[vtk-developers] Another stupid git question

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Apr 29 15:49:23 EDT 2010

David E DeMarle wrote:
> I think this:
> #update what your machine knows about the server
> git fetch
> #make your files reflect what the main line on the server had as of 3AM
> git checkout `git rev-list -n1 --before="03:00:00" origin/master`

Commit times are recorded when the commits are created by each developer
locally.  There is no record of when a commit was pushed (at least that
is accessible remotely).  If I committed yesterday but didn't push until
today then the above method would still get my commit even though it was
not actually available as of 3am last night.  This is the nature of
distributed version control.

We plan to switch to the branchy workflow described by "git help workflows".
After that the "master" branch should be fairly stable.  It will be used
to prepare releases with regular merges of mature topics (features).

We also plan to start publishing a "nightly/master" branch that is
updated by a robot on the server at the "nightly start time" each day.
This is useful for nightly submissions to CDash to test a consistent
version.  There won't be a record in the repository of the nightly
version more than one day old though.  This will be available from
CDash though.


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