[vtk-developers] Weird problems on VTK Rendering using nVidia Optimus technology

Wagner Sales wsales at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 11:39:23 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I´ve purchased two laptops that´s comes with the nvidia optimus
technology: an Asus 1215N and a AlienWare MX11 R2. Using this machines
I´m facing with problems in vtk rendering that´s I never seem. After
some research, I´m tryng to put all the relevant information on this
message to give some help on solve or on help to debug the problem.
When I have multiple render views on the screen, the render views
appears to not be rendered in a correct order and location. A case:

- I have a quadview to view three orientations of an volume ( axial,
coronal and sagittal ) and a 3D view to render some segmented objects,
not volume. In update, the views simply don´t render in correct place:
the saggital appears on the coronal view, and 3D in axial, and so on.
If my quadview uses the 3D view to render a volume via GPU raycast
mapper, this will not occurs with 3D view, and only 2D views will have

Since I got theses problems, I tryed to use others softwares packages
to simulate:
- Slicer ( latest .exe version )
- MITK 3M3 ( latest version, wich uses VTK 5.4.2 )
- Compiled MITK version from git

All of this packages, in all situations, reproduces exactly the same
problem. I´ve compiled the application with and without
VTK_USES_QTOPENGL advanced option. After all of this, I have some
conclusions that´s can helps to find the problem:
- two different machines, but two uses nVidia Optimus
- two different Windows versions ( one comes with W7 32bit Premium and
other with W7 Ultimate 64 )
- various programs using VTK and Qt, not only my own developed piece of sofware
- the 3D GPU volume mapper works fine in all cases
- all the machines uses the latest nvidia driver version ( but the
problems was ocurred before the update too )

I really don´t know to solve or to find this, and I´ll very proud to
help to find the problem.

Best Regards,

Wagner Sales

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