[vtk-developers] software rendering

Kilgus, Thomas t.kilgus at Dkfz-Heidelberg.de
Mon Mar 12 05:33:15 EDT 2012


I observed that software rendering of non power of two images (regarding resolution) results in a scaling of the images to the next power of two. You can see an example here:


The input of the shown test is a 5x5 pixel RGB image which seems to be scaled to 8x8 pixel. The renderwindow and the corresponding reference image are 640x480 px. Internally, we use a vtkPolyDataMapper for rendering the texture on a plane.

Did we maybe misuse the corresponding VTK classes or is this a known issue? Is there a reasonable way to correct this behavior in the software rendering modus? Let me know if you need any further information! I already mailed to the users list but didn't get any response.


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