[vtk-developers] Changes to the Carbon and Cocoa interactors

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Fri Dec 18 10:35:12 EST 2009

On 12/17/09 5:33 PM, David Gobbi said:

>Thanks for the feedback.  I'm still green on Cocoa, myself, so your
>expertise is greatly appreciated.

Regarding messaging nil, this is a handy table:

>The reason that I have "altDown" matching both "option" and "command"
>is to mimic the Carbon Interactor, which already did things that way.
>In Carbon Interactor there are comments that say "VNC (as well as some
>Mac users) use the command key as 'alt', so map them both."  My
>feeling is that until the RWI includes a separate event for a "Meta"
>modifier, it is expedient to map both keys to "alt", but I don't have
>a very strong opinion one way or another.

I don't object, I was just curious.

>Ok, Sean, I've looked through the diffs for your fixes, everything
>appears to be in order so I will commit tomorrow after I've compiled
>and tested.
>In the code, you asked why vtkCocoaRenderWindow just creates an NSView
>when ParentId() is set, rather than a vtkCocoaGLView.  The reason is:
>this solution is what works the vtkTkRenderWidget and all the VTK
>examples that use the vtkTkRenderWidget.  So yeah, I'll add extra
>comments to the code to make sure that people know why it is so.

Great and thanks!

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