[vtk-developers] [Paraview-developers] New git commit hooks

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Apr 26 10:01:21 EDT 2010

Moreland, Kenneth wrote:
> Veering slightly off the main topic, could we get some guidance on the
> minutia that we are expected to follow when coding and committing
> changes to VTK, ParaView, etc.?  Many of the details are undocumented
> and I (and probably everyone else) have been relying on the CVS
> pre-commit checks (and now git commit/push hooks) to guide me.
> Where the git hooks deviate from the CVS checks (and they deviate in
> almost every possible way) I assumed that the commit rules were being
> updated.  For example, I have already stopped using those BUG/ENH/PERF
> prefixes to many of my commit descriptions figuring that we were moving
> to a more standard git-style description.

I've updated the documentation of the local hooks to describe what they
check and how to format commit messages:


(and how to update them as more changes are made).

I'll try to get to the TODO in that block and document the server-side
checks soon.


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