[vtk-developers] Documentation Rules

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Tue Dec 8 11:01:16 EST 2009


> + VTK Journal - I think this is a GREAT idea. My submissions always
> felt out of place on the IJ. With a toolkit this big, I think this is
> really necessary for people to share their related work. Will - Julien
> has been working with me to perform this switch, I have no issues with
> it, in fact, I'm glad to see it! I don't understand the concept of an
> "issue" of a digital journal though - isn't it just a rolling thing
> that you can see any entries that have been submitted from the time
> the journal started until the present?

Thanks for working with Julien, and congratulations on the first
publication in the VTK Journal ;-)

Yes, the meaning of an issue is somewhat confounded by the digital
journal format. I see the argument for a rolling document. However,
for purposes of referencing, and relating to the community wrt
historical efforts, it is convenient to roughly group documents into
years (hence yearly issues). Basically t's organizational meta-data.
It also has implications if we decide to identify "best" papers /
contributions, it's nice to segment this across time.


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