[vtk-developers] Announcing CDash!

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Wed Mar 5 09:59:25 EST 2008

On behalf of Julien, Dave, Ken, Brad, Zack, Patrick, myself and the many 
others that have contributed to the new CDash dashboard system, I am 
happy to announce CDash Beta.  CDash is a follow on effort to Dart1 and 
Dart2.  It uses many of the concepts that have been developed over the 
past decade for testing Dashboards.  For a full history see 

CDash is implemented as a web application using standard web tools like 
php and mysql.  The public dashboards for many of the open source 
projects hosted by Kitware are being dual submitted to Dart1 and CDash. 
  These CDash dashboards can be found here:


Although we consider CDash to be in "Beta", it is fully functional 
today.  If you are running a Dart1 dashboard, there is an easy way to 
import Dart1 xml files into CDash (see the Import Dart1 Files link in 
the Administrative page for CDash. ) If you find any bugs or have 
feature requests, you can submit them here: 
http://public.kitware.com/Bug/my_view_page.php.  There is also a public 
mailing list.

For more information see www.cdash.org.

Enjoy, and happy test driven development!


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