[vtk-developers] Parallel coordinates chart looking nice

Eric E. Monson emonson at cs.duke.edu
Tue Apr 6 14:10:49 EDT 2010

> You can simply call ./bin/ChartsCxxTests TestPCPlot -I and it will cause the interactor to get initialized (invoked in if(retVal == vtkRegressionTester::DO_INTERACTOR)). I think that this is the standard way of optionally invoking an interactor in a test.

That was the point on this one, that on my mac the window doesn't stay open for some reason as written when I run the test with the -I flag, but it will if I add the Initialize() command for the interactor before Start(). I don't have Tests built on my other systems to check if it's a mac-only thing.

Thanks for addressing all those other issues. I think it's going to be very nice to have this new charting in VTK and ParaView.

I'll send another email sometime with ParaView-specific things after that settles down a bit, and I might pass along what I would consider to be priorities for features, if you don't mind the input, to make it useable in a wider range of situations.

Talk to you later,

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