[vtk-developers] WG: Problem with vtkContourFilter

Lodron, Gerald Gerald.Lodron at joanneum.at
Fri Apr 1 05:45:44 EDT 2011


I have a poly data object with two arrays in point data.

The first array with index 0 is names "vector" and has three components and should not be used in contouring.
The second array is called "magnitude" which represents the magnitude of the "vector" data and should be used in contouring, but my contour filter always uses the first component of the "vector" array, any suggestions?

m_poContourFilter = vtkContourFilter::New();

m_poContourFilter->SetInputArrayToProcess(1, 0,0, vtkDataObject::FIELD_ASSOCIATION_POINTS , "magnitude");




If it is not possible to tell the contour filter that he should use the "magnitude" array, is it possible to swap the two arrays? The vtkPointData::SetArray function is proteced....

best regars,


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