[vtk-developers] CVS keyword substitution and git

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Apr 19 17:54:47 EDT 2010

Bill Lorensen wrote:
> I assume that git does not have cvs-like keyword substitution.

Correct.  That is why all the "Module:" comment lines have been
filtered throughout history to have just the source file name
instead of the RCSfile token.  One of the early TODO items I
have for after the transition is to get rid of these lines from
the comment blocks.  We're also going to drop vtkCxxRevisionMacro
because it won't automatically update anymore and no one ever
really used it anyway.

> Is there a commit check that can prevent code like:
>   Module:    $RCSfile: ImagePlaneWidget.cxx,v $
> from being checked in?

Not currently.  The new term for "commit check" as far as the
server is concerned is "update hook".  The trouble with checking
*content* on the server is that by the time someone pushes a
commit to us it has already been made locally.  The culprit
would have to use more advanced git commands like interactive
rebase (git rebase -i) to *edit* their local history and fix
the commits.

A simple alternative is to convert content checks (essentially
style checks) into normal tests that run during "make test"
and also submit to the dashboard.  We already have tests like
HeaderTesting.py that do this.  I'm looking for volunteers
to write such tests if you're interested.


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