[vtk-developers] Question about the Google Summer of Code Projects

Marcus D. Hanwell marcus.hanwell at kitware.com
Tue Mar 13 21:52:27 EDT 2012


2012/3/13 吴敏 <wumalbert at gmail.com>:
> Excuse me:
>     I'm a master student in the Department of Computer Science and
> Technology in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Since the Google Summer
> of Code Projects 2012 (GSoC2012) is going to start, I wonder whether the VTK
> group will participate. Right now, I work in the Computer Graphics And
> Computer Aided Design laboratory, and my major is visualization. I find the
> ideas of VTK group in GSoC2011 quite interested, like the "Volume Rendering
> in WebGL", "Protovis in C++", and "AMR Volume Rendering in VTK" project. But
> I haven't find anything about VTK in GSoC2012. So I refer to yours to get
> some information. Can anybody help me? Thank you!!
We did not apply this year, and so we will not be taking part. If
there is interest in this from students and potential mentors I would
love to get something organized for next year. I think it is valuable
for both the VTK community and the students, but Google will not make
an exception for us this year I am afraid as the deadline has already

I had hoped to get ideas from the community, and put in an application
but many factors worked against me. This obviously doesn't help you
for this year, but I will make a point of getting information out
sooner next year if Google runs the program again.



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