[vtk-developers] bug 8513, updating freetype; need Windows dev to help

Marcus D. Hanwell marcus.hanwell at kitware.com
Wed Dec 16 16:28:50 EST 2009

On Wednesday 16 December 2009 16:00:37 Moreland, Kenneth wrote:
> That seems to have done the trick.  Thanks
> -Ken
> On 12/16/09 12:08 PM, "Sean McBride" <sean at rogue-research.com> wrote:
> On 12/15/09 5:57 PM, Moreland, Kenneth said:
> >Attached.
> Thanks.  I see that there are some symbols you have that were not
> present when I ran the command nor when Dave P. ran it.  I don't know
> why this is.
> In any case, I've merged your symbols in there, and committed to CVS.
> Maybe this will fix your problem.  Can you retest please?
That fixed a segfault I was observing in one of my charts tests that uses 
freetype too, I am using 64 bit Linux and it looked like a Qt/FreeType/VTK 
linking issue with symbol collisions from FreeType. I was just about to start 
looking into it.


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