[vtk-developers] Compiler errors latest git clone

Wylie, Brian bnwylie at sandia.gov
Fri Apr 23 12:40:43 EDT 2010

Hmm.. not sure... what version of Boost do you have?

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This morning I did a fresh clone of the new git repository. When I
tried to compile, I got this:

In file included from
/usr/include/boost/graph/reverse_graph.hpp: In instantiation of
'boost::reverse_graph<vtkDirectedGraph*, vtkDirectedGraph* const&>':
instantiated from here
/usr/include/boost/graph/reverse_graph.hpp:80: error:
'vtkDirectedGraph*' is not a class, struct, or union type
/usr/include/boost/graph/reverse_graph.hpp:82: error:
'vtkDirectedGraph*' is not a class, struct, or union type
In file included from
/usr/include/boost/graph/breadth_first_search.hpp: In function 'void
boost::breadth_first_visit(const IncidenceGraph&, typename
boost::graph_traits<Graph>::vertex_descriptor, Buffer&, BFSVisitor,
ColorMap) [with IncidenceGraph =
boost::reverse_graph<vtkDirectedGraph*, vtkDirectedGraph* const&>,
Buffer = boost::queue<int, std::deque<int, std::allocator<int> > >,
BFSVisitor = bfs_tree_builder<vtkIdTypeArray*>, ColorMap =

I tried to #include <vtkDirectedGraph.h> but nothing changed.


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