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Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Mon Dec 14 11:47:23 EST 2009

Rather than put an example in VTK/Examples, shouldn't you put it in one of the testing directories?  That way it would be an actual regression test.  You would know that the example compiles and runs.


On 12/12/09 1:49 PM, "David Doria" <daviddoria+vtk at gmail.com> wrote:

2) Marcus - I've brought up regression testing the examples many
times. I think there are two ways to go:

a) Put them in the existing VTK/Examples directory

Benefit - no initial overhead/work

Drawback - how would users googling for phrases find them? We'd need
to prominently display "See VTK/Examples for many examples!" on the

b) Make the examples a separate repository (like VTKData) so that
users don't need to download the many examples unless they actually
want them.

Benefit - Separation of the large database of examples from the main
code. Experienced users can choose to not download them at all.

Drawback - some initial overhead of setting up a new CVS (or maybe we
could even start these on an SVN server?)

Bill and I continue to clean up the examples so they meet VTK coding
standards/practices, but it would be some good motivation if when they
are "ready" they could be moved into a regression testing framework.
This is necessary to ensure they live on as the project evolves.

What do you guys think about either of these?

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