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I have a substantial amount of data looking for a home. The data was created
under NLM, NIH NCRR and DARPA funding.

There is about 10 gig of data in over 2500 files. The optimal
solution would be a web site that supports rsync.

In 2005, DARPA funded a project called the Virtual Soldier.Please go
here for a summary: http://www.virtualsoldier.us/

As part of this project, GE Research and Brigham and Womens created a
number of datasets derived from the NLM Visible Human Project:

Much of the orignal segmentation was done by Enegineering Animation
under contarct to NLM.

The Virtual Soldier Project concentrated on the Thorax. The data includes:

1) Photographic cryo images from the 70mm camera.
2) LabelMaps created from and enhanced from Engineering Animantion contract.
3) VTK polydata models in three forms:
  3a) Discrete: processed by vtkDiscreteMarchingCubes
  3b) Smoothed: processed using DiscreteMarchingCubes and further
  processed by the vtkWindowedSincPolyDataFilter.
  3c) Colored: Models are the models from Smoothed/ that have vertex
  colors. The vertex colors were sampled from the original
  cryo-section data. Each vertex has an r,g,b value. The vertex
  sampling was done with the ColorAModel.tcl script.
  3d) Decimated: models processed by vtkDecimatePro
4) Several vtk tcl scripts that process the data.

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