent than absurd variances)
      Now testing X->Y and Y->X residuals as well
      Now also verifying covariances (this somehow was left forgotten earlier)
      Update CR
      Remove reference to AssessParameters (to be entirely removed from stats)
      Remove reference to AssessParameters (to be entirely removed from stats)
      Remove reference to AssessParameters (to be entirely removed from stats)
      Update CR
      Removed use of AssessParameters, some refactoring, updated test
      Documentation typo
      Removed AssessParameters, did some refactoring at the same time for legibility
      Updated CR
      Eliminated AssessParameters at top level -- and ancillary functions
      Remove multiple and disorderly (re)-definitions of VTK_DBL_{MIN,EPSILON}
      Update CR
      Clarified use of VTK_DBL_EPSILON (and should quiet a Winbug, too)
      Added missing Sandia statement to PContingency class
      Added missing Sandia statement to P Descriptive class
      Added missing Sandia statement to P Correlative class
      Added missing Sandia statement to P Order statistics class
      Added missing Sandia statement to P k-means class
      Added missing Sandia statement to P multi-correlative class
      Added missing Sandia statement to P PCA class
      Remove NUMBER_OF_VARIABLES macro which did not turn out to be useful
      Contingency statistics are a special case of bivariate -- 2 variables
      Replace NUMBER_OF_VARIABLES with 1
      Complete refactoring of Assess for bivariate statistics.
      Warning: remove now unused variables
      Removing "edge decoration" apparatus.
      Removing "edge decoration" apparatus.
      Fixed stranged formatting.
      Added Learn parameter (compression) for order stats -- and testing it
      Input parameters are actually used by some engines
      Fixed bug relative to compression retrieval
      Progress checkpoint
      Now quantizing until target histogram size is reached
      Test mini and maxi for parallel order stats within tolerance
      Now adaptively compressing until max histogram size is reached
      Now test is allowing for multiple parameter inputs (for parametric runs)
      Attempt to resolve silent NaN exception throwing on VS
      Documenting special treatment of NaN comparison even though they are quiet
      Further attempt to eliminate VS exception with NaNs
      A less elegant implementation dealing with Nans but which should work with VS
      Make input cluster means a parameter (for parametric testing)
      Make number of clusters an input parameter for parametric studies
      Make standard deviation an input parameter, for parametric studies
      Fixed oddities left in this test
      Generate column names on the fly, in a flexible way
      Fixed documentation that no longer made any sense with recent changes
      Added line interface so all input parameters can be passed at execution time
      Added command line parser so parallel contingency can be tested parametrically
      Fixed incorrect documentation: CDF tolerance is *absolute*
      Added absolute threshold for testing to parallel order statistics
      Better default values for parametric initialization
      BUG: parsing of absolute tolerance
      Fixed incorrect parsing of absolute tolerance for MPI Order as well
      Fixed inconsistencies with other tests, documentation
      Complete overhaul allowing to skip some of the parallel moment statistics
      68-95-99.7 rule verification only applies when descriptive stats are run
      Added further flexibility: can test or not test serial superclass
      Add built-in documentation for MPI order statistics parametric test
      Add built-in documentation for MPI moment statistics parametric test
      Add built-in documentation for MPI contingency statistics parametric test
      Add built-in documentation for MPI k-means statistics parametric test
      Removed unused parameters for parallel test with real data
      Add built-in documentation for MPI parametric test with real data
      Complete reworked error handling so test errors can be better understood
      Protect test against cases where Assess operation failed. Also better warnings
      Take advantage of the fact that local rank does not change
      Generalize test to arbitrary number of assessed columns
      6 deviations were actually never tested; this was not noticed but is now fixed
      Added facility to cross-check aggregated serial vs. parallel stats
      Delete things closest to where they are created
      Veirify that correct number of variables are retrieved for aggregation
      Now cross-verifying values (aggregated serial vs. parallel)
      Added absolute tolerance for cross verification (also parsed as opt)
      No longer use a separate aggregation node, but the I/O one for simplicity
      Finally protect this test against MPIReduce failure
      Added generic Assess method for variable number of variables
      Correlative statistics now using the generic Assess(). Also fixed bugs.
      Now all univariate statistics use generic Assess().
      Header clean-up following overhaul
      More header clean up
      Uni/bivariate abstract classes reduced almost to nil prior to elimination
      Improvements and documentation
      AddColumn() and AddColumnPair() conveniences are now part of vtkStats
      Added a facility to directly add column singletons for statistics
      Have now eliminated all univariate-specific column selection mechanism
      Eliminated intermediate univariate level for statistics
      AddBufferEntriesToRequest() no longer useful now.
      Removed the method to select all possible pairs of columns
      Entirely eliminated the intermediate bivariate class
      Restored column selection mechanism for formerly vtkUnivariateStatistics
      Restore column selection mechanism for formerly vtkBivariateStatistics
      Update number of primary tables after Learn
      Enter invalid -1 value for number of primary tables
      Now reading variable number of primary tables for order statistics
      Progress checkpoint; reading order model tables
      Now correctly naming histogram block tables with variable names
      Completed update to support extended order statistics model format
      Formatting issues
      Indenting issue
      Progress checkpoint: string-type histograms downcasted and compressed
      Make Pack function a static one
      Added reduction function for string arrays
      Label end of long conditional blocks
      Make explicit that variant arrays are not supported in parallel
      Unpack() must be static
      Added an Unpack() static function to POrderStatistics
      Removed performance measurement points
      Implementation of reduction step for string histograms
      Header clean up
      Changed naming conventions for legibility and maintainability
      Align some naming conventions with those of P Order
      Naming consistency
      Progress checkpoint--only thing left is broadcast of strings.
      Why bother with different names? Just overload function name.
      Completed implementation of parallel support for string inputs
      Preparing test to make room for string inputs too
      Testing progress checkpoint
      Rename Packing function for legibility
      Rename Unpacking function for legibility
      Clarifications of what Pack/Unpack are doing with strings
      Fixed conceptual error resulting in subtle bug.
      Fixed last remaining Broadcast problem.
      Be safe yet elegant.
      Change names of multiple pack/unpack routines for legibility
      Turned protected method into static function
      Turned protected method into static function
      Calculate and display global range for string variable as well.
      No need for a tolerance when verifying integer value
      Verify global ranges (calculated) for string columns
      Verify histogram total count (global) for each variable
      Use "myRank" everywhere once it has been calculated.
      Clarify what stdev does exactly
      Add CLI options to skip integer/string variables
      Consistency in the use of variable number of values
      More efficient and explicit verifications
      An almost complete reimplementation for flexible testing.
      A Python example illustrating how to use Aggregate() with statistics
      Adding full path to VTKData
      Added verification by calculating directly for whole ensemble
      Formatting consistency
      Forgot to save some reformatting
      Removed references to univariate and bivariate statistics
      Add iVars necessary for inner grid lines
      Add ivars necessary for inner planes
      Added necessary data structures
      A series of test for the new CEA functionalities
      Checkpoint where inner grids and planes structures are in place.
      Adding RebuildAxes iVar and methods
      Added additional Render methods from VisIt class
      Consistency of Axis/AxisLines nomenclature
      Adding lines properties to cube axes
      Now setting axes properties
      Now setting Axis properties
      Added axes property helper methods
      Added complete support for 2D titles and actors
      Forgot to release graphics resources of TitleActor2D
      Setting default values for ivars and non-dependent attributes
      Suppressing several memory leaks
      Eliminated last remaining source of leaks
      Neither xz nor yz portions of the major tickmarks are needed in 2D
      Consistent annotations
      A new test (with grid lines)
      Create another test (with grid lines)
      Added inner translucent planes generation, and 3 ancillary test programs
      Interline style fix
      Cleanly setting and deleting LabelText
      Moving to vector (as opposed to scalar) representation of majors
      Major not needed as ivars for the cube actor
      Implemented inner grids, and 3 ancillary tests
      Set default colors for inner grid lines
      Separating outer and inner grid lines properties
      Assigning inner line properties
      Globally updating majors prior to tick computation
      Improved grid lines routines, added test
      Removed now useless test
      Initialize unique FreeType instance.
      Added inner gridlines properties set/get methods which fell through cracks
      Fixing PrintSelf defects
      Fixing PrintSelf defects
      Killed a VC performance warning
      Eliminated 2 uninitialized warnings
      Initializing coefficients to remove warnings
      Added new methods that allow one to create new title and labels props
      Make sure that label opacity and color are consistent with those of axis
      Initializing axes title text property and making it consistent with labels
      Eliminate potential source of leak
      Added convenience methods to Set/Get axis lines properties
      Properly initialize title actor properties when building axis
      Use standard macros for properties Set/Get methods
      A new test to statically inspect immproved scalar bar features
      A test closer to the expected look and feel
      Added iVars for background and frame; and ancillary methods.
      Properly construct, release, and destroy enhanced scalar bar
      Updated RenderOverlay() for background and frame
      Creating an "Enhanced Mode" option for improved layout (default off)
      Now drawing background and frame -- and testing them.
      More detailed testing of the newer and older scalar bar options
      Nicer looking test
      Updated PrintSelf() to incorporate new ivars
      More generic handling of Enhanced/Non-Enhanced Mode
      Checkpoint for branch
      Better view angle for the test
      Perform regression testing for scalar bars
      Use adujsted height and width whenever frame or background are on.
      Testing without EnhancedMode (which should be turned on by default)
      Do not forget to adjust H/W when necessary in horizontal orientation
      Clarify documentation and make it consistent. Regroup contributor names
      Made doc consistent and clearer; regrouped contributor names
      Killed 4 warnings
      A minimal API for the polar axes actor
      Fixed API
      A minimal implementation which builds -- but does not do much
      A new test for the polar coordinates actor
      Fixed bug in destructor
      Added explicit bounds, now used also in test
      Better and more legible formating and test flow
      Fix parenthesis style
      Better format; for legibility and safety
      Now drawing the radial axes
      Now place titles (i.e. angles) along radial axes; scale them properly
      Add an iVar for radial axis title visibility
      Made sure label offsets are propagated. Fixed typos.
      Added ticks on polar axis (only), other options, test
      Eliminate all variables and calculations related to minor ticks and labels
      Fixed bug in placement of origin
      Added support for hand-specified pole coordinates. Testing it.
      Proper scaling of radial axes; added an option for auto-scaling
      A better API
      Corrected placement of ticks on polar axis; and other problems
      Now creating polar axis labels
      Now placing labels along polar axis
      More legible label size
      More legible color and light
      Do not place 0° axis title to avoid cluttering with labels
      Add a new ivar with ancillary methods to contral polar axis title
      Se a default ScreenSize in the constructor
      Set a good offset for follower of polar axis
      Added text properties for both polar axis title and labels
      Adding variables and methods for title and label texts
      Test with different title and label text colors
      Fixed a bug
      Now properly setting ambient and diffuse values for labels and titles
      Removed forgotten debug statements
      Cleaned up references to follower color
      Removed several ivars which are no longer needed
      Consistency in coloring of radial / non-polar axes. Testing this.
      Removed forgotten ivar
      Now testing various color options for axes lines, titles, etc.
      Introduced a variable zero-threshold for labels
      Eliminated a massive memory leak
      Have a min and max possible number of radial axes, clamp with them.
      Clamp MaximumRadius within positive range
      Clamp polar angle from 0 to 360 degrees
      Fixed PrintSelf() defect
      Added infrastructure for polar arcs and their properties
      Create/delete polar arcs, set visibility, add them to rendering
      Now creating all necessary axes with correct geometry
      Made arc resolution depend on polar angle
      Removed ShallowCopy()
      Removed ShallowCopy
      Created a global macro value for arc resolution (per angle unit)
      Removed a forgotten ShallowCopy declaration
      Nicer background to test polar axes
      Eliminated degenerate first axis (corresponding to R=0)
      Implemented simplifications allowed by particular nature of radial axes
      Automatically setting polar axes centers if invalid value is given
      Better default color scheme. The test now experiments with uglier colors.
      A checkpoint to investigate a possible bug with vtkArcSource
      Use longest arc with reentrant polar angle
      Testing with reentrant polar angle
      Removed debug statements
      Added a Python example to easily demonstrate various polar axes options
      Removed a now erroneous comment
      Simplify BuildPolarAxisTicks thanks to the special nature of polar axes.
      Prevent SetAxisLinesProperty from changing things that it should not
      Modifying test to verify that attribute properties are indeed used
      Removed ShallowCopy()
      Removed incorrect "thanks" notice
      Adjusted offsets
      Removed notion of 0-threshold for radial axes (no longer needed)
      Added the ability to auto-calculate, or select, number of polar ticks
      Use preset or computed number of labels; do not recalculate it
      Reorganize build label routine to make it easier to maintain
      Using more test options
      Removed spurious resetting of a value
      Better sizing strategy to avoid horizontal overflow of title
      Better placement strategy to avoid title overflow in Y
      Testing more options
      Testing various color options
      Better vertical placement of titles in V bars
      Killing a VS performance warning
      Consistency in the use of booleans and their macros
      Removed AutoLabelScaling which will finally not be used here
      Removed user-defined power, not used for now at least
      Use "deg" and not "deg." for angle units
      Removed the RebuildAxes flag which will not be used here.
      Build in numerical tolerance to avoid truncation errors at endpoints
      Added a MinimumAngle iVar to the API; set defaults
      Now using MinimumAngle to begin angular sectors
      Added instance variable and ancillaries for polar axis to API
      Created a separate handling of the polar axis from other radial axes
      Properly initializing separate polar axis and ancillaries
      Modified creation of radial axes to create only those within bounds
      Arc and label routine now linked to polar axis
      Proper and independent scaling of polar axis title and labels
      Removed debug statements
      Removed unused exponent method
      API clean-up and documentation
      Tick locatoion (for polar axis only) always will be TICKS_BOTH
      Removing TransformBounds() which will never be used
      Added distance-based LOD for titles and labels.
      Fixed PrintSelf() defects
      Globally defined distance based LOD threshold properties
      Added angle view based LOD; testing it
      Removed unnecessary assignment
      Killed a warning
      Prevent conflicts between radial and polar axes title (below 2 degrees)
      Added an ivar for smallest radial angle distinguishable from polar
      Compute bounds only when needed
      Exit early if incorrect input angles were given
      Do not drwa anything if angular sector is wider than one lap
      Example with negative angles
      A test with an angular range spanning across 0
      No multisamples for render window to prevent aliasing problems
      Fixed a bug: maxMemoryInByte was incorrectly cast to int
      A class for rotational extrusion of surfaces, generating quads
      Coding style
      VTK style
      Fixed PrintSelf() defect
      More coding style fixes
      Create a RotationAroundAxis routine for maintainability and legibility
      Massive code simplification
      A new test, for the (triangular) rotational extrusion filter
      A new test for the novel quad-generating rotational extrusion filter
      Highlighting line source of rotational extrusion
      Highlight line source of quad rotational extrusion as well
      VTK coding style
      Fixed a size_t/int warning
      Fixed a size_t/unsigned warning
      More coding style
      A new linear extraction filter
      Fixed coding style
      Clarfication, coding style
      A version of the linear extraction filter that compiles
      Fixed headers; did some renaming to comply with VTK naming style
      Coding style
      Added Points iVar to define a broken line for selection by intersection
      Implemented selection via broken line intersection
      PrintSelf() fix
      Removed unused variable
      Consistent naming scheme
      A new test for the quad-generating extrusion filter, from data
      Generate a slightly bigger image
      Fixed export macro
      Removed spurious include
      Added forgotten TypeMacro
      Fixed = operator definition
      Localize definition of variables for maintainability
      Defensive coding
      Calculate indices before passing them to Insert() methods
      Proper clean-up to avoid memory leaks
      Consistency in handling of pointers/smart pointers
      Testing linear extraction along a single segment through a 3D mesh
      Clearer and cleaner implementation of core routine
      Use correct data path
      Rename test for generality (will include more cases)
      Added a second test case
      Added a test for the broken line case
      Added an enpoint elimination factor; testing it as well
      Added a boolean to toggle on/off the choice to include endpoints
      Default values
      Toggle vertices to off for testing purposes
      An other test case (broken line with elements common to lines)
      Extracting selections and making the test harness report cardinalities
      Eliminated source of leaks in destructor
      Coding style
      Made TestLinearExtractor return something meaningful.
      Testing with actual pre-calculated correct selection cardinalities
      Checking cell vertex indices as well
      Retrieving and outputing selected cells with original indices
      Added a "simple check" for faster baseline comparison
      A better algorithm (pre-computing modified segment vertices)
      Correct test cardinalities
      Optimized intersection seeking algorithm
      Test now also outputs UGrids for full verification
      A 2D test for linear extraction
      Forgot to include this test
      Fixed PrintSelf() defect.
      Fixed memory leak (forgot to delete a char array)
      Fixed memory leak: undeleted char array
      The max memory in bytes value was incorrectly cast to int.
      Validated fix of max memory bug and gave credit to M. Ganseier
      Fixed several line formats in PrintSelf()
      Modifying example to show how to use default renderer camera
      Adding LOD ivars and parameters; setting them correctly for cube axes
      Testing additional options which were not verified so far
      Correct title
      Fixed bug where axes opposite to major one where drawn sometimes
      A new set of tests to independently test gridline options
      Fixed subtle buggy combination of axis and outer grid lines visibility
      Testing all gridlines together with axis lines of various colors
      A test for the 2DMode features of the 3D cube axes actor
      Build the 2DMode test for 3D cube axes
      Documentation and coding style; reformatting
      Fixed 2D test code so that it can actually compile
      Testing many more features now
      Emliminated flickering between edgges and surface
      Use 2D mode for test
      Better coding style; format; documentation; for 2D mode
      Program generically (globally-defined constant instead of "4")
      Restored building of 2D titles
      Restored utilization of NeedBuild2D ivar for speed
      Created instance variables to control fixed title offsets in 2D mode
      Using adjustable X and Y 2 offsets (defaults: -40 and -50)
      Simplifying API as Pole is an iVar
      Have valid pole coordinates by default
      Implemented explicit calculation of actor bounds
      Make sure that bounds are recalculated when pole is modified
      Make sure that bounds are always recalculated when needed
      Isolated building of radial axes from main build routine for perf.
      A better, less memory-consuming handling of radial axes
      Factorized radial axis creation (not build)
      Fixed a memory leak
      Changed execution flow to allow subtle change in polar axis behavior
      Set MultiSamples to 0 in order to avoid test failures due to AA
      Typo (missing ;)
      Fixed a typo (X/Z) which caused incorrect line rendering sometimes
      Initializing LastMin/MaxCoordinate iVars
      Update polar axis title follower when needed
      Updating LOD for radial axis titles at the right time
      Removed debug statement
      A much more detailed example
      Eliminated "Enhanced Mode" option.
      A modification of the version 2 of the Youngs Interface class.
      Removed unused variable
      Coding style
      Killed a warning
      A serial version that builds and links
      Fixed export
      Created a P class for the parallel version of the Youngs interface code
      Restored vtkWarningMacros
      Restored warning macros
      Implemented parallel aggregation routine
      Use communicator for communications, rather than controller
      Call Aggregate() routine when needed (for parallel aggregation)
      Fixed documentation
      Fixed PrintSelf() defect
      Fixed Set/Get issue
      Killed a warning
      Justify inclusion of vtkSmartPointer.h
      Header clean-up: fixed a warning
      Fixed serial implementation
      Implemented T. Carrard's suggestion regarding utilization of block mapping
      Removed spurious comments
      Fixed bug in vtkYoungsMaterialInterface
      An API for the novel broken line widget
      Modify API slightly
      Add broken line example
      Show lines
      Modified API so it can accomodate multiple input points (for broken lines)
      An example illustrating the 2 APIs for point source
      A modified line source with 2 APIs.
      Renaming Python example for clarity
      Removed debug statements and did some reformatting
      A broken line widget that works almost completely
      Forgot to commit the source file!
      A test for the broken line widget
      Create 2 linked views in BLW test (one for mesh, other for selection)
      VTK indent style fix
      Improved test to generate and render selection in 2nd viewport
      Added a HandleSizeFactor to control handle radii, and Set/Get methods
      Adjust radius in example; format source
      Testing checkpoint before major overhaul
      A version of the interactive selector that works
      A simplified version
      A complete test application for the broken line widget
      Fixed horrendously idiotic static_cast bug
      Do regression testing for broken line widget
      Modify camera position so that 2 components of selection can be seen
      Fixed indexing bug
      Fixed credits
      Fixed credits
      LinearExtractor => LinearSelector
      Naming consistency
      Renaming following renaming of Linear Extractor/Selector
      Fixed a valgrind defect
      Fixed a valgrind defect
      Add space in selection application text
      Fixed handle addition routine
      Removed debug statements
      Updated documentation on statistics that was seriously outdated
      Updated documentation on descriptive statistics
      Updated documentation on order statistics
      Update documentation on (bivariate) correlation statistics
      Update documentation on (multivariate) correlation statistics
      Updated PCA documentation
      Updated documentation on contingency tables and information entropy
      Updated k-means documentation
      An example reading AVS/UCD binary file for Youngs Material Interface
      Wireframe overlay of presence fraction #1
      Added Youngs material interface instance along with mapper/actor
      Show reconstructed interface
      Improvements to the YMI class
      More generically add interface mappers/actors with composite iterator
      A much better example using blocs for per-material meshes
      An example showing how to correctly reconstruct a Youngs interface
      Removed spurious SetNumberOfBlocks()
      Fixed small formatting issue
      A new regression test (for the Youngs material interface filter)
      Patched a leak
      Fixed comments
      A simple Python example to exercise Youngs Material Interface
      Renaming to avoid confusion with more elaborate Cxx test
      Fixed another leak
      French -> English
      Translation from French
      Removing FIXME statement
      Fixing comments and format
      Fixed more comments and formatting issues
      Global modifs to make code more legible
      More VTK style

Robert Kerr (1):
      Allow the SeriesFilter to filter on a substring also.

Robert Maynard (86):
      Removed the weird comments from the EnSight readers.
      Fix memory leaks in the PLY implementation. Thanks to Petr Petrov.
      Bug #4687 Support ensight gold files larger than 2GB on 64bit machines.
      Added support for documentation blocks that don't start with a newline.
      Disable the exodus cache as it was never meant to be enabled.
      Deprecate vtkExodusReader.
      Corrected  the deprecation warning  of vtkExodusReader and vtkPExodusReader.
      ENH: Make sure old exodus readers warn they are depracated when ran.
      COMP: Fix MSVC2010 debug assert from being thrown.
      COMP: Fix MSVC2010 debug assert from being thrown.
      Added a test to for world scaling.
      Converted majority of warning macros to debug macros.
      BUG 12168: User can now set the cache size for exodus reader.
      ENH: Redesign of the way the caching works for PExodusIIReader.
      COMP: Fixed deprecated warnings to not show when compiling VTK.
      ENH: Refactor LSDyna to use multiple classes.
      ENH: Add in the part collection that holds onto the mesh for each part.
      ENH: Each part in the collection now has a unique pointset.
      ENH: Added in reading of more part types into the part collection.
      ENH: Made skipwords skip across files, cleaned up file open/close.
      ENH: LSDyna now again supports removing dead cells from the output.
      ENH: Give each block in the multiblock a name based on the part it is from.
      ENH: Remove unnneeded code.
      BUG: Corrected a bug where dead cells being added to a disabled part.
      ENH: Initial draft at getting point property support.
      ENH: We now properlyy cache topology information between timesteps.
      ENH: Finished support for cell properties in the state file.
      ENH: Allow easy conversion of the entire buffer to a single type.
      BUG: Corrected windows reading to be unbuffered.
      BUG: Properly handle reseting the part cache when parts or filename changes.
      ENH: Speed up reading of the cells and materials.
      BUG: Fixed compilation errors on Linux.
      ENH: On purpose clear the file buffer to minimize memory usage.
      ENH: Reading of points is done using buffered reads to minimize memory usage.
      ENH: Split up the read state method into two methods.
      ENH: Move the LSDyna reader to IO where it really should be.
      ENH: Adding in the Parallel version of the LSDyna Reader.
      ENH: If deformed mesh is enabled always read the deflection array.
      ENH: More changes to the LSDyna reader to make parallel reading possible.
      Adding in the framework for parallel reading of lsdyna topology.
      ENH: Massive refactor to redesign how we read in parallel.
      BUG: Correct numerous issue with reading files in parallel.
      BUG: Corrected stat calls to work on files over 4GB.
      ENH: Read part names from root file and add name and type to part field data.
      ENH: Allow user to control caching of topology.
      ENH: Close file handles at the end of request data.
      BUG: headers arer not being picked as a dependency so include them.
      ENH: Refactor reading of LSDyna information to use a reusable buffer.
      ENH: Added back in SPH and Road surface support.
      ENH: Removed unneeded finalize state checks.
      ENH: Removal of death array and moved material id to field data.
      ENH: Added back in support for customer user ids.
      BUG: Correct part name reading.
      BUG: Fix reading in parallel to be faster and correct.
      Redesigned the way we read and store parts of the LSDynaReader.
      Fix reading on 32bit machines.
      Fixed issues with loading the constant point positions.
      Fixed multiple bugs found during testing.
      Fixed more bugs found during testing.
      Corrected point user ids to being id type arrays.
      Corrected more mistakes in parallel point reading
      Made user ids the global user ids array.
      COrrected the sorting of parts.
      Added the options to threshold away dead cells.
      fixes the memory leak in DensePoints and SparsePointsUsed.
      BUG: Corrected reading SPH files when number of materials is incorrect.
      Adding tests for LSDyna in serial mode.
      Adding tests for LSDyna in parallel.
      Corrected LSDyna readers warnings on Linux.
      Corrected warnings that MSVC produced.
      Corrected the vtkLSDyna headers to comply with VTK Standards
      Corrected warnings in vtkPLSDynaReader
      Fix failing LSDyna printself tests.
      Supress uses the anonymous namespace warnings with gcc.
      Corrected invalid property reading.
      Currently SPH files are not currently read properly.
      Correcting incorrect reading of datasets with custom material ids.
      Fix issue with using deprecated stat64 on OSX.
      The supression about anonymous namespaces now works.
      Moved the definition of SetDeformedMesh to reduce warnings under MINGW
      Incremental builds now properly compile the LSDyna utility.
      LSDyna parts now properly have field data information again.
      BUG: Tecplot was opening extra file handles after calling rewind.
      BUG: Tecplot always releases the file pointer when deleted.
      BUG: Fixed rewinding a tecplot gzipped file.
      Move the code to skip comment lines to the get token method.

Robert O'Bara (4):
      BUG:Fixed problem with interactive vs still frame rate
      BUG:Removed the assumption of Active Scalars
      BUG:Fixed crash due to internal mappers not finding the correct scalars
      BUG:Fixed a problem with volume rendering with non-active scalars

Ross G. Miller (2):
      Adding a parallel NetCDF POP reader class.
      Adding a parallel NetCDF POP reader class.

Scott Fowler (5):
      BUG: Update plot cache if LookupTable changes
      Enhanced vtkStringToNumeric to handle whitespace and empty columns better.
      Added tests to vtkStringToNumeric
      Revert "Added tests to vtkStringToNumeric"
      Added tests for vtkStringToNumeric.

Sean McBride (27):
      COMP: fixed more clang warnings
      BUG: replace vtkSleep with SystemTools::Delay
      COMP: fixed compiler warning by adding cast
      PERF: minor improvements to vtkGarbageCollector performance
      PERF: replaced VTK_LEAN_AND_MEAN usage with NDEBUG
      COMP: fixed minor compilation issue on Mac OS X 10.7 seed
      ENH: remove the last 4 usages of VTK_LEAN_AND_MEAN
      COMP: fixed yet more clang warnings, minor stuff
      STYLE: fixed comment to match implementation
      COMP: fixed misc warnings from clang
      COMP: fixed clang warning by applying change from sql folks
      COMP: fixed clang warnings
      COMP: fixed warning by disabling unused code
      COMP: fixed compiler warning by removing dead (lex-related) code
      COMP: fixed some clang compiler warnings on the nightly dashboard
      COMP: fix compiler warning about dead code.
      Performed a code review of some of the various PLY code
      COMP: fixed various compiler warnings on the dashboards
      COMP: fixed warnings from continuous dashboard, added casts
      updated freetype from 2.4.4 to 2.4.7
      updated vtk_freetype_mangle.h with new symbol list for freetype 2.4.7
      updated vtk_freetype_mangle.h with symbols from Linux and Windows
      BUG: fixed bug #12693, changed PI to use vtkMath pi
      ENH: Made vtkMath::IsInf and vtkMath::IsNan inlined, sometimes
      COMP: workaround for false positive clang warning
      improved const correctness and readability of vtkSelectVisiblePoints
      Additional code review of PLY code

Sebastien Jourdain (20):
      Fixed vtkMultiProcessStream to handle strings correctly. (with bit swap too)
      Update vtkGenericStreamTracer API to current ParaView style
      Extend vtkGenericStreamTracer API to simplify ParaView integration
      Update vtkGenericStreamTracer API to current ParaView style
      Extend vtkGenericStreamTracer API to simplify ParaView integration
      Fix vtkGenericGeometryFilter::RequestUpdateExtent
      ENH: Add event to chart/axis when range is changed.
      Add support for observer method to abort call
      Mark all Add/Remove RMI methods to be virtual
      Integrate buffering code into SocketCommunicator
      Support x3d exported to write into stream
      Emit a signal when MouseMove
      Add notification to chart
      Extend API for vtkEventQtSlotConnect
      Now vtkTableToPolyData can keep data array use to create point coordinate
      Fix PrintSelf-Graphics
      Add optional parameter in GeoProjection
      Use interactor for triggering renders.
      Revert "ENH: Change the behaviour of DataArray.Resize(newSize)"
      Update associated API documentation

Stephen Aylward (1):
      ENH: Increased the value array size, particularly to support a 200x200 matrix

Sven Buijssen (6):
      DOC: Consistently use only the term "vertices", not "verticies" as well
      hdf5: Workarounds for compile errors with GCC 4 on Solaris 2.10
      hdf5: Fixed typos in documentation and comments
      BUG: Fix for #12043. Detect null arrays and reports errors instead of crashing
      BUG: Fix for BUG #12619. vtkPolyDataSilhouette segfaulted if no camera
      BUG: Fix for BUG #2886. AVS UCD reader could choke on comments

Tharindu De Silva (6):
      bug fix + update
      warning fixes
      code formatting + bug fixes
      Revert member variable name changes
      Patch added
      ENH: Improved tick label positioning in charts.

Thomas Otahal (7):
      ENH: Added circle packing layout classes to VTK.
      BUG:  Fixed test segfault on Linux and Windows.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warning.
      Added k-core decomposition filter to Infovis.
      Fixed compiler warnings and test errors in k-core.
      Fixed more compiler warnings in k-core.
      Changed hash key and fixed compiler warnings.

Timothy M. Shead (4):
      Fix problems loading binary files on Windows.
      Add wrappable methods to vtkArrayCoordinates and vtkArrayExtents.
      Added support for general p-norms to vtkNormalizeMatrixVectors
      vtkTableToSparseArray supports explicit output extents.

Tom Fogal (2):
      Predicate views-based examples on VTK_USE_VIEWS.
      Fix minor spelling error.

Utkarsh Ayachit (41):
      Fixed vtkMultiProcessStream to handle strings correctly.
      Fire start/end events before/after ProcessRMIs
      Fixed asserts on exit on windows on server side.
      Skip invalid bounds.
      Cleaned up image caching code making it easier to override in subclass.
      Allocate was always reallocing the buffer. Fixed that.
      Added missing ReleaseGraphicsResources.
      QVTKWidget was capturing image from the buffer at wrong time.
      Fixed BUG #12108. Avoid destroying OSMesa context on resize.
      ShallowCopy missing InterpolateScalarsBeforeMapping.
      Fixed BUG #12193. Function parser did not support vector/scalar.
      Fixed BUG #12202. vtkXMLUnstructuredGridReader memory blot.
      Fix BUG #12202. CellArray was still growing fixed that.
      Fixed BUG #12208. Reader was using incorrect timestep value.
      Fixed BUG #12249. vtkCellDerivatives was segfaulting.
      Fixed BUG #12410. Colors were lost in X3D exports.
      Fixed BUG #11580. vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter doesn't handle subdivision.
      Added test TestExtractSurfaceNonLinearSubdivision.
      Fixed BUG #12410. Colors were lost in X3D exports.
      Fixed include to use vtk_netcdf instead of netcdf.
      Not handling ghost cells correctly.
      Fixed BUG #12590. Added new type VTK_REEB_GRAPH.
      Fixed BUG #12690. VTU filters with multiple pieces not working.
      Added mode to help with debugging.
      Fixed BUG #12723. Add new mechanism to register event ids.
      vtkSTLReader was changing its MTime in RequestData.
      vtkDelimitedTextReader was changing it's MTime in RequestData. Fixed that.
      Fixed BUG #12278 caused due to invalid memory accesses.
      Fixed BUG #12424. Display lists were not released correctly.
      Fixed warnings (-1 assigned to GLuint).
      Fixed build issue from the conflict resolution by previous commit.
      Fixing unused variable warning.
      Fixed BUG #12791. isprint() was asserting for accented characters.
      Removing vtkstd.
      Add support for scalar opacity when scalars are no being mapped.
      Fix the condition to determine if colors have alpha < 1.
      Fixed BUG #12688. Make FindFREETYPE smarter.
      Fixed BUG #12788. Segfault when reading files with multiple pieces.
      Fixed BUG #12944. Array calculator not passing cell-data for coordinates.
      Adding API to set volume/ordering arrays using fraction array keys.
      Make test for tranlucency more robust.

Wesley Turner (1):
      vtkTable allowed you to access off the end

Will Schroeder (5):
      Hierarchy of button widgets added
      Fixed warnings SetProp->SetProp3D
      Bug fixes
      Slicer application originated tweaks.
      ENH: Automatic plan orientation in vtkImplicitPlaneWidget2

William C McLendon (20):
      basif cramework for selection subtraction into vtkSelection
      initial 'working' vtkSelection::Subtract() in
      STYLE: removed extra comments / debug info
      STYLE: expanded documentation comment
      std:: is now vtkstd::
      removed #include<iostream> from file
      ENH: Fixed some coding issues and removed some kludges
      STYLE: formatting
      Adding initial vtkSelection::Subtract test
      BUG: vtkSelectionNode::EqualProperties segfaulted if arrays weren't named
      ENH: TestSelectionSubtract.cxx added to test vtkSelection::Subtract()
      KCore Layout algorithm initial
      some cleanup
      adding kcore layout test
      Updated documentation for vtkKCoreLayout
      STYLE: cleanup
      Added python example for vtkKCoreDecomposition and Layout
      DIMACS reader/writer correctly use 1..n vertex numbering + example
      BUG: Fixed a couple issues and removed unused variables
      BUG: Replaced M_PI with vtkMath::Pi()

William McLendon (1):
      Added a rowLimit parameter to vtkTable::Dump()

Yuanxin Liu (15):
      upper case a few things to match class name
      Implement vtkClipPlanesPainter::UpdateBounds(); Added new algorithm to vtkBoundingBox.
      add new line at end of file
      reset variable to zero before using it
      handle vector with >3 components
      add a unit test for glyph3D
      fix error handling and add a negative unit test
      get rid of some compiler warning at the expense of a little bit of memory
      fix bug 0012702
      use vtkNew to make code cleaner
      fix memory leak in unit test
      fix bug 0006202
      fix bug 0012734
      fix compiler warning about shared declaration
      fix a typo that causes memory corruption

Yumin Yuan (18):
      Added selection change callback for big chart in plot matrix
      Removed unnecessary BTX comment from header
      ENH: Added API to change plot matrix settings
      ENH: Remove current observer when reset an object
      Fixed a double-click bug in context interactor style
      Added options to limit chartXY end points move directions
      Changed a warning message to debug message
      ENH: Added point handles for control point items
      ENH: Increased point handles Hit radius to be less sensitive
      ENH: Speed up the mouse control of the chart point handles
      ENH: Added a test for chart point handles
      COMP: Fixing build issue on linux
      Fixed passing double as int warning
      Added a SelectionMode variable to vtkChart and Scatter Plot
      ENH: Added animation effect when switching active scatter plot.
      ENH: Added methods to set visible scatter plot columns
      Added more null checking logic in scatter plots
      Changed GetActiveAnnotationLink method in vtkScatterPlotMatrix.

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