[vtk-developers] vtkInteractorStyleFlight for linux

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Tue Apr 13 03:25:40 EDT 2010

I created vtkInteractorStyleFlight many years ago for one particular project and since then it has not been maintained. I doubt anyone is using it. If the behaviour seems bizarre, it probably isn't implemented correctly. As I recall, it was made in the 1990s long before all the interactor changes were introduced and I very much doubt that it was updated correctly.

It really ought to be removed.

Does anyone really use it?


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> I converted the keypress handling in
> void vtkInteractorStyleFlight::OnKeyDown()
> so that it works with linux (previously there was a placeholder).
> Althought now the conditionals fire when they should, the behavior still
> seems bizarre.
> Can someone take a look (the file is attached)?
> Thanks,
> David

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