[vtk-developers] reading dataset with force and velocity

Cally K kalpana0611 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 02:21:51 EDT 2008

hi, I have a data file that consists of xyz points which I managed to render
using vtkParticlereader as I needed to render point clouds

And now I have another data file, which consists of the same xyz points
together with pressure and velocity points or force, am not really sure of
the data's attribute and I am not very sure of the new file format except
that it had extra information in the file,could anyone suggest an
appropriate reader that I can use to render the points.  I was thinking of
Plot3D reader but that requires an xyz and a q file, should, I just break it

This is the file format

                       x                      y            z
{ 141819 6 65.9153666 74.4578186 66.319586 0.030157227442471957
0.9947864092356674 0.0 }
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